SNSD’s Seohyun and the Mysterious Ex-Boyfriend

Seo Joo-hyun or more likely known as Seohyun is a singer, songwriter, and actress under Namoo Actors. Long before her career as an actress, Seohyun raised her fame as a girl group member of SNSD under SM Entertainment. Ever since her debut as an SNSD member in 2007, Seohyun has received a lot of compliments. Moreover, she’s been praised often for her manners, respect, and responsibility! This also leads to the topic of her dating experience as she is very polite and kind to other people. However, she is rarely involved in any dating rumors or dating scandals. Seohyun made everyone gasp after she revealed during her appearance on A Hyung I Know that she used to date a celebrity in the past, but he is inactive in the industry currently. Do you want to know about that and any man who was intertwined in Seohyun’s love life? Let’s get started here:

Seohyun and Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE

The first guy rumored to be dating Seohyun was Jung Yong-hwa from the group CNBLUE! They met through a reality show project named We Got Married back in 2010. They virtually married and lived as a newlywed couple for over a year. They became everyone’s favorite couple throughout the show, and the fans even called them the YongSeo Couple! Seohyun who has a shy personality got along very well with Jung Yong-hwa and his humorous side.

However, they decided to leave the program due to their busy schedules. They reunited again several years later through music programs, and they even became hosts together. Seohyun and Jung Yong-hwa also got into dating rumors numerous times, but they always denied them. “We weren’t dating, we are only good friends,” said Jung Yong-hwa.

Seohyun and Go Kyung-pyo

The next pair is Seohyun and actor Go Kyung-pyo! They met through the drama Private Life that premiered on October 7, 2020. Due to their great acting performances and adorable chemistry, the fans started to call them “Pangyo Newlyweds!” Even though they aren’t dating, their performances in the Private Life drama delivers such adorable chemistry to the viewers. Both Seohyun and Go Kyung-pyo shared their experiences while working together, and they even complimented each other as well! “I’m grateful to have him as a partner,” Seohyun once said when they became the guests on JTBC’s Knowing Brothers. On the other hand, Go Kyung-pyo praised Seohyun’s efforts in acting by saying, “She has a lot of charms, but she’s serious when dealing with work and focuses on her character.”

Seohyun Reveals Why She Wasn’t Involved in Many Dating Rumors

Compared to other SNSD members, Seohyun was the only member who was barely caught up in dating rumors. Her groupmates also consider her an innocent person based on her polite and kind attitude. Moreover, she has a relatively clean track record! So, how did she not have many dating rumors throughout her career? Seohyun once explained the reason behind it by saying, “It was because I didn’t date that much. Work was before love.” When she was asked about the most rebellious thing that she has done, the answer was very astonishing: “I’ve been to a club in France together with unnies (SNSD members), and it was fun.” Well, Seohyun is the real definition of a good girl, isn’t she?

What Is Seohyun’s Ideal Type?

Seohyun with her stunning visual, good girl image, and great experience as a public figure gives enough reasons for people to fall for her. Despite her lack of experience in dating, what is her ideal type for a partner in a relationship? As humble as her personality, Seohyun also has such a nice assessment for an ideal type! She explained, “I wouldn’t say I’m picky, but it’s rather difficult since I don’t look at the appearance. Instead, I do care a lot about who is the person inside.” However, as time went by, Seohyun also started paying attention to looks. “I used to think that men’s looks weren’t really important, but I started to think that it does matter.” That’s everything about SNSD’s Seohyun and her love-life story! Even though she doesn’t date much, we would love to see Seohyun have a beautiful relationship with someone in the future! Do you have the same ideal type as Seohyun? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on any social media!

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