One of Seven O’clock‘s members, Taeyoung, was known as the lead singer. Other than his singing talent, he was also known for his physique and his face. Due to his broad shoulders, Taeyoung was often called the Shoulder Boss by his friends. Taeyoung’s face is very macho. He has strong cheekbones and a perfectly shaped jawline. His physique can make any fan fall in love with him. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about Seven O’clock’s Taeyoung. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name: Kim Tae-young Stage Name: Taeyoung Date of Birth: June 18th, 1999 Place of Birth: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province Height: 178 cm Weight: 60 kg Education: Gyeonggi Media Broadcasting High School Position: Lead Vocalist Zodiac: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Rabbit Instagram: @taeyoung.soc Twitter: @7OC_official V Live: channels/D2F587 Facebook: SEVENOCLOCKofficial Weibo: sevenoclockofficial Naver: staro2017 Daum café: SOCofficial

Fun Facts

Taeyoung’s hobbies are watching movies, dramas, and reading books His specialties are singing, video editing, and jumping rope He used to be the youngest member, but after Rui joined Seven O’clock, he became the second-youngest member His nickname is the Shoulder Boss because he has broad shoulders His favorite songs are Park Hyosin’s “Gift” and Seven O’clock’s “Nothing Better” Taeyoung is a very common name and many idols share a similar name He participated in a Mixnine audition but failed to make it to the audition stage Like every man around his age, Taeyoung loves eating meat and drinking chocolate milk He doesn’t have a special fashion style but he loves wearing anything that fits his body Pink is Taeyoung’s favorite color He loves eating sweet food compared to salty food Taeyoung can only play one musical instrument, which is drums He frequently practices beatboxing Occasionally, he touches the back of his head without any particular reason

About Seven O’Clock’s Taeyoung’s Personality

Taeyong is the kind of idol who always strives to improve his talent. Even as a lead singer, he also practices his dancing skills as well. In May 2019, he released several video contents that were recorded with ASMR. The videos were uploaded to Seven O’clock‘s official YouTube account. Taeyong is never satisfied with his current talent. He kept improving and trying new things. In August 2019, Taeyoung released a new single “Just Stay” through the official YouTube account.  In one of the interviews with online media, fans asked him about where he sees himself in five or ten years in the future. Taeyoung said that he sees himself performing on big stages and showing the audience a much more talented side of himself.

Focus Fan-cam

Taeyoung and other members performed on Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop. Not only Taeyoung can sing well, but he can dance as well. On the stage, he stood out from the other members because of his tall frame and muscular shoulders. Sometimes, fans were reminded of how he looked like Shinee’s late singer, Jonghyun.

In another focus fan-cam video, Seven O’clock performs “Echo.” The single has a good vibe and an excellent tribal beat. Taeyoung wore black tight skinny jeans and a maroon pinstripe shirt. He perfected his appearance with shiny and sleek leather shoes. Fans noticed that his thick thighs look very sexy.

Cover Songs

Taeyoung made a cover of one of the sweetest confession songs, “I’m In Love.” Not only he gave off a romantic vibe, but he also made the song like his own version. His version was uploaded to Seven O’clock‘s official YouTube account and became one of the most-watched videos. Most of the comments said that his sweet and soft voice can make any woman accept his confession.

In another cover song, Taeyoung performs Paul Kim’s “Empty.” Fans were amazed by his sweet and calming voice but also by his nicely carved jawline.

Seven O’Clock’s Taeyoung’s Visual

Taeyoung looks good in any hair color. He has tried almost all the hair colors and they fit him perfectly. However, he looked best when he dyed his hair blonde. He has fair and smooth skin. He has a slightly prominent cheekbone which contributes to giving him a manly look. His jawline and v-shaped neck make a perfect combination for a handsome idol.

Just Stay

In August 2019, Taeyoung upload his first self-composed song “Just Stay.” The single is his first individual track after debuting with Seven O’clock. “Just Stay” is an alternative pop single that shows Taeyoung’s sweet voice. It also has an easy listening beat. The song is about his desire to always be close with fans. Forest Network uploaded the album to Seven O’clock’s official SoundCloud account. Seven O’clock held a video fan signing event on October 24th, 2020. A lot of fans participated in the event. At the time, the boys promoted their latest album, Highway. On October 31st, 2020,Seven O’clock held an online concert on PAV Oncast. Even during a pandemic, the boys are busy promoting their album and performing at online concerts. At the concert, the group started with the debut single, “Halley,” and finished with “Echo.” All the members were impressed by the reception from the global fans. It was their first solo online concert since debut. It was also their first concert after Seven O’clock’s European tour. The stage was set brilliantly to exhibit the skills of all the members. They also showed good skills and powerful stage performances with “Nothing Better.” “Nothing Better” is the most popular single from Seven O’clock and the title song of their second mini-album. Lastly, Seven O’clock added some mystery when performing the track “Searchlight.” That was all the information about Seven O’clock‘s Taeyoung. Find out all the information and fun facts about the other members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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