But after Sol decided to left the group, there’s 2 additional members who joined the group, which is Hana and Joo A. In this article, there’s a detail information about one of the Singaporean member, Natasha Low. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about SKarf’s Tasha from her full profile, fun facts, appearance on Mnet’s ‘Idol School’ until her latest activities in this article below!

SKarf’s Tasha’s Full Profile

Real Name : Natasha Low (刘佁伶) Stage Name : Tasha (hangul: 타샤) Cantonese Name : Low Yi Ling Mandarin Name : Liu Yi Ling Korean Name : Yu Yi-ryung (hangul: 유이령) Birth : October 11, 1993 Star Sign : Libra Height : 168 cm (5’6″) Blood Type : A Position of the group : Leader, Vocalist, Visual, Rapper, Lead Dancer Nationality : Singaporean Official Site :

Instagram ( @tashaalow ) Youtube Channel ( Tasha Low )

SKarf’s Tasha’s Fun Facts

SKarf’s Tasha Amazing Waist

SKarf’s members Hana and Tasha show off their small waists while busy promoting their song “Luv Virus”. Alpha Entertainment Korea uploaded a photo of Tasha and Hana on their SNS on July 11, 2013. In the photo, Tasha and Hana are wearing t-shirts with short cuts and shorts that show their stomachs. They look with perfect healthy bodies. Alpha Entertainment said, “Tasha and Hana really like sports activities, both sports that burn a lot of calories and muscle building exercises every day. Exercise helps them in dance training.”

SKarf’s Tasha’s Appearance In Mnet’s ‘Idol School’

Each job has its advantages and disadvantages. It is undeniable that many young people are interested in K-Pop groups and some of them have dreamed of becoming a star in the entertainment industry. Even so, life to become a K-Pop star is not as beautiful as it appears on television. The proof is that a former member in SKarf’s, Tasha Low, revealed that she participated on Mnet’s ‘Idol School’ in 2017. In Episode 1, Tasha sat down with SnowBaby, and while talking, she realized that SnowBaby couldn’t speak Korean and she immediately asked in Chinese. After that, in the vocal section of the basic ability evaluation, she was a foreigner, so her pronunciation wasn’t perfect (it wasn’t bad either), but she was well received by the teachers for her good expressiveness. In the dance evaluation that was held, Tasha received 1st place. The overall result was showing that she received on the 2nd place, showing the side of being an experienced girl group and an elder. Tasha showed good performances in various ways, but the final result in the first episode that she received on the 39th place.

In the 3rd and 4th Episode of debut ability test, she was selected as the captain and performed TWICE‘s “CHEER UP”. In the midterm exam conducted over 5 and 6 times, Tasha was performed as a contestant that was in the Advanced Performance Class A while having Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr”. They gave a good performance, but lost to another group and lost the right to rise in the rankings.

After announcing the results of the performance, she showed a sad expression of tears, saying that this would be the last time. However, Tasha was in the 27th place in the final rankings. Although her ranking fell, she was lucky enough to be removed from the list of the contestant that will eliminate.

In the 8th episode of Semester Exam, Tasha joined the team who performed KARA’s “STEP”. All the members of the group were in the lower ranks, so many fans thought this performance was the last, and everyone performed desperately to decorate the final stage of Episode 8. Judging from the broadcasts so far, the fans think this stage was the best among all the stages. Three of the four team members had scores over 80, and Tasha scored 83.2 points, but unfortunately took second place. Had it been a different group, it might have taken first place for sure. However, she was in the lower ranks, so in the 10th episode, she climbed up 3 places and eventually dropped out as 23rd in the final ranking.

SKarf’s Tasha’s After Disbandment

SKarf’s Tasha actually has quite a lot of activities after the group disbanded as she appeared in several programs as contestants. Aside from being active as an idol, Tasha is also active on her social media accounts, such as in Instagram and Youtube channel. Through social media, Tasha interacted with her fans by uploading her latest activities and work. If you visit Tasha’s official Instagram account, you can see her work as a model or other project that she was in. Even though she decided not to re-debut as an idol again, her aura as a star can still be seen in some of the new posts that she uploaded on her social media. On her Instagram, you can see many posts when Tasha is having quality time with close friends, hanging out or traveling, and many more. Tasha is also active as a Youtuber since 2017 and has more than 8,000 subscribers for now. Through her Youtube channel, Tasha posted several contents, such as make-up, challenge, dance cover, and many more. Don’t forget to follow every social media from Natasha Low, the former member of SKarf, and don’t forget to support her by sending positive comments only! Well, that was all for the information about SKarf’s Tasha and everything you should know about her. Let’s keep giving her lots of love and support, hopefully whatever she’s doing right now still brings her happiness. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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