And eventually, there was also ‘a spilling tea’ about Rowoon’s love story: he used to have a girlfriend in the past! Who is that lucky girl? In this article by Channel Korea, let’s get to know further details about SF9’s Rowoon’s girlfriend and his other dating rumors!

Rowoon Admitted That His Ex-Girlfriend Was His First Love

Did you know that SF9’s Rowoon had a girlfriend before debuted? The truth has been revealed through one of the episodes of Happy Together. At that time, Rowoon talked about the group’s song “Good Guy” and the inspiration behind that. Turns out, the story of his ex-girlfriend came out all of a sudden. Rowoon also addressed that he had learned romance through books, but it wasn’t the whole truth since he used to have a girlfriend before his debut. “She was my first love, and I thought of my memories with her”, Rowoon stated. “She was the person I loved the most during my life of 24 years,” he also added. Furthermore, the idol-actor also explains how he used to treat her ex-girlfriend in the past. When she was sick, Rowoon made tea and porridge and then deliver it to her. Fun fact, at that time, Rowoon lived near Samseong Station and she lived in Bundang, so Rowoon need to take a bus to reach her. From his story, other guests were also surprised yet captivated by his gentle action. Well, he is indeed boyfriend material!

Rowoon with Kim Hye-yoon: Partners in K-Drama with Amazing Chemistry

It seems like many people still can’t get over Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon‘s chemistry in the drama Extraordinary You. Yes, the two of them portrays the relationship of high school student beautifully with amazing chemistry as well. Many viewers of Extraordinary You might desire to see Rowoon and Kim Hye-yoon’s romance in real life as well, unfortunately, it didn’t happen because they weren’t dating at all. But the good relationship between them is still going strong, and even they had a small reunion through a photoshoot project after the drama filming has ended. “Rowoon is always working harder than anyone else. He works twice, three times as hard as others, so much that even his peers can follow up,” Kim Hye-yoon once stated. Furthermore, it was revealed that she, Rowoon, and Lee Jae-wook are in the same group chat although the drama was over. Well, it’s good to see a friendship that lasts long, right?

How Rowoon Had a Crush on Red Velvet’s Irene

Rowoon used to reveal his ideal type that he likes someone who is tall and looks good in her eyes. He also admitted to preferring someone beautiful and modest. Well, it somehow makes some sense since Rowoon also seems to have a crush on Red Velvet’s Irene! When he becomes the guest on a show, he is asked to choose one between Red Velvet’s Irene or AOA’s Seolhyun. At that time, there were Red Velvet’s Irene and NCT’s Doyoung as well as the guests alongside Rowoon. Initially, he seemed too hesitant to answer, but then he shyly admitted, “Irene sunbaenim is very beautiful.” Then Irene smiled politely and thanked him afterward. Since that time, many fans have acknowledged that Rowoon probably had a little crush on her and how he likes beautiful women.

Rowoon and Won Jin-ah Made a Great Appearance as Couple, But They Aren’t Dating

Rowoon and actress Won Jin-ah used to appear as a couple in the drama She Would Never Know. Although it was kind of a ‘Noona Romance’ drama, many viewers were fond of their lovely chemistry. Moreover, both Rowoon and Won Jin-ah looked very close whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes. Even after the drama has ended, the relationship between Rowoon and Won Jin-ah continues as he sent her a coffee truck during Won Jin-ah’s new project filming at that time. Through the coffee truck banner he writes, “Song Ah [Won Jin-ah’s character in She Would Never Know] sunbae, you’re doing well, right? Please finish the coffee without letting it go waste.” However, despite their strong chemistry and close friendship, Rowoon and Won Jin-ah aren’t dating. The actress once spoke about how has it been working with Rowoon as well. “Rowoon is very mature. Thanks to him, I was able to get comfortable quickly [during the drama filming].”

Rowoon and Park Eun-bin

Aside from Kim Hye-yoon and Won Jin-ah, Rowoon also made a great appearance as a couple alongside actress Park Eun-bin in the drama The King’s Affection. With the theme of sageuk K-Drama, Rowoon and Park Eunb-bin successfully melted everyone’s heart with their chemistry between a tutor and a noble love relationship. Turns out, Rowoon has also watched some of Park Eun-bin’s previous works such as Do You Like Brahms? Before the two of them starred in a drama together. “I thought she was an actress who’s very passionate about her work, and I thought I would get to learn a lot from her,” he said. On the other hand, Park Eun-bin praised Rowoon’s acting as well, “He can portray many scenes very well, and I was very relieved to know that I was going to star in a drama with him.” Well, the two of them might be madly in love in the drama, but in real life, there’s nothing special in their relationship since Rowoon and Park Eun-bin are just friends and colleagues to each other. But still, their chemistry is worth praising! That’s everything about SF9’s Rowoon‘s girlfriend and dating rumors! Although Rowoon is single for now, let’s hope that he can find someone that he’ll love and cherish some time in the future! Don’t you also think that Rowoon radiates such boyfriend-material vibes? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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