Some of you may not really know about Heyne or just know her name. Therefore, in this article, Channel-Korea will help you to know about Heyne by giving all information about her. So, stay tuned!

Heyne’s Full Profile

Name: Kim Hye-in (김혜인) Stage Name: Heyne (혜이니) Birthday: June 3, 1992 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 158 cm (5’2″) Weight: 36 kg (79 lbs) Zodiac: Gemini Chinese Astrology: Monkey Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean Instagram: hye2nk Twitter: @hye2nk Facebook: Official HEYNE V-LIVE: HEYNE Daum Café: 혜이니 HEYNE YouTube: 혜이니_heyneofficial Occupation: Soloist (Singer) Genre: K-Pop Years Active: 2013 – Present Agency: Crescendo Music, Wellmade Yedang

Heyne’s Discography

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Heyne’s Fun Facts

Heyne is an artist under Crescendo Music. She debuted in 2013 with her first single “Different.” Even though she has a short height, she’s known because of her high-pitched voice. One of her body parts that she thinks is the sexiest part is her thighs. Heyne likes when BTS’s Jungkook does aegyo because she thinks he looks very cute. Heyne is always full of joy and has a bubbly personality. Heyne tries to get over her panic disorder. She appeared on the famous television program King of Masked Singer.  Heyne became a host on the Chinese backstage show.

Heyne’s Visual

Heyne is a Korean soloist singer who has a short stature. Regardless, she actually has a beautiful visual and looks cute! Heyne also has chubby cheeks and has a slightly round face. This makes Heyne look adorable! The shape of her eyes also looks like a Barbie because her big eyes look incredible! Heyne is a solo singer who has beautiful and high-pitched vocals when she sings. Apart from her vocals, her visual is also one of her selling points. So, here are some of her photos that show off her visual! In the photo above, Heyne wore a top off-shoulder shirt with black and white stripes that looks very feminine. Moreover, her orange-cotton candy hair color makes her face look like a cute doll! Even though the photo above just shows the side of her face, it can be seen that Heyne’s visual looks cute and also looks like a pure girl. Unlike the two previous photos, in this photo, she looks more mature and charming. Her chubby cheeks make her look more beautiful by emitting a positive aura on her face!

Heyne’s Stage Performance

Heyne made her debut on June 14, 2013, with the release of her first single “Dalla (Different).” As a new singer, Heyne promoted her new single by holding performances on various television music programs or music festivals. Through the video below, we can see her appearance when she made her debut stage on MBC’s Music Core on June 22, 2013. In her appearance above, Heyne still looks young and cute, especially with the choreography that matches the music type and her voice’s character.

In the video above, Heyne participated in the King of the Mask program that aired on January 25, 2017. At the time, Heyne’s face had to be covered with a mask, and all the judges had to guess who it was behind the voice. Heyne sang one of IU’s songs titled “When Would It Be” along with Han Dong-geun.  

Heyne’s Interview

Through the video above, Heyne was interviewed when she appeared on the music show program named The Show in 2017. In the video, she introduces herself as a soloist, and she also says that every time she performs, she feels alone and only accompanied by her crew. For her, being a solo singer is a bit lonely, but she convinces herself that she’s a brave girl by saying “I am a braver HEYNE.” She also felt nervous before appearing on stage and in front of her fans. Feeling nervous about being a solo singer is different from being in an idol group, so Heyne feels.

Heyne’s YouTube Channel

The singer of “Insomnia” has made her YouTube channel during her early appearance in the K-pop music industry. Heyne has a YouTube channel with the name 혜이니_heyneofficial. Until now, her YouTube channel has 15.8k subscribers! This video that she uploaded was her first music video for her single debut titled “DALLA.” On her YouTube channel, Heyne doesn’t only upload her music, but she also uploads about her daily life and activities during her time as a singer. She uploads song covers, daily vlogs, and she even created her own news program called namely “Heyne News” where she gives information about herself or is an interviewer, as can be seen in the video below!

Her unique voice makes every song that she sings feel beautiful and melodious. She also had time to cover a song from the animation movie OST Frozen II entitled “Into the Unknown.” She also sang a song from Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers’ “My Favorite Things.”

If you want to know more about her daily life, you have to click the subscribe button for Heyne’s YouTube channel. Then, you will get notifications for the newest videos from her!

Heyne’s Instagram

Not only active on YouTube but Heyne also uploads all of her activities on her personal Instagram account @hye2nk. She also posts her selcas (selfies) and videos of her activities. She once posted a video of herself cooking miso soup for dinner! Besides being able to sing, Heyne is also quite good at cooking. In the photo above, many of her fans and friends shared comments on her cooking skill. Some said: @kimyongwoo75: “Heyne, Made it too for me, I want to eat it ❤️❤️” @uldyssian_parkyoung: “Uh! I want to eat too much!” @lee_tae_0: “You are also good at cooking” @latte_12: “Wow, I ate something delicious” Furthermore, Heyne also uploaded a selfie of herself when she washed her face before going to bed with a bare face. Her face looks so pure and beautiful. Many of her fans commented on her face in the comment box. Everyone complimented her visual and said that she’s very beautiful. Some of the comments which have been translated are: @miklindq: “It’s really cute” @e.j_choi: “Like a doll” @estherkim323: “eonni, you’re like a baby. So cute ❤️❤️” That’s all the information about female soloist Heyne that can be given by Channel-Korea ranging from her full profile, debut, songs, and her performance. After reading this article, don’t forget to share your thoughts and support for this pretty singer in the comment section!

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