Even though SNUPER is currently on hiatus because some of its members are undergoing military service, one of the members has decided to leave the group and is currently debuting as an idol member for a different group. In this article, there’s detailed information about that member, which is Sebin. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about SNUPER’s Sebin starting from his full profile, fun facts, appearance as an MC, and being a former contestant on The Unit!

SNUPER’s Sebin’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jang Se-bin (Hangul: 장세빈) Stage Name: Sebin (Hangul: 세빈) Birth: Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, April 24, 1996 Star Sign: Taurus Height: 181 cm (5’11”) Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) Blood Type: O Education:

Songwoo High School(Graduated) Daekyung University(Graduated)

Nationality: Korean Position in the Group: Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae Official Site: Instagram ( @jang3bin )

SNUPER’s Sebin’s Fun Facts

SNUPER’s Sebin on Beauty Plus

SNUPER’s Sebin was the MC of Beauty Plus. SNUPER’s Sebin became a one-day MC to fill K Monsta X’s Kihyun’s vacancy on June 7, 2016, at 12:00 PM on MBC’s Beauty Plus. Beauty Plus is a new concept beauty program that goes beyond the existing beauty programs that simply list beauty information and adds the participation of general viewers through social media and the transmission of beauty tips from social media stars. SNUPER’s Sebin, who is the first to proceed after his debut as MC through Beauty Plus, learned a new lesson as an MC for a beauty program after receiving a cleansing secret from actor Son Tae-young and comedian Kim Ji-min before recording. In particular, it is said that SNUPER’s Sebin occupied the cuteness of Son Tae-young and Kim Ji-min, causing laughter from many people and the audience.

SNUPER’s Sebin’s Appearance on The Unit

SNUPER’s Sebin became one of the contestants on The Unit with SNUPER’s Suhyun and Sangil. The Unit was a South Korean reality television show that was aired from October 28, 2017, until February 10, 2018, with the concept of being an idol rebooting project. SNUPER’s Sebin was in 32nd place in episode 4, and then he downgraded to 36th place in episode 5. SNUPER’s Sebin was in 46th place in episode 7, and in the final episode before being eliminated, SNUPER’s Sebin was in 46th place.

In episode 3 that aired on November 17, 2017, SNUPER members performed “Just Right” by GOT7 with Sangil, Woosung, Sebin, and Suhyun as the initial contestants to participate in this idol rebooting project. SNUPER’s Sebin got 1 boot after the performance he did with his team. SNUPER’s Sebin was added to the Blue Team when he was in Unit B which consisted of Seyong (center and leader), Gunwoo, Jude, Euijin, One Junn, Kyeongha, Junghoon, and Giseok.

In the next episode, the contestants were put into another team, and SNUPER’s Sebin was in the Green Team which consisted of Seyong, Jungha, Sangil, Euijin, Casper, Hyukjin, Gunwoo, and Seongho. Green Team received 4th place with a total of 1,199 votes after performing “Heartbeat” by 2PM. The struggle of SNUPER’s Sebin’s journey ended in episode 9 of KBS 2TV’s The Unit. On the program, he was one of the 35 contestants that were eliminated, and he also uploaded a selca through SNUPER’s official Facebook page after he had to finish his journey as a contestant in the idol rebooting project. On December 10, 2017, SNUPER’s Sebin wrote, “First, I’d like to give thanks to Swings [SNUPER’s fandom] who continue to support me on The Unit, and I feel like I’ve grown through this show. I get a good opportunity in everything I can learn. I also thank all the teachers, senior mentors, and also Rain sub-enim who taught me many things and sentences that motivate me. I also thank all the staff who worked hard every day and night for this show.” Through his letter, SNUPER’s Sebin also thanked several contestants from The Unit who had fought together with him such as BIGFLO’s Euijin, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo, MADTOWN’s Daewon, Ji Hansol, MYNAME’s Gunwoo, Seyong, JunQ, Chaejin, BIG’s Gunmin, IM’s Hangyul, ToppDogg’s B-Joo, Hojoon, BIG’s Heedo, BIGSTAR’s Sunghak, and BEATWIN’s Jungha. SNUPER’s Sebin did not forget to give support to the remaining SNUPER members who were still on the show, Suhyun and Sangil, who at that time had not been eliminated, and he hoped that many would vote for his groupmates. “Unfortunately, my journey in The Unit had to stop, but I will use this chance again to work harder in the future while preparing for the next album activities and individual promotion. Thank you for giving me lots of love and have a warm winter!” he said. Even though he didn’t succeed in continuing his journey on The Unit, let’s give SNUPER’s Sebin appreciation for his hard work while being a contestant on the survival show. It’s not easy to maintain his position until a few episodes before the finale, but this also provided experience and also motivation for SNUPER’s Sebin so that his talent as an idol could increase! Well, that is all of the information about SNUPER’s Sebin and everything you should know about him. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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