Signal is Twice’s fifth extended play (EP) album. Signal was released on May 15th, 2017, through JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. This EP album has six tracks, one lead single and five side-tracks. The lead single of this EP album is titled “Signal”, while the five side-tracks of this EP album are “Three Times a Day”, “Only You”, “Hold Me Tight”, “Eye Eye Eyes”, and “Someone Like Me”.

Story Behind Signal by Twice

March 31st–April 27th: The Spreading Of Unofficial Reports And The Official Announcement

Unofficial reports rumoring about Twice’s next comeback first spread on March 31st, 2017. At that time, JYP Entertainment responded immediately to those reports, by saying that they hadn’t stated anything about this thing. An official announcement was just stated by JYP Entertainment on April 18th. They stated that the upcoming album would be released the next month, without giving any exact date. On April 27th, it was revealed that Twice members had finished shooting a music video.

May 1st–May 16th: The Release Of Teasers, Previews, And Spoilers Of The Album, And The Release Date Of Signal

Further details about the upcoming album were given on May 1st, by uploading a teaser image through their official social media accounts. Through this teaser image, it was revealed that the upcoming album would be titled Signal, with the release date being May 15th. On that day also, they shared their promotional schedule, including the encore stage of their Twiceland – The Opening concert. On May 2nd, the agency revealed album previews, showing that there would be three physical versions of Signal. On the next day, Twice also released a tracklist poster with some individual and group teaser photos. These teaser photos were shared from May 3rd until May 7th. They also shared teaser videos from May 8th until May 10th. May 11th was the release date of an intro clip of this EP album. You can check out the intro clip by clicking the video below.

After the intro clip was released, on May 12th and May 13th, they also released an audio teaser and a music video teaser for the lead single “Signal”. An album spoiler video was also released on May 14th, featuring snippets from every track on this EP album. Finally, the EP album was released officially on May 15th. On that day, there was only a digital version of the album. The physical version of the Signal EP album was released the following day, on May 16th.

The Production of Signal by Twice

Twice once released an album spoiler video on May 14th, 2017. Through this video, we can listen to every track’s snippet in this Signal EP album. Check out the video below if you’re curious about the album spoiler.

The lead single, “Signal”, was handled completely by Park Jinyoung. He wrote the lyrics, composed, and arranged this lead single. Beside Park Jinyoung, there were many lyric writers, composers, and arrangers who helped in the making of this EP album. One of them was Yeeun or Ha:felt, Twice’s senior labelmate who was a member of Wonder Girls. Some other composers and arrangers who participated in the album production were Kim Won, Jowul, Ronny Vidar Svendsen, David Anthony Eames, and Lise Kristin Kvenseth. Some of the Twice members, which were Jihyo and Chaeyoung, also participated in the lyrics writing process.

Tracklist of Signal by Twice

On May 3rd, 2017, Twice released a tracklist poster for the album Signal. You can see the tracklist by looking at the table below.

Charting of Signal by Twice

The EP Signal managed to reach some high positions in several album charts. Check out the table below for the album’s peak position in every chart.   So, that’s all about Twice’s EP Signal. Check out the articles about every one of the tracks on the album Signal from the collection of Channel-Korea articles. We hope you liked this article, and if you did, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media accounts.

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