You might also like: From Takada Kenta to Hirai Momo, Check Out These K-pop Idols From Japan Because it has members who come from outside Korea, this girl group is actually quite unique because the competition in the South Korean music industry will certainly be quite picky with the concept or some people who have a career but come from abroad. However, let’s first learn more about SKarf, with a special focus on one of the members from Singapore, which is Ferlyn. So, stay tuned and keep reading this article below.

SKarf’s Ferlyn’s Full Profile

Real Name: Ferlyn Wong (Hangul: 페린웡) Stage Name: Ferlyn (Hangul: 페린) Cantonese Name: Wong Jing Ling Mandarin Name: Wang Jing Ling (黃晶玲) Korean Name: Hwang Jungryung (Hangul: 황정령) Place and Date of Birth: Singapore, February 1st, 1992 Star Sign: Aquarius Height: 164 cm (5’5″) Weight: 99 lbs Blood Type: O Nationality: Singaporean Position in the group: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer Active Period: SKarf (2012–2014) Official Sites:

Instagram (@ferlyngofficial) YouTube Channel (FERLYN G)

SKarf’s Ferlyn’s Fun Facts

SKarf’s Ferlyn’s Visual

Being a K-Pop idol certainly has certain qualities that must be considered when they debut and are ready to actively pursue a career as a K-Pop idol. One of the most important aspects is the visuals of K-Pop idols who usually look beautiful above average and look fine in every situation. In this case, SKarf’s Ferlyn also meets these criteria and has beautiful visuals. If you don’t know much about SKarf’s Ferlyn, let’s take a look at the section below so you can get to know SKarf’s Ferlyn’s visual better. If you look at the visual of SKarf’s Ferlyn from the photo above, we can clearly see her very charming smile and also her aura that already radiates like K-Pop idols who debuted in the 2012s. In the photo, SKarf’s Ferlyn also displays a pure and innocent image. Although not too many people knew about her career at that time, she seemed to have fun in her career, right? Since starting her career as a K-Pop idol, SKarf’s Ferlyn does have her own aura to attract the attention of many people. If we look at the photo above, who would have thought that SKarf’s Ferlyn was not originally Korean? With her visual that looks oriental, she certainly disguises her nationality for a while and can be accepted in Korea with her looks that already look perfect with her visual appearance. SKarf’s Ferlyn’s airport fashion also attracts the attention of many people because she always looks fashionable and very trendy even just for flights. In the two photos above, you can see SKarf’s Ferlyn looking so nice with her Hip-Hop street style, which is wearing heels, a denim jacket, and a hat that has written “BOY” in the middle, making her appearance look so stylish at that time! Not only that, but SKarf’s Ferlyn is also a very professional idol with what she does, especially when promoting the girl group she successfully debuted with. Like the photo above, she is always seen smiling cheerfully while greeting her fans present at the event. The outfit she wears also looks very catchy and matches her image. The visual and appearance of SKarf’s Ferlyn are unquestionable. The Singaporean member has a sweet smile and also her eye smile looks very attractive; her body proportion is also looking good because she doesn’t look too fat or too skinny. SKarf’s Ferlyn also can fit in any concept, especially with the retro photoshoot concept like in the picture above. What do you think about SKarf’s Ferlyn’s visual?

SKarf’s Ferlyn and Tasha’s Dance Performance.

SKarf’s Ferlyn and Tasha have a position as the Main Dancer of the group. The two of them are often seen practicing together in the studio to dance and also improve their skills in energetic dancing like the one in this video This video uploaded by Alpha Entertainment Korea in 2013 shows how energetic SKarf’s Ferlyn and Tasha were, who at that time, were still promoting together as group mates. SKarf’s Ferlyn who has blonde hair and Tasha who has long brown hair look very much in sync with each other while practicing their dance moves in this video. Unfortunately, none of the two was recognized that much for their amazing dancing abilities.

SKarf’s Ferlyn’s Latest News and Activity

Ferlyn Wong who was born on February 1st, 1992, was a member of SKarf from Singapore. Ferlyn chose to leave after three years of promoting with the group. After leaving SKarf, in January 2015, Ferlyn made her solo debut in China by releasing a mini-album.

SKarf’s Ferlyn, who currently uses her real name as Ferlyn G, is currently busy with her career as a solo artist. In 2015, Ferlyn G released her debut EP titled First after releasing a lot of teasers to hype up her solo debut. The debut EP had two tracks that were released in Mandarin and Korean. “Luv Talk” is a single released in Korean featuring Tiny-G’s Mint. Beside that, Ferlyn G also held a press conference to promote her album in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia before finally leaving Alpha Entertainment, her previous agency that managed SKarf in South Korea. Ferlyn G started and co-founded an independent record label and artist management company, GIF Music.

On November 17th, 2015, Ferlyn Wong released a Hip-Hop single titled “Gif To You” that was written in English. This single also has a music video which shows Ferlyn G as the original singer and she looks very beautiful with her appearance as a solo artist, with purple silver hair and also the fashionable outfit in this music video. You probably will not notice that this is the same person who was previously a member of SKarf, right? Ferlyn G has also spread her wings to starring in several tv shows after her solo career, such as KIN: Matthew’s Story (2018) on Channel 5, I’m Madam (2019) on Toggle, Channel U, KIN (2021) on Channel 5, and many more. Ferlyn G is also one of the celebrities who are active in uploading some of their latest content on the YouTube channel. You can see the latest activities and work of Ferlyn G on her YouTube channel. From some of the latest content on her YouTube channel, you can watch her vlogs from daily life, behind the scenes of filming advertisements, etc. Well, that was all the information about SKarf’s Ferlyn; starting from her full profile, fun facts, career breakthrough since she debuted as a K-Pop idol and promoted with Skarf, to her decision to leave the group to pursue her own goals to be a solo artist in China. Let’s continue to support SKarf’s Ferlyn who is now working as Ferlyn G, wish her the best of luck so her career can shine in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!

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