You might like to check out: Song Joong-ki and Song Ji-hyo: Friends or Dating? Vincenzo is one of the K-dramas in 2021 that has a high rating because it features a famous actor from South Korea, which is Song Joong-ki. Many fans who were waiting for an appearance of the actor who had made appearances through Descendants of the Sun finally had the wait pay off with his recent appearance in Vincenzo. To see Song Joong-ki’s appearance in Vincenzo, let’s see more detailed information about his character in this article below!

Song Joong-ki’s Role as Vincenzo

Song Joong-ki has finished his new drama Vincenzo. His role as a mafia member in the drama received a lot of love from fans. When Song Joong-ki was mentioned by viewers who consider Vincenzo his lifelong role, he actually confirmed it. The 1985-born actor stated, “It’s true that I enjoy acting the most. In that aspect, I think this is the role of a lifetime.” Regarding the mafia concept, Song Hye Kyo, his ex-wife, revealed, “This can seem like a show of courage, and some people wonder if we use the mafia concept because there are no other ideas left. However, I don’t think so at all.” Next, Song Joong-ki explained that he was amazed when he read the script made by Park Jae-bum. According to him, the scenario that was made sufficiently explained the good purpose of the show. He shared, “I could immediately feel the pent-up anger towards society. That’s why I can understand why the mafia idea was used, and I think it’s a very interesting concept.” Meanwhile, Vincenzo is an anti-hero who does bad things to fight those who are even eviler. Song Joong-ki expressed sadness about the fact that “criminals” like Vincenzo receive so much love from the audience. “When I got the script, I knew Park Jae-bum’s productions often had a comedic flavor, but I think this is a sad genre. The reason is that the audience has to support Vincenzo, who in fact is a villain,” Song Joong-ki explained. Then he continued, “I think the events that happened in Vincenzo are very close to reality, whereas the character Vincenzo himself is the only surreal fragment. There are so many bad people in real life. The author uses those people as references, so there are lots of cathartic scenes.” Song Joong-ki’s catharsis means that he releases emotions or worries that are stored inside. Thus, when he reaches the end of the drama, he feels relieved and better because he has judged a more evil person.

Song Joong-ki’s Thoughts about His Role

Actor Song Joong-ki said that he made his debut in acting at a young age. Nevertheless, he is grateful for getting many offers to act in dramas. “I felt the pressure to act well since I was given the opportunity because I started late. Vincenzo was my first project to escape that pressure,” Song Joong-ki told YTN Star‘s interview session. “Because filming for the drama was carried out under a tight schedule, there was an impression that it was difficult. But, Vincenzo is a production that taught me that working happily on set can be done without difficulty,” he added. When he received an offer to play in Vincenzo, despite his busy shooting schedule, he was comfortable. In fact, as he continued filming, he felt more comfortable and happy to choose Vincenzo. Song Hye-kyo also revealed that he dared to take a new step in his acting journey. In this case, comedic acting through Vincenzo. It was a challenge for an actor known for his romantic acting. “When I choose a project, I tend to avoid drawing a picture that I’ve already drawn. Playing the same role again feels like I’m showing no growth, so I’m not afraid to take on new challenges, even if I get criticized for it,” he admits. In addition, Vincenzo also helped fulfill his desire to act in various genres because the drama contains various genres at once. In fact, at first, he did not know that in this drama there were various genres that he had to play. “I don’t know at all. When I want to act, I look for the answer in the script. I don’t look anywhere and try to find it in the script. Through Vincenzo, I feel once again that this method is right for me,” he concluded. Song Joong-ki along with the director and Vincenzo’s scriptwriter also conducted an exclusive interview on the Netflix YouTube channel. The three lead roles watched some interesting moments in the tvN drama and discussed them. When discussing the funniest scene, Song Joong-ki confessed that he often had trouble shooting when he saw Nam Joo-sung. But, of course, not in a negative sense. The handsome actor apparently couldn’t control his laughter. “The funniest scene was this. I couldn’t act because I laughed too much. Joo-sung hyung, when he was going home and his knee hit.. it was really funny. So whenever we see Joo-sung hyung after him, Jeon Yeo-bin and I couldn’t film because we kept laughing,” Song Joong-ki stated. Vincenzo’s  director also mentioned the cutest scene according to him by saying, “There is a scene where Gi Seok [played by Lim Chul-soo] reveals his identity.” Song Joong-ki finally remembered the scene and asked, “When he was walking down the hall?”

“That’s right, with his coat fluttering. The way he walks is very funny. It’s very funny,” continued Vincenzo’s director. “Is it a dashed quarter note or what? Click clack,” Song Joong-ki interrupted. “That’s strange. He runs like a semachi rhythm,” Vincenzo’s director continued. “That was the funniest part of this drama in my opinion. Ah, and the scene when Seok Do [played by Kim Young-woong] almost died in the cold storage room. It was really funny. Those two scenes were the funniest in this drama,” Vincenzo’s director said. “It was really funny,” Song Joong-ki added. Lastly, Song Joong-ki mentioned the scene at the end of the 16th episode when Vincenzo visits the four criminals. He explained, “We were practicing, and the two characters Choi Myung-hee [played by Kim Yeo-jin] and Jang Han-seok [played by Ok Taecyeon] knelt in front of me just as I entered. It was strangely cathartic.” Song Joong-ki graced the cover of the latest issue of GQ Korea Magazine after his appearance on Vincenzo. In the interview, he discussed how much the K-drama Vincenzo changed his perspective on acting and more. Song Joong-ki received praise as Vincenzo was ranked the sixth highest in tvN history, and ranked fourth in Netflix dramas. He considers all the praise worthy of the drama director Kim Hee-won, writer Park Jae-bum, and the role of Vincenzo. Looking back, Song Joong-ki admits that he approached Vincenzo very differently from all his previous projects. He shared how Kim Won-seok, who is his friend and director of Arthdal ​​Chronicles and My Mister, gave him some advice that changed his mindset. “Director Kim Won-seok, who knows me, suddenly said this one day, ‘Joong-ki, don’t try acting this time. Act as usual. Don’t try too hard to do something. Go with the flow,” Song Joong-ki said, sharing Kim Won-seok’s advice. The 35-year-old actor said the advice came to his heart. He tried to get rid of his thoughts about acting and relaxed during filming. He was grateful the set allowed him to experiment like that. Furthermore, he explained that such thoughts made him view acting in a completely different way than usual. “I am aware of the positive energy and enjoy the process, leaving you very happy with the results. I want to continue to have fun while acting in the future,” Song Joong-ki said.

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