SF9’s Youngbin’s Profile

Name: Kim Youngbin (김영빈) Stage name: Youngbin (영빈) Birthday date: November 23, 1993 Birthday place: Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea Height : 178 cm (5’10”) Weight : 67 kg (147 lbs) Zodiac: Sagittarius Chinese zodiac: Rooster Blood type: AB Nationality: Korean Education: Dong Seoul University (dropped out), Soongsil Cyber University (graduated) Years active: 2016 – present Agency: FNC Entertainment Group: SF9 Occupation: Songwriter, singer, actor, rapper, dancer Instagram: yb_dkxh

SF9’s Youngbin’s Fun Facts

Youngbin has an older sister and an older brother. He is called as “Father” in the group. Reading, play Korean Chess, and play basketball are Youngbin’s hobbies. He loves all food with spicy taste. Red is his favorite color. Before joined with FNC Entertainment, Youngbin was a former 1MILLION dance studio trainee. He was studied at Hosung Elementary School, Anyang Hosung Middle School, and Shinsung High School. When he was in Middle School, he got 3rd place at a high jump competition. Youngbin is a big fan of Epik High and One Ok Rock. He has a driving license. Youngbin is really wise and smart.

Youngbin’s Debut Era in SF9

SF9 is FNC Entertainment’s boy group that debuted in August 2016. Then, on October 5th, 2016, SF9 released its first single album, namely Sensation, with the lead single “Fanfare”.  In this group, Youngbin is in charge of the leader, the lead rapper, and the dancer. Youngbin and SF9 made their debut stage in a weekly music program named M! Countdown a day after debut day. Here is Youngbin’s performance with his group in the Debut Era!

In the debut era, they carried a more energetic, manly concept and still showed their youthful side. However, in the teaser photo for this first single album, they are seen using a monochrome color vibe and also look fresh, as in the photo below! On September 28th, 2016, SF9 released individual teaser photos of 5 members, including Youngbin. With a monochrome vibe, Youngbin wore a black outer with a white shirt inside. Here is the individual photo of him!

SF9’s Youngbin Has Tattoos

Not a few K-Pop group members have tattoos on their bodies or arms. One of the causes also happened to the SF9 Leader. Youngbin has two tattoos. First, he has tattoos on his left chest from a foreign language with the phrase ‘sic parvis magne‘, where the tattoo means ‘from small things comes greatness‘. He also has a big tattoo on the right side of his stomach with the phrase ‘Shine Forever‘. The tattoo is a Chinese translation of his name characters, Young, which means ‘Forever/Time‘, and Bin is ‘Shine‘. Even though he already has two tattoos, he still wants to have various tattoos on his leg, arms, and other places.

SF9’s Youngbin’s Drama!

Who would have thought that this rapper and the leader of SF9 was pretty good at acting! In 2014, Youngbin debuted as an actor in I Need Romance 3 drama as a cameo. Then, in 2020, he appeared in Was It Love?. So, what other drama has he starred in? Take a look below!

SF9’s Youngbin in ‘Bubble Up’ 

Youngbin is one of the members who is just starting out and slowly starting to focus on acting. In 2021, he reported being the main character named Kim Se-woon for the web drama Bubble Up. Wherein this web drama, he is paired with NATURE’s Sohee. Bubble Up airs with 10 episodes and tells the story of two young people who work in a live broadcast platform as creators. Youngbin, who plays Kim Se-woon, who is really smart, confident, and friendly, is a sophomore economic student and Daemin TV creator. Meanwhile, Sohee as Oh Ha-young is a new employee at Bubble TV who is very stubborn and confident. Don’t forget to watch in full on this web drama! Youngbin is not only a member of SF9, but he is also an actor! Let’s wish him to have more drama projects in the future! That’s all the information about Youngbin from SF9. Do you think Youngbin deserves to be an actor-idol? Or do you think he suits more to be a rapper of SF9? Don’t forget to write your opinion in the comment section. You can check out more articles about your favorite Kpop idols in Channel-Korea. See you in the next articles!

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