In this article, there’s detailed information about one of SNUPER’s members, Choi Hyung-geun or also known as SNUPER’s Suhyun. One of the members who has done military service has also been a contestant on The Unit. So, let’s scroll down this article to get to know more about SNUPER’s Suhyun from his full profile, fun facts, until his latest news!

SNUPER’s Suhyun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Choi Hyung-geun (Hangul: 최형근) Stage Name: Suhyun (Hangul: 수현) Birth: Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, October 1, 1992 Star Sign: Libra Height: 177 cm (5’10”) Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Position in the Group: Main Vocalist Education: Main Vocalist Official Sites:

Instagram ( @keunisme ) TikTok ( @keunisme ) YouTube Channel ( 큰 keun )

SNUPER’s Suhyun’s Fun Facts

SNUPER’s Suhyun’s Appearance on The Unit

SNUPER became one of the boy groups whose members joined The Unit to re-promote themselves and become contestants on the survival show. The three members of SNUPER, Suhyun, Sebin, and Sangil, successfully passed the audition stage and continued their journey on The Unit. How about SNUPER’s Suhyun’s struggle as a contestant on The Unit? Don’t miss out on the session below and find out about SNUPER’s Suhyun’s journey on the show!

In the first mission, SNUPER’s Suhyun practiced choreography with the lead of Park Dae-won, and they finished the contest with 5 members from MAS (currently renamed Onewe) who are beginners in dancing. In the mid-ranks released after the broadcast ended, SNUPER’s Suhyun was ranked in 44th place, and in episodes 9-10, SNUPER’s Suhyun was ranked in 43rd place.

In the Restart Mission, SNUPER’s Suhyun chose “Her” and became a contestant in Blue Team. He praised Kanto, the leader, for being someone with the ability to follow. When the team went to the auditorium for the jump choreography, they tried to be the center in front of the camera but failed due to the lack of response from the team members. In this episode, SNUPER’s Suhyun took on one of the main vocal parts and did an ad-lib. In the on-site voting, he received 125 votes and 2nd place in the team.

SNUPER’s Suhyun then participated in the vocal section during the position battle, but it was edited. At the first unit announcement ceremony, he was able to barely survive in 43rd place. However, SNUPER’s Sebin was eliminated in 46th place.

In the Self-Producing Mission, the Yellow Team sang “U R.” The team, which seemed to be cruising before the midterm evaluation, was criticized during the midterm evaluation, and when Rockhyun and Lim Junhyeok changed the part without consulting them, they protested. In particular, SNUPER’s Suhyun questioned that Lim Junhyeok would take his part, but it wasn’t just that his part was missing. He talked about whether he should give Junhyeok another part who already had quite a few parts even though there were other team members. The team atmosphere became cold due to the problem of part distribution, but after that, while Rockhyun had time to talk about his feelings when he joined The Unit, he was able to work on teamwork again. In this episode, the team was able to beat Green Team by a margin of 4 votes. However, SNUPER’s Suhyun finished 6th, the lowest on the team.

In the episode where SNUPER’s Suhyun was eliminated, a question was prepared for him, but at the 2nd Unit Announcement Ceremony in episode 11, SNUPER’s Suhyun dropped down to 39th place. SNUPER’s Suhyun told the team members, “Thank you for taking good care of me, and please make the stage cool.” Even though SNUPER’s Suhyun didn’t make it to the debut lineup on The Unit, let’s still give appreciation for his maximum hard work as a contestant on this survival show!

SNUPER’s Suhyun’s Activity After Disbandment

For your information, SNUPER has not been disbanded yet, but they are currently on hiatus to wait until the four members who are currently serving in the military can finish their responsibilities, then they will be reunited as soon as possible. Meanwhile, SNUPER’s Suhyun also hasn’t had the opportunity to do individual promotions. But, he uses his social media platform to stay active and provide the latest news to his fans through updates about his daily activities. Through his official Instagram account, you can follow and find out more about SNUPER’s Suhyun’s daily activities that he shared. SNUPER’s Suhyun also has a YouTube account which he uses to upload new videos and content in daily vlogs. If you visit SNUPER’s Suhyun’s YouTube channel, you will find only one or two videos that have just been uploaded because he has just created the YouTube channel to keep interacting with his fans. Let’s continue to give support and a lot of love to SNUPER’s Suhyun so that in his current life he can continue to be happy. Let’s hope that SNUPER can be reunited really soon! Well, that is all of the information about SNUPER’s Suhyun and everything you should know about him. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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