“Shot Clock” is their ninth track on the album Eyes Wide Open. “Shot Clock” is a brass-heavy track with a lot of bass and drums that can be heard mostly throughout the song. It was released simultaneously when Eyes Wide Open was released on October 26th, 2020. There’s a key part in “Shot Clock” where Jihyo shouts shot clock in high notes, and a strong opening from Jihyo as the main vocalist leaves a strong impression in “Shot Clock.” The spoiler of the “Shot Clock” release was when TWICE released highlight medleys for the Eyes Wide Open album.

Background of “Shot Clock”

“Shot Clock” is the ninth track on the Eyes Wide Open album. After three years, TWICE finally released their second full album after releasing Twicetagram in 2017. It’s not long after the release of “More&More.” News sites began reporting that TWICE is working on their next album. It was confirmed by JYP Entertainment later on October 1st, 2020, that TWICE will make a comeback, and on October 6th, 2020, JYP Entertainment announced the album title. The tracklist for the Eyes Wide Open album was released on October 10th, 2020, along with the information that the members wrote the lyrics for six songs among the 13 tracks.

Story of “Shot Clock”

The Eyes Wide Open album means as they get eyes wide open to a new sense. Whether it is a new sense about love, self-confidence, anxiety, or self-encouragement, it’s all the new emotions that make their eyes become wide open. As a song that heavily includes bass, drums, and a brass-heavy track, “Shot Clock” sounds so confident. And, the confidence in the “Shot Clock” melody is confirmed by the lyrics of the song. “Shot Clock” means the time available when two people have to admit their feelings to each other before the other party loses interest. The term shot clock is usually a reference to a man’s feelings towards a woman. In the “Shot Clock” lyrics, it’s obvious that TWICE is telling their crush not to waste their time cause she is already ready to hear the other person’s feelings. It’s getting stronger with the first verse lyrics that are sung by Jihyo telling the other person not to hesitate, and there’s only one shot. As the time already counts, TWICE wants their crush to immediately focus on them cause it’s obvious that TWICE is only interested in their crush, and that person is the one for them. So, TWICE is telling their crush to beat the shot clock because they already have perfect chemistry. Kim Yeon-seo wrote this interesting song about someone and their potential lover. The composers for this song were Jonatan Gusmark, Kim Yeon-seo, Ellen Berg, Ludvig Evers, and Cazzi Opeia, while the producer for “Shot Clock” was Moonshine.

MV of “Shot Clock”

Unless it’s a special or main track, the agency usually doesn’t release a MV for the song. But, don’t you worry because the full song can be listened to through TWICE’s official YouTube channel.


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