Oh, is it not 17? Well, you may or may not like the number seventeen. But you will definitely like this Seventeen. It’s the K-pop boy group from Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen. It’s 2021 and if you’re a K-pop fan and don’t know Seventeen then a) You are probably lying, or b) You’re a new K-pop fan. Seventeen is one of the biggest K-pop groups right now. They have even traveled around the world to hold a tour in some countries. They might have been to your country too. Seventeen also has made a lot of great songs since the first time they made a debut. Some of the popular songs from Seventeen are “Very Nice”, “Left and Right”, “Don’t Wanna Cry”, and many more. But in this article, we won’t be talking about the group Seventeen in general. In fact, we are going to talk about one particular member of Seventeen named Jun. Let’s explore more about Jun from Seventeen in the sections below!

SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s Profile

We will discuss Jun’s background story and a lot more about him. But first, let me show you Jun’s profile! Full Name: Wén Jùnhuī Given Name: Junhui Stage Name: Jun Korean Name: 문준휘 / Moon Junhui Nicknames: Junhui, Munjun, Jjun, Juni, Jjuni, Jun Jan Nam (Handsome), Ice Prince, Mr. Blue Earmuffs, etc. Birthday: June 10th, 1996 Birthplace: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Nationality: Chinese Height: 182 cm Weight: 66 kg Foot Size: 270 mm Blood Type: B Family: Parents, little brother Position: Sub-vocalist, lead dancer MBTI: INFP Debut Year: 2015 Agency: Pledis Entertainment, HYBE LABELS Group: Seventeen

SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s Facts

Well, there are a lot of things about Jun that will make you understand him more. So, it’s time to see some interesting facts about Jun from Seventeen!

Jun has a positive and bright personality. Jun is the only one in the performance team who started dancing eagerly after becoming a trainee. But his dancing skill is already beyond good. Jun has experience in learning martial arts for two years. Jun’s Korean name is Moon Joonhui, which is quite a common name in Korea. So, some people thought that he was a Korean, especially, since his Korean skills are fairly good too. Jun can play the piano and his piano skill is on a high level. Most Seventeen members cannot eat spicy food but Jun is one of the few members who enjoy spicy food. Jun really likes to snack. He always has Korean or Chinese snacks in the dorm. Joshua said that Jun is the member who always opens the refrigerator in Seventeen. Jun respects Henry Lau and Zhou Mi a lot. He said that he wants to be loved by Korean and Chinese fans. He wants to do well in being an MC, actor, and singer too. Jun drinks a lot of water. Even in the waiting room, he drinks around 500 ml. Jun is one of the few members of Seventeen who take selfies really well. Seems like Jun is friends with all Chinese K-pop idols. He is friends with NCT’s Renjun, Chenle, Kun, ex-Pristin’s Kyulkyung, and WJSN’s Cheng Xiao too.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s Pre-Debut

Let’s admit, once you join a K-pop group’s fandom, you know that every member comes from a different background. Some idols actually have to wait for almost 10 years to make a debut. Some idols got cast when they were passing by the street. Well, which story do you think suits Jun’s background before he came to Korea? Let’s find out what actually happened to him in the story of Jun’s pre-debut era! Jun was born with the name Wen Junhui or Wén Jùnhuī. For short, we can just call him by his stage name Jun. He was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, on June 10th, 1996. Jun spent most of his childhood and teenage life there. He lived with his parents along with his younger brother who is 10 years younger than him. Jun has been a handsome boy since he was a child. He starred in some Chinese dramas when he was in elementary school. Jun made his acting debut in 2002. At that time, he was only 6 years old. Jun also starred in a movie in 2007, and another drama in 2010. Jun probably thought that he was going to be an actor since he already had experience starring in a drama and movie. But things surely changed quickly right after he suddenly met a staff member of the K-pop agency who scouted him. That happened in 2012 when Jun went to the convenience store with his friends. The staff cast him to join an audition. Jun wasn’t a K-pop fan back then. Even when the staff told him they were from the agency that debuted After School and Son Dambi, Jun didn’t know who they were. However, Jun has friends who like K-pop, so he got curious and wanted to learn more about K-pop. Then he came to Korea barely knowing anything about K-pop. As he came to Korea, Jun started to learn dancing and singing. He then started to enjoy dancing and singing as he learned it. But still, it was quite hard for him as he was new to the Korean culture. Jun also still has to learn Korean too. Even so, there are other foreign trainees who come from China or other countries too. At least, he didn’t feel so lonely. Jun became one of the trainees of Pledis Entertainment that were introduced in Seventeen TV starting from December 24th, 2012. At that time, he used the nickname Mr. Blue Earmuffs because he wore blue earmuffs back then. In Seventeen TV, the trainees that were introduced were not the selected members of Seventeen. The line-up will change, either added or removed trainees, until the group finally reached the final line-up. The fans were also asked to vote for their favorite trainees. Luckily, Jun survived all the month’s evaluations until he finally made a debut with Seventeen. Let’s discuss the debut era of Seventeen in the next page!

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