Here in this article, we will be talking about one of the idols that have incredible visual and various talents, care for his fans and members, and most importantly, he can speak English too. So, you don’t need to be worried about the language barrier. It’s Joshua from SEVENTEEN. Joshua is one of the K-pop idols in the industry who is talented in a lot of things. Joshua is a great singer; he’s good at playing guitar, speaks so soft and gentle like a gentleman, attends church often, is an obedient son to his parents, and can speak English. Well, what can we ask more from Joshua? Joshua Hong is already a full package! Let’s see more about Joshua Hong in the sections below!

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Profile

Joshua Hong is one of the 13 members of Seventeen, a group that made a debut in 2015. Seventeen debuted under Pledis Entertainment, the same agency as Afterschool, NU’EST, etc. They released their first single called Adore U on May 26, 2015. Seventeen has three groups which focus on the hip-hop team, vocal team, and performance team. Joshua is one of the vocal team members, along with Woozi, Jeonghan, DK, and Seungkwan. In Seventeen, his role is the sub-vocalist. But he is also one of the visuals in the group. We told you that Joshua speaks English, so he is one of the English speakers in Seventeen. They also have Vernon as the English speaker. Both Joshua and Vernon often talk in English instead of Korean. Enough with the introduction. Now it’s time to see Joshua’s profile! Full Name: Joshua Jisoo Hong Given Name: Joshua / Jisoo (Korean given name) Stage Name: Joshua Korean Name: 홍지수 Nickname: Shua, Hong Josa, Joshi, Josh, Church Oppa, Gentleman, Shu Shu, Deer, etc Birth Date: December 30, 1995 Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA Nationality: American Height: 177 cm Weight: 60 kg Foot Size: 275 mm Blood Type: A Family: Parents Education: Downtown Magnets High School Position: Sub vocalist Instagram: @joshuahong951230 Debut Year: 2015 Agency: Pledis Entertainment Group: Seventeen

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Facts

Now we know the reason why Joshua can speak English fluently. That’s because he was born and raised in Los Angeles. Joshua attended the schools there until he graduated from high school. While in schools, Joshua speaks in English. But once Joshua gets home, he talks to his parents in Korean. Joshua is literally just like the prestigious son in the neighborhood that your mom was always talking about. It’s because he also went to church often when he was living in the States. He can play guitar, and he plays it in church. If there’s a definition of a perfect man, then it must be for Joshua Hong. Anyway, there are a lot more interesting facts about Joshua that you may haven’t known before. So, let’s see the list of Joshua’s facts below!

Joshua speaks English, Korean, and a little bit of Spanish. He learned Spanish when he was in school as the second foreign language subject. But he said that he had forgotten a lot of his Spanish. Even so, he remembered it a little when there is a Spanish word. Among Seventeen members, Joshua has the most piercing in his ears. Joshua dislikes bugs, and he also hates cockroaches. Joshua is addicted to cycling starting in 2017. He goes so fast to the point that the members don’t want to cycle with him anymore. Joshua likes sweets. The chocolate bar that he likes the most is Twix. Joshua once ate the cake in which the members thought is too sweet. Even though Joshua was born in the States but he likes Korean food. Joshua’s favorite ice cream flavors are strawberry, cookies and cream, and vanilla. Joshua hated mint chocolate at first, but he continued to eat it several times, and it doesn’t taste that bad. Joshua started to learn to knit. Even though it is difficult, he would like to show Carats (the fandom name of Seventeen) his knit works.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Pre Debut

Seeing Joshua’s profile and facts might get you thinking that Joshua is really such a gentleman. Joshua’s stunning visual making him more like a prince in real life. And now you might be wondering how come the prince from LA came back to Korea and became an idol? Was it really the dream job that he has been dreaming of? Or did Joshua accidentally become a K-pop idol? Well, then again, every idol has an interesting story to tell, especially the story of their pre-debut era. The same goes for Joshua. So now, let’s see the pre-debut era of Joshua! The boy from LA named Joshua Hong might not be aware that he would go back to the motherland. As a child, Joshua spent his childhood to his teenage year in Los Angeles, California. He lived there with his parents because he’s an only child. Joshua also often attended the church in his hometown. He became the Praise Team and played guitar there. Back then, when he was young in the United States, Joshua was a shy and quiet boy. He might not be imagining himself singing in front of the crowd just like what he does now. He was comfortable playing the guitar, but singing is definitely a different story. But things surely changed once he joined an audition for a K-pop agency. One day in 2013, Joshua went to a Korean festival in K-town where he played the guitar. His amazing performance caught the attention of the staff of a K-pop agency. They cast him to join an audition then. Joshua had to wait for a month, and it was probably making him stressed because he lost 8 kg in a month just by waiting for the result. And then finally the result came out. Joshua passed the audition, which means that he had to leave his hometown and moved to Seoul. Joshua’s mother was about to went on a Europe trip with him, but she let him go to Korea to pursue the only son’s dream. Even though before that, Joshua didn’t think of becoming a singer. Instead, he thought that he probably would be a businessman since he studied business in high school. In early 2013, Joshua went to Korea and started to live in Seoul. Although he was born to a Korean family, he wasn’t familiar with the Korean culture back then. He couldn’t even bow properly, just like the basic Korean culture to greet people. Luckily, there was Vernon, the half-Korean trainee who speaks English too. Joshua learned a lot from Vernon regarding the Korean culture. They also often speak in English too because he still thought that English is more comfortable than Korean. There was also another trainee named Kim Samuel, who now becomes a solo singer. Pledis Entertainment released some Seventeen clips when they were trainees in a show called “Seventeen TV.” The members weren’t fixed yet, so fans can decide which trainees that they like the most. Every month, there was also an evaluation. That’s why it was quite hard for the trainees. But they seemed to enjoy it since they were around the same age. Let’s see some clips of Joshua in “Seventeen TV”!

Back then, Joshua was still called Jisoo, his Korean name. He was so tiny and cute, right?

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Debut

Being a trainee in a country that you’ve never lived in before was really hard. At least that what Joshua thought. Joshua had to be separated from his family back in the US. He also still struggled with the culture. Not to mention the tight schedule of learning dancing, singing, etc. Joshua, who was still young back then, might be thinking a lot of time to quit or questioned why he was there. But fortunately, it was all over right after his debut day came. After the change of their members for a couple of months, Seventeen finally got their fix member in 2015. Even though the name is Seventeen, their members are not 17. They debuted with 13 members. The leader is S.Coups. The youngest member is Dino. In contrast, the rest of the eleven members are Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, and Vernon. Seventeen released their first single track called “Adore U” on May 26, 2015. Let’s listen while enjoying the music video of “Adore U” by Seventeen!

They also released the dance practice of “Adore U.” So, if you like to dance, you can definitely take a look at this video to learn the dance!

What do you think about Seventeen’s debut era? It was really such a relief knowing that they finally debuted, right?

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Performance on Stage

Seventeen may have been known around fans since 2012, but they officially debuted in 2015. It has been over five years since they released their first single. Of course, Seventeen has come back with much greater songs each year. They created trends and succeeded in gaining a lot of fans around the world. As for Joshua, he got even better on each comeback too. He might be just a guitarist back then, but he is now a professional vocalist and dancer in Seventeen. At every music show or music festival they attended, Joshua has always shown his best. So now, let’s see the performances of Joshua with Seventeen in some music shows!

Seventeen members are all attractive and great performers, right? It is so hard to just focus on Joshua since the other members are charismatic too on stage. So, we will provide you some videos that only focus on Joshua’s performances!

Joshua looks like he’s ready to ruin your bias list.

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