And for today, in this article, Channel – Korea will provide you with some information about the unique solo artist, Heize. Didn’t know about her yet? That’s why we have gathered for you everything that we can to inform you about the latest pieces of news. That’s enough for the intermezzo. Now, let’s get into the real topic!  

Heize’s Profile and Facts

Jang Da-hye, or people have known her by her stage name Heize, is a South Korean talented singer, rapper, songwriter, and composer. She was born in Daegu, South Korea on August 9th, 1991. That makes her a Leo girl. Heize made her debut with the release of the EP Heize, which included a total of six songs. And then, after she participated in Mnet’s reality rap show Unpretty Rapstar, even though she was eliminated in the semi-finals, she gained a lot of attention from that. You can check out her activities from her official Twitter account @Heize_Official and her personal Instagram account @heizeheize.

Heize’s Facts

– She was born in Daegu, South Korea. – She currently lives in Yeoksamdong, Seoul, South Korea (I Live Alone 2016). – She has an elder brother. – She is Christian. – Education: Pukyong National University. – Her stage name Heize means “making something hot or turning something red hot” in German. – She likes kissing her friends since she was a child. – She had to become a top student in school (which she did) for her father to accept her singing career. – When she came to Seoul she didn’t have money for food so she and her friend were living on lemon-flavored vitamins which caused them to end up in the hospital. Since then she doesn’t stand vitamins. – She doesn’t consider herself a celebrity but more of a performer. – In school, her nicknames were: Goo Jaeyee of Daegu and Oven-baked Goo-Jaeyee because she looks like actress Goo Jae Yee. – She normally doesn’t wear make-up. – She worked three part-time jobs when she came to Seoul because she didn’t want to ask her parents for help. She spent that money on rent and album production. – She speaks in dialect. – She can imitate rapper Simon Dominic because the way they talk is similar. – She googles herself. – She doesn’t drink alcohol. – She collaborated with Jay Park and Dean. – She was a guest on the TV show I Live Alone episode 170 with a segment about herself (2016). – She needs several alarms to wake up. – When she wakes up she puts double eyelid tape because only one eye has it. – She moved to Seoul in 2013. – She drinks instant coffee and has a lot of instant food. – She likes Olaf (Disney Frozen character) and collects its plushies, merch, and more. – She loves Olaf so much because his values about love are similar to hers. – For her, love is when you can die for the other person. – She has mascots of Olaf in the freezer to keep them cool. – She talks to her toys. – Her mother sends her food occasionally since she lives alone but she doesn’t always eat it. – She carries shopping bags instead of actual bags because she never wants to buy them, she always likes nice, flat paper bags that aren’t expensive and you can match them with any outfit. She also finds them practical. – She likes staying at home. – When her mother asked her if she eats well while being in Seoul she sent her pictures of food found on the internet because she couldn’t afford food at that time. – She worked at a bakery in Seoul and she’s still friends with the owner who she calls her Mom in Seoul. – She can never get bored of eating tteokbokki. – She watches eating broadcasts before going to bed. – She has two tattoos: on the right hand wrist (saying “patience”) and the left side hand (“Heize”). – She used to date rapper Crucial Star for 2 years. – She has collaborated with EXO‘s Chen for SM Station. – She has sung OSTs for Goblin, Jealousy Incarnate, Prison Playbook, and more. – She is one of the producers of Wanna One GO: X-CON in which she is collaborating with Ong Seongwoo and Lee Daehwi. – She was a semi-finalist on Unpretty Rapstar 2. – She collaborated with EXO‘s Chanyeol for “Don’t Make Money” for Unpretty Rapstar 2.  

Appearance on Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar 2

For your information, Unpretty Rapstar 2 is a South Korean competition program that focuses on the female rappers. It is the second season of Unpretty Rapstar, which premiered in January 2015 on Mnet and was hosted by Korean rapper San E. In the semifinals, Heize, who was up against ex-SISTAR’s Hyorin, rapped to “Don’t Make Money,” with lyrics dedicated to her family, saying that she will make money on their behalf so they don’t have to work so hard. Her guest performer was EXO’s Chanyeol, whose featuring rap he wrote himself, according to SOOMPI. But unfortunately, she didn’t make it.

According to, Heize was also upset about the show’s editing, which was the ‘devil editing’ from Mnet. In one episode of the second season of the show, the contestants were asked by the staff who they did not want to work with in an upcoming mission. In the episode aired, the episode was edited with Heize saying she did not want to work with Kasper. However, this didn’t seem the case as Kasper revealed in an interview with international bnt that the scene was maliciously edited by Mnet for drama. She revealed, “I know there are scenes that have to be edited to make the show work but there were times I wondered why they would do such a thing. Especially when they intruded and edited personal parts. Heize unni said, ‘I want to work with Kasper’ but in the show, it said she didn’t want to work with me. She was so upset she called me and told me what happened right after it aired. They edited the scene where they asked the contestants who they want to work with and then switched up the question during editing.”  

Debut as a Multi-Talented Artist

Heize made her debut in 2014 with the release of her EP titled as her stage name, Heize, which included a total of six songs. And then, in 2016, Heize released her digital single Star in December. In 2017, she released her third EP You, Clouds, Rain and in 2018, she released her fourth EP called Wish & Wind.  


Heize’s career has not always been simple and clear. There was a controversy about her work for Korean drama TvN’s Goblin about the soundtrack. Tthe issue first came up when viewers realized there were two singers for the final soundtrack and opening track “Round and Round.” When the drama’s viewers were really excited and expected to hear the voice of Han Soo-ji, who sang the opening for the drama, however then what they heard was the singer-rapper Heize singing most of the song. Meanwhile, Han Soo-ji was only a featured artist for this song. Suddenly, some arguments arose between the fans. In order to calm down the controversy, Heize posted a message on her personal Instagram account, saying that she never had done anything shady and doesn’t plan on doing so in the future. “I’ve never done anything shady and I don’t plan on doing so in the future. We are currently in a situation where we’re waiting to get feedback on the featuring notation. I haven’t stolen anything from anyone,” said Heize, while CJ E&M released an official apology and some explanations to the fans and viewers. “First of all, the full version of this song was written by music director Nam Hye Seung before the broadcast began. It was then chosen for the drama’s title video. In order to have an opening with an impact, Han Soo Ji was chosen to record the first 50 seconds of the song. But ever since he wrote ‘Round and round,’ music director Nam Hye Seung had another voice in mind for the rest of the song.” “Because there were requests to release ‘Round and round,’ Heize participated in singing the rest of the song. This was the song’s original conception at the time it was written. The opening contains two measures that are different because the song needed to fit the length of the broadcast title video. But other than that, Han Soo Ji’s part was included without any modifications. Her 50-second part was not released separately because the full 50 seconds were featured in the opening.” “However, we will take into account the opinions of the viewers and consider releasing the 50-second version of Han Soo Ji’s part. We would like to deeply apologize to both Han Soo Ji and Heize, who were confused during the process. We are also sorry for not satisfying the viewers. Thank you.”

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