The most handsome SF9 member is Hwiyoung. In SF9, he is responsible as a visual and sub rapper. Even GQ Korea magazine asked him to pose in one of their editions. Don’t be deceived by his handsome and cool appearance because he loves to fool around with SF9 members and shows a melancholic personality. Let’s dig into Hwiyoung’s profile and check out his handsome visual in this article.

SF9 Hwiyoung Full Profile

Name: Kim Young-kyun Stage name: Hwiyoung Birthday: May 11th, 1999 Place of birth: Busan City Height: 180 cm Weight: 61 kg Blood type: B Zodiac: Taurus Position: Dancer, Vocal, Sub-rapper

SF9 Hwiyoung Facts

Hwiyoung’s hobbies are watching movies, reading books, making paintings, reading comics. Hwiyoung has no religion, but his family members are Buddhist. He looks like Super Junior’s Donghae and actor Kim Jae-wook. Hwiyoung posed in one of GQ Magazine editions. Hwiyoung has broad shoulders. He lives in the same room with Dawon. His ideal girl type is someone with long legs. His favorite actress is Rachel McAdams. Hwiyoung has a bright and cheerful personality. He was born in Busan and lived there until he was 12 years old. His family moves to different places. They lived in Busan, Jecheon, Seoul, and Hanam. In SF9, Hwiyoung joined the maknae, rapper, and dorky group.

SF9 Hwiyoung’s Pre Debut

After three years of preparation, FNC Entertainment finally introduced a male idol group SF9. Most of its members were already famous even before their official debut with SF9. Following the success of CNBLUE, FNC Entertainment used the same recipe: talent and visual, when introducing the group. SF9 consisted of 9 members with sensational talent and visual that can rise to the music chart’s top. Before making their official debut, SF9 initially started as a dance team called FNC Neoz School. They competed in the Mnet survival program called d.o.b (dance or band), won the competition, and earned the chance to debut.

In the program, Hwiyoung showed various kinds of talent. In a self PR video, he boasted acting skill and rapping talent. In another video, he became video director and directed a short choreography video.

SF9 Hwiyoung’s Official Debut

SF9 debuted on October 10th, 2016, and released its debut album, Feeling Sensation. At the time, SF9 was the first boy group from FNC Entertainment. They were just boys when competing in d.o.b but turned into handsome idols when they debuted in SF9. The average age of all members was 21 years old. In SF9, Hwiyoung was known as the visual and the atmosphere maker. He always makes people laugh because of his “binggu” character. Hwiyoung looked dazzling and handsome on the stage, but off the stage, he became a clumsy and dorky friend.

SF9 Hwiyoung’s Focus Fancam

There is no denying Hwiyoung’s masculine and handsome appearance. He either looked stunning in a sleek and dandy suit or gave a sexy vibe in an unbuttoned suit. Most of the thumbnails for his focus fancams showed his sexy jawline, gorgeous hair, and broad shoulder.

Hwiyoung’s dark and thick hair made him like a model rather than an idol or rapper. Fans talk more about his hairstyle, fair skin, manly appearance rather than his dance. His appearance is so elegant, mature, and beyond his natural age but in a good way.

SF9 Hwiyoung’s Appearance in School Rapper 2

School Rapper 2 is a hip-hop-based survival music program aired on the Mnet channel. The program aired from February to April 2018. From 8000 high school rappers, 32 contestants were selected to compete in the program. Each student should compete with students from the same grade, and whoever wins can advance to the next round. Hwiyoung joined the program and represented FNC Entertainment. Due to his idol background, most of the contestants looked down upon him. They called him the idol rapper and underestimated his rapping skill. They gave him little chance to show his talent. Their opinion was justified because Hwiyoung failed badly in his first appearance. He performed some lines from the SF9 single, but he felt angry and disappointed after the first appearance.

On his second appearance, he determined to counter his doubters. He wanted to prove that idol rapper has the quality to compete with other rappers as well. Hwiyoung put himself into his line and surprised the crowd and the judges with his rap. His tone was steady, and his flow was very fluent. All contestants gave him huge applause. In the first episode, he got recognition from the judges. In the second and third episodes, Hwiyoung joined Kim Haon’s team alongside 7 other contestants. At the end of the episode, he was placed at the bottom four and failed to go to the next round.

SF9 Hwiyoung’s Appearance in Web Drama Dok Go-bin Is Updating

Hwiyoung’s acting talent was being tested when he performed as an artificial intelligence robot called Dok Go-bin. He became a friend with an awkward college student Ha Deok-ho. Dok Go-bin showed a warm heart and human-like emotion that help Ha Deok-ho in difficult times. Dok Go-bin is Updating is a web drama that aired in August 2020.

SF9 Hwiyoung’s Appearance in Web Drama Replay: The Moment

Hwiyoung was involved in a triangle love story in the romance web drama Replay: The Moment. The drama tells the clumsy, anxious but pure love story of high school students chasing their first love and experiencing heartbreak for the first time. Hwiyoung, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and actor Kim Min-chul starred in the romantic high school drama. Hwiyoung performed as Ji-hoon, a long-time friend of Ha-young, played by Miyeon. He is a tall and good-looking student, but he isn’t aware of Ha-young’s problem. When a new student appeared and started showing attention to Ha-young, Ji-hoon started showing his true feeling to Ha-young.

That was all the information about SF9’s visual, Hwiyoung. He is surely one of the most handsome and talented idols around. The good news is that in March 2021, all SF9 members signed a new contract with FNC Entertainment. Don’t forget to share his profile with your Twitter account and find out the profile of other SF9 members in Channel-Korea articles.

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