One example of a girl group that failed and didn’t get good treatment from their agency was She’Z (Hangul: 쉬즈) which debuted on May 17th, 2012, under Line Entertainment. This girl group has 4 members who are talented and also have a cute and sexy concept. In this article, we will get to know better one of the members of She’Z; she is Kim Jiyoung. Let’s find out more about her by scrolling down below!

She’Z’s Jiyoung’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Jiyoung (Hangul: 김지영) Stage Name: Jiyoung (Hangul: 지영) Birthday: May 24th, 1993 Star Sign: Gemini Height: 165 cm (5’5″) Nationality: Korean Position in the group: Vocalist, Maknae

She’Z’s Jiyoung’s Fun Facts

She’Z’s Jiyoung’s Visual

She’Z’s Jiyoung definitely has a visual that has also followed the beauty standards in Korea. If you don’t know much about She’Z’s Jiyoung’s visual, let’s find out about her beautiful visual in this section below. This selca is taken from She’Z’s Jiyoung’s social media on Twitter. This is the first selca that she took and uploaded to social media with the caption, “Hello everyone, this is She’Z’s maknae, Jiyoung!” and introduced herself to the fans who follow her activities on Twitter. From this selca, we can see her fashion that is already trendy with her hair tied in two and also a denim vest and Korean makeup which was booming in 2012. She’Z’s Jiyoung also quite often uploads some of her latest selcas on Twitter, as an easy access point where she can interact with her fans. Having a natural beauty, She’Z’s Jiyoung looks beautiful while taking a selca with a v-finger pose while smiling thinly at the camera. Seeing from the selca above, she only wore simple eye makeup and her long black hair was left loose. Although we haven’t managed to find a lot of fun facts about She’Z’s Jiyoung, there are some digital traces that we can find on the internet, especially from her social media. One of the members who also has the position as the maknae looks to have a bright and fresh aura since she debuted with She’Z. Her natural beauty when wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) is very clear from this photo, right? We can also see that the body proportion of She’Z’s Jiyoung is amazing, right? Even though this is an old photo, she seems to have been confident from a long time ago and also has a style that is more casual and simple. She’Z’s Jiyoung has a very ideal appearance as a K-Pop idol with her slim body and small waist. Time is passing by, but She’Z’s career doesn’t seem to be going well. She’Z’s Jiyoung tried her luck elsewhere and stayed passionate about her work. If you think about the fate of flopped K-Pop groups in this industry, it’s certainly sad. Moreover, members who have debuted in the group and hope that their hard work will pay off soon. However, She’Z’s Jiyoung is also still trying to have the determination to try her luck as a solo artist. Not much has changed about She’Z’s Jiyoung. She appears as a mature woman who looks strong and also has a lot of hope to restart her career, even though previously She’Z did not promote well. What do you think about She’Z’s Jiyoung’s visuals?

She’Z’s Jiyoung’s Solo Career

The youngest member of the girl group She’Z, who started finding her own music as She’Z’s Jiyoung, participated in a volunteer event on December 4th, 2015, showing off her talent. She’Z’s Jiyoung participated as a talent sharing at the Korea Volunteer Video Festival and the remake of “Love Keeping”, which was featured in Kim Jong-kook‘s 4th album. Among the She’Z members, Jiyoung who has been loved for her healthy smile and outstanding dancing skills continued to do good deeds by volunteering behind the scenes in 2014. She’Z’s Jiyoung said, “My healthy smile and positive thoughts all come from my daily life of volunteering.” On the other hand, She’Z’s Jiyoung decided to challenge herself in acting and a solo singer in 2016, and Ji-young’s “Love Keeping” is also available on all music sites. She’Z’s Jiyoung, solo declaration finally released “Love Keeping” which is a heart-pounding love story!

A girl group that captured the hearts of fans with their lively and cute appearances, Jiyoung, the youngest member of She’Z, started her career in search of her own music. Among the She’Z members, the youngest Jiyoung, who has been loved for her refreshing smile and outstanding dancing skills, challenged both her acting and singing skills in 2015. Jiyoung, who showed her charm as an emotional ballad singer through single albums in 2013 and 2014, took the first bold step under her own name as a solo artist. You can feel She’Z’s Jiyoung’s aspiration to become a representative brand of an attractive woman who wants to know who she is just by looking at her back, and her expectations for this album. “Love Keeping” was composed by Jung Jin-soo and Kim Tae-hee was the lyricist. In this cold season, when the wind that penetrates when she opens her collar makes even love freeze, her sweet yet faint voice tells her heart to jump once again. Later on, She’Z’s Jiyoung who started a solo career by making a remake of Kim Jong-guk’s “Love Keeping” released a new song, “Stop Time”. She’Z’s Jiyoung, who sang with the hope that “Time Stop” would be a small rest for many tired and struggling people, has been volunteering while busy with the group She’Z. The title song “Stop Time” is a song by 17-year-old Kang Hwieun, and you can feel the charm of innocence and wackiness that cannot be found in other composers. The melody that makes you hum once you hear it gives you a foreboding of the box office. Through the music video for “Stop Time”, where everyone goes in search of a dazzling day, you can see the more mature She’Z’s Jiyoung.

She’Z’s Jiyoung’s “Stop Time” was reborn in search of that dazzling day. She’Z’s Jiyoung is sweet and lively, and she takes off the image of the youngest member of girl group She’Z and pursues her solo career by making a remake of Kim Jong-guk’s “Love Keeper” in 2015, only to return in the spring of 2016 with “Stop Time”. As you can see from her album title REBORN, She’Z’s Jiyoung was reborn with songs and lyrics that fit her through a new musical attempt. She’Z’s Jiyoung’s album can be found through various music sites. Until now, there has been no further news about She’Z’s Jiyoung’s career whether she will continue her career as a solo artist or any other singles will be released. But it would be nice if we still provide support for She’Z’s Jiyoung so that she is still enthusiastic about living her daily life. Well, that was all the information about She’Z’s Jiyoung; starting from her full profile, fun facts, career journey since she debuted with She’Z, to the latest news about her solo career. Even though Jiyoung is now no longer active as a member of She’Z, she still carries the name She’Z as her stage name as a female solo artist. Let’s continue to support her so that he makes a comeback as an idol or solo artist as soon as possible! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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