The mini-album More & More has the title track of the same name. The other six songs on this album are “Oxygen“, “Firework“, “Make Me Go“, “Shadow”, “Don’t Call Me Again”, and “Sweet Summer Day“. “Shadow” is the fifth track on this tracklist which has the deepest and most genuine lyrics. This song conveys the pain and sadness that we often hide from others.

Background of “Shadow”

JYP Entertainment announced on April 20th, 2020, that Twice would be making a comeback. And on April 28th, 2020, Twice held an online press conference for their Youtube series “Twice: Seize The Light”. Twice leader Jihyo confirmed that their comeback album will be launched on June 1st, 2020. The album More & More shows a more mature side of Twice through the seven songs on the album. One song that has a very different meaning from most of Twice’s songs is “Shadow”. “Shadow” has a deeper and more genuine meaning than most of Twice’s songs, which have a brighter and more cheerful meaning. “Shadow” was written by Jo Yun-gyeong and the music was composed by Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Chloe Latimer, and Hannah Wilson. This 2-minute-48-second song is of the K-pop EDM genre with a beat that is not too fast or slow.

Dahyun’s Favorite Song from the EP More & More

Twice shared the most honest and vulnerable lyrics through “Shadow”. This song also describes Tiwce’s musical development which explores what it means to be a mature and confident woman for them. Reporting from, Dahyun revealed that “Shadow” is her favorite song from the mini-album More & More. Unlike Jeongyeon who likes “Firework”, and Momo who thinks of “Sweet Summer Day” as her favorite track. Dahyun revealed that the reason why “Shadow” became her favorite song is because she really likes the melody and lyrics of the song. “I love ‘Shadow’ the most! The melody is awesome, and I really like how the lyrics express genuine emotions.” “Shadow” is a song that tells about fear to show your dark side, the battles with insecurities or anxiety. Dahyun further explained how she overcomes all the feelings expressed in the lyrics of the song “Shadow” in her real life. “As a group, we have all gone through a lot during the last five years, but we are always focused on our physical and mental health. We’ve learned to embrace our own physical shadows by leaning on each other and ONCE to find motivation and energy to keep our heads up and stay healthy.”

Performed For The First Time At Twice’s First Online Concert “Beyond LIVE: World In A Day”

On August 9th, 2020, Twice kicked off their first online concert entitled “Beyond LIVE: World In A Day” featuring 15 songs including three songs from the EP More & More. The three songs from the album More & More that were performed at the concert are “More & More”, “Shadow”, and “Firework”.

Audio of “Shadow”

JYP Entertainment did not make an MV for the song “Shadow”. Twice released the “Shadow” audio on June 1st, 2020, on their YouTube channel. The audio of “Shadow” has been listened to more than 1.6 million times and has over 50,000 likes.

Achievements of “Shadow”

Because it is not a title track on the More & More album, “Shadow” has no special achievements. However, the album More & More was quite successful commercially. This album managed to become the first and fastest album to surpass 260 thousand copies on the Hanteo Chart on the 1st day. This album also became the best-selling girl group album in Ktown4u history. More & More debuted at number 1 on the Gaon Album Chart and all of its songs charted on the Download Chart component. The ninth mini-album also peaked at number 3 on Billboard Japan’s Hot Album. This EP also made it to number 200 on the Billboard 200 and made Twice the fourth South Korean girl group to enter the chart after Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, and Blackpink.

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