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Check out Seventeen and BTS’ friendship moments and interesting facts about their friendship in this article!

Seventeen and BTS’ Popularity

Both Seventeen and BTS were not an instant hit when they debuted. It took one year and two albums for BTS and three years and several EP albums for Seventeen before they finally gained moderate popularity. Seventeen and BTS have different marketing strategies. While BTS focused more on the global market, Seventeen focused more on the regional market, the East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. BTS got its breakthrough in 2015 while Seventeen got its breakthrough in 2017, both around four years after debuting. The rest is now history. BTS has become a global pop culture icon while Seventeen is starting to reach BTS’ early success. You might also like: BFF Goals from BTS’ Jungkook and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo That You Should Know!

Seventeen and BTS’ Friendship

Some K-pop idols have a friendship that is well known among K-pop fans, but some of the friendships are unknown. Due to their busy schedules, K-pop idols only have a few chances to meet their friends directly or at award ceremonies, music programs, and idol Olympic competitions. Fans know that BTS’ Jungkook and Seventeen’s 97-line (Mingyu, DK, and THe8) are close friends because they joined the same group chat and occasionally eat out together.

BTS’ V or Taehyung and Seventeen’s Joshua share the exact same birthday and often celebrate their birthdays together. On the variety show Idol Star Athletics Championship, BTS members and Seventeen members interacted with each other by hugging, playing, and laughing together. You might also like: BTS vs Got7: Let’s Compare These Two Amazing Boy Bands

Seventeen and BTS’ Similarities

BTS is almost like the older or senior version of Seventeen. BTS’ younger members, Jimin and V, and Seventeen’s older members, S. Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua, belong to the 95-line idol group. BTS’ Jungkook and Seventeen’s DK, MinGyu, and The8 belong to the same 97-line. Coincidentally, BTS’ V and Seventeen’s Joshua even share the same birthday. In Korea, age is a very important subject. People with the same birth year are considered friends, and they can get along quickly because they don’t have to use honorifics. Can you imagine if two K-pop idols meet and they share the exact same birthday?

Seventeen and BTS’ Rivalries

It is safe to say that there is currently no rivalry with BTS in terms of popularity and global success. BTS is currently on the same level as the global pop icons that we see sitting at luxury fashion shows and performing at the biggest music events of the year. However, Seventeen is not too far behind BTS in terms of popularity and success. In Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries, Seventeen is currently gaining a massive fanbase.

Seventeen and BTS’ Moments

At variety shows and award ceremonies, K-pop fans can see the interactions between Seventeen and BTS’ members. The 97-line idols can be seen hugging or greeting each other warmly. Oftentimes, BTS’ members sing along when Seventeen’s songs are played in the background. It seems that Seventeen is BTS’ favorite junior.

Seventeen and BTS’ Agency

Starting from May 2021, BTS’ agency, Big Hit Entertainment, acquired the majority share of Pledis Entertainment. It is official. Seventeen and BTS are now a family. Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement that said the agency will use all of its resources to support Pledis Entertainment’s artists. Despite the acquisition, Pledis Entertainment can operate independently. Big Hit Entertainment also welcomed Pledis Entertainment’s producer into their creative boards. Collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment will surely benefit both BTS and Seventeen in the long term. By joining Big Hit Entertainment and collaborating with BTS, the future seems brighter for Seventeen’s members. Best of luck to Seventeen for joining the BTS family. Check out other articles about Seventeen and BTS at Channel Korea, and don’t forget to share this article with your social media account.

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