HOT PLACE’s Sihyun’s Full Profile

Name: Kang Sihyeon (강시현) Stage Name: Sihyun (시현) Birthday: November 11th, 1997 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 170 cm Weight: 46 kg Zodiac: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac: Ox Nationality: Korean Blood Type: – Occupation: Singer, Actress Years Active: 2019–present Group: BADKIZ (Hot Place) Agency: ZOO Entertainment and LOUDers Entertainment Instagram: h_p_sihyun (inactive)

HOT PLACE’s Sihyun’s Fun Facts

Sihyun debuted with BADKIZ in 2018, but at that time the group was known by the name Hot Place. She got the position of Lead Dancer, Vocalist, and Face of the Group in BADKIZ. Sihyun left the group in 2020 and then the group changed the name again to BADKIZ.

About HOT PLACE’s Sihyun’s Personality

Sihyun is a former BADKIZ (also known as Hot Place) member who really likes to dance, which is why she was named the Lead Dancer of the group. Sihyun has a good personality and is a cheerful person. She is also a person who is soft-hearted and is really sweet.

HOT PLACE’s Sihyun’s Focus Fancam

The term Fancam is already known well to K-Pop music fans. Fancam itself stands for Fans Camera, where the fans record their favorite idols’ performances when they perform at various music shows or music festivals. K-Pop fans usually record it by using their own cameras, ranging from the standard quality until the high quality of the videos. After recording the idol performance that they want, they share it on YouTube or other social media. If their favorite idol is a group, then they usually make two fancams: one for the full lineup of members, and another one specifically for one of the members that they like the most (commonly known as Bias). This has also happened to BADKIZ. Their fans made many fancams to immortalize their performances, both as a group as individual members, for example, Sihyun. When Sihyun was still a member of BADKIZ (Hot Place), her fans also made and shared her video performances. So, here are some of Sihyun’s focus fancams shared by her fans!


HOT PLACE’s Sihyun’s Visual

Sihyun is one of the BADKIZ (Hot Place) members who have very beautiful visuals, she was even chosen to be the Face of the group which is quite similar to the Visual position. The difference between the two is: a Visual is a member who is deemed the most handsome/beautiful member of the group, while a Face of the group is a member who is considered to be the most popular member and often becomes the group’s representative to attend public events. In this case, Sihyun does have a lot of fans and everybody praises her pretty face and some even ask her for beauty tips. During an interview on the television show Live Today Morning, Sihyun gave her self-styled beauty tips, namely that she only drinks water every morning when she feels her face looks swollen, and after that, her face will feel lighter in 30 minutes. If the beauty tips are so simple, let’s check them out it by looking at Sihyun’s photos below that show her visual appearance! We can see from the photo above, Sihyun does have a very beautiful visual and also looks cute, especially when she’s smiling with natural make-up! In the photo above, Sihyun looks more mature than in the previous photo. Sihyun did a photoshoot for the group and she was wearing a cropped shirt with a denim skirt. Not only she looks cute and pretty, but Sihyun also looks sexy and fierce on stage at the same time!

Sihyun’s Latest News

Sihyun joined BADKIZ in 2018 during the “Just One Day” era and her group had time to change their name to Hot Place. After almost two years with BADKIZ, in 2020, Sihyun and Taeri decided to leave the group for unknown reasons. After leaving the group, there hasn’t been any news about Sihyun at all, even her Instagram account seems to be inactive. That’s all the information that you should know about former BADKIZ member Sihyun. Don’t forget to kindly drop your thoughts about this article in the comment section down below!

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