One of his latest drama appearances was Doom At Your Service (2021), where he received many positive reviews and was praised for his acting capabilities. Don’t you want to know more about him? Don’t worry! In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything you need to know about Seo In-guk, so keep on reading. You might also like: Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk’s Chemistry in ‘Doom At Your Service’ Are They Actually Dating?

Full Profile of Seo In-guk

Birth Name: Seo In-guk (서인국) Stage Name: Seo In-guk (서인국) Place and Date of Birth: Ulsan, South Korea, October 23rd, 1987 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 180 cm Weight: 68 kg Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, Actor Label: BS Company (2017–present) Years Active: 2009–present Associated With: Superstar K Instagram: seo_cccc

Interesting Seo In-guk Facts That You Need to Know

Seo In-guk has a younger sister named Seo Bo-ram Seo In-guk wanted to be a singer when he was 10 years old after being inspired by rock musician Kim Jung-min He started his career as a singer He attended Daebul University where he studied Applied Music He often performed at family gatherings or school events in the past Seo In-guk auditioned in several agencies in the past and he was told to lose weight which caused him to suffer from bulimia for a while In 2014, Seo In-guk released his first album Everlasting Seo In-guk enlisted in the military in 2017 A few days after his military service started, he was diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans which excused him from the military Seo In-guk and singer Park Bo-ram were in a relationship for 2 years before they ended it Seo In-guk’s ideal type is an intelligent woman

Seo In-guk’s Participation in Superstar K

As we have mentioned before, Seo In-guk dreamed of being a singer, even he often performed during family gatherings or at his school’s events. Aside from that, he even participated in the Mnet’s singing contest, Superstar K, back in 2009. After such a long journey, Seo In-guk successfully came up as the winner during the show’s first season. Not long after that, he released his debut EP Calling with a title song of the same title. It was composed by Bang Si-hyuk and successfully entered the top charts after its release. Seo In-guk has also released other single albums such as Just Beginning (2010), Broken (2011), and many more.

Seo In-guk’s Drama and Movie List

Dramas   Movies

His Appearance in High School King of Savvy

One of Seo In-guk’s breakthrough acting appearances was in High School King of Savvy. In the drama, he took on two different roles as Lee Min-suk and Lee Hyung-suk. Lee Min-suk is a high school student who is impersonating his older brother, Lee Hyung-suk, especially, with the fact that both of them look very similar despite the 9-year gap between them. One day, Min-suk got a mysterious call after which he has to impersonate his brother at the latter’s new job and act as a high-rank executive of an IT conglomerate. With the help of Jung Soo-young (Lee Ha-na), Min-suk learns how to adapt his life in the world of adults.

His Role in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Seo In-guk is also best known for his role in the thriller drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. He is playing the role of Kim Moo-young, an assistant in a craft microbrewery and is known as a mysterious guy with a forgotten past. He falls in love with Yoo Jin-kang (Jung So-min), an advertisements designer. Initially, Jin-kang’s first impression of Moo-young was negative, but she changed her mind after she got to know him better. On the other hand, Jin-kang’s brother who works as a detective thinks that Moo-young is worse than he looks. The relationship between Moo-young and Jin-kang gets more complicated after Moo-young remembers his past, the truth behind his father’s death, and being accused of murder.

His Character in Doom at Your Service

Through Doom At Your Service, Seo In-guk got a lot of praise for his acting and chemistry with her co-star, Park Bo-young. The drama tells a story about Tak Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young), an editor who gets diagnosed with an illness that leaves her with only three months left to live. One day, she wishes that the world is doomed. Her wish is heard by Myul Mang (Seo In-guk), a messenger between God and humans. He offers Dong-kyung to doom the world, and in return, Dong-kyung has to give her life to him after signing a 100-day contract with Myul Mang. In the end, Dong-kyung and Myul Mang fall in love, and Dong-kyung calls him Kim Sa-rang as she hopes Myul Mang is a human.

Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young’s Relationship: Are They Dating?

After Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young paired as a couple in the melodrama Doom At Your Service, the two of them have shared many adorable moments and close interactions, not to mention that they successfully showed off beautiful chemistry in the drama. Their successful on-screen chemistry got them involved in a dating rumor, and their closeness looks as if they were more than just friends. However, Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young weren’t dating, and their chemistry just grew naturally after they got close with each other during the drama project. Both Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young also praised their co-star’s hard work, they even admired each other a lot. That’s everything about the singer and actor who stole everyone’s attention, Seo In-guk! Although he started as a singer, who knew that he has another magnificent talent such as acting? Well, let’s wait for another project of Seo In-guk in the future! What do you guys think about his acting performance? Leave a comment in the section below to express your thoughts, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media.

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