The main vocal of SPICA is Kim Boa. Before joining SPICA, Kim Boa had been a vocal trainer for the boy group INFINITE. In this article, Channel Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Kim Boa’s career as a vocal trainer of INFINITE and a member of SPICA. Want to know more about her? Check this out!

Kim Boa’s Full Profile and Facts

Full Name: Kim Boah Nickname: Boa Date of Birth: January 14th, 1987 Age: 32 years old Position: Leader, Main Vocalist Height: 171 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood Type: B Zodiac: Capricorn Education: Yeoju University Instagram: @tomboaaa Fun Facts about Kim Boa:

Kim Boa’s Pre-debut Story

Before her debut with SPICA, Kim Boa had worked with several famous singers. She explained that she hasn’t been in other idol groups in the past, but she has worked with famous artists such as Lee Hyori, T-ara, 4minute, and Girls’ Generation. She proved this by showing off her strong vocals while performing a song that she recently worked as a guide for, T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey.” She has also been a vocal trainer for the boy group INFINITE because Kim Boa does have very good vocal skills. Reported from Soompi, a representative of B2M Entertainment confirmed that Bo Bo has trained INFINITE members in the past. Since their debut, SPICA has surprised listeners with their strong vocals. Unlike many of the other girl groups, all the members have strong vocals with their distinct colors. The fact that Kim Boa used to be a vocal trainer highlights her singing ability and talent. As this news became public, netizens found and uploaded a file of Kim Boa, before her debut as a member of SPICA, and INFINITE’s Kim Sung Gyu singing a duet “Lucky,” exciting fans. Aside from being a vocal trainer, she has worked with Sweet Tune, who wrote most of the INFINITE hit songs, as guide vocalist/song director. Before becoming a trainee of B2M Entertainment, Kim Boa had also been a trainee of LOEN Entertainment.

Kim Boa’s Debut with SPICA

In 2012, Kim Boa decided to join and debut together with SPICA and released a mini-album, Russian Roulette, on February 8th, 2012. Then on November 21st, 2012, SPICA returned with their second EP titled Lonely. SPICA worked again with Sweetune, who also produced Russian Roulette. The group first promoted the song on Music Bank on November 23rd, 2012, and held the goodbye performance on January 6th, 2012, on Inkigayo. Other songs on the album are “With You” written by Kim Boa, “That Night” written by Kim Bohyung, and “Since You’re Out of My Life.” The album peaked at number 8 on the Gaon Weekly Album Chart and sold 2,113 physical copies. In the summer of 2013, SPICA made a comeback with a different authority. On August 27th, B2M Entertainment released a digital single, “Tonight,” along with a music video that Lee Hyori and her husband, Lee Sangsun, collaborated and produced. The lyrics of “Tonight” are written by Boa and Lee Hyori, and the original song was written by Dsign Music. With the “Tonight” single, the group was able to reach the top 10 in the Gaon Music Chart for the week of August 25–31, ranking on the eighth position overall on the Downloads Chart with 102,297 downloads. On November 5th, the entire group released the digital single “Ghost,” produced by Sweetune. The music video was directed by Lee Sa-gang and featured scenes of the group during the 2014 Spring/Summer Seoul Fashion Week at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. In December 2015, SPICA signed an exclusive contract with CJ E&M. On March 25th, SPICA attended the KCON Abu Dhabi along with other artists. In February 2016, it was reported that SPICA would release a new mini-album in April 2016 but the album was delayed. On August 25th, 2016, SPICA made their first comeback after a two-year hiatus with the release of a digital single titled “Secret Time.” But in 2017, SPICA decided to disband. CJ E&M announced that the group had disbanded, and the members would be going their separate ways. On February 8th, 2017, the group posted a letter on Instagram, confirming that SPICA would return again in the future.

One of The Best Vocalists of Her Time

Since her debut as a member of SPICA, Kim Boa has been known for having very good and unique vocal abilities. Kim Boa also quickly stole the public’s attention and became a topic of conversation because of her extraordinary vocals and her struggle as a singer. At that time, Kim Boa became one of the singers with the best vocals among the girl groups. Indeed, before Kim Boa had worked with several famous singers such as Lee Hyori and became a vocal trainer for INFINITE. Apparently, Kim Boa’s struggle to be part of a girl group was indeed not easy. Reporting from Allkpop, one of the solo singers, IU said that she was very proud of Kim Boa. IU stated, “I first met Boa when I became a trainee at the age of 15. I thought she had the most ideal voice for a vocalist, and she gave me a lot of help. She’s like my Savior. I never really cry,” she continued. “When I receive awards or win K-Chart wins, I don’t usually shed tears but I watch SPICA’s debut performance.” IU said that she was close to Kim Boa because the two of them could not dance when they were trainees. She said, “When others were practicing difficult choreographies, we only did the basic moves. But seeing unnie debuted in a dance group and dancing as well as the other members made me feel so proud.” Then IU gave her support to Kim Boa and stated that she felt very proud of her.

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