Beside that, they also have talents that many people seem to already know by their ability to compose songs. There are also many achievements that they have achieved during their career in the entertainment industry. It’s not an easy thing to keep giving the best for fans, but BTS’s J-Hope and Suga are always committed and also have limitless efforts to maximize their work as members of BTS and idols. In this article, we are going to explore Suga and J-Hope’s friendship and their career journey. They also have a collaborative project and managed to get a positive response from fans. Let’s take a look at the detailed rundown provided in the article below!

J-Hope and SUGA’s First Collaboration—SOPE-ME

If you are an Army, you know how the hilarious duo Suga and J-Hope from BTS are always here to entertain fans with their ridiculousness. They have done a lot of activities together. From wearing matching clothes, they finally decided to make bright orange tracksuits which later became the hallmark of this magical subunit. The duo became known as SOPE, a combination of their previous stage names, and BTS fans around the world are always looking forward to their next action. 2016 was the year when Suga and J-Hope’s close friendship became widely known by their fans. With their subunit named SOPE, they started a live program broadcast. SOPE is also taken from their two names, which are (S)uga and J-ho(PE). SOPE is undoubtedly a duo made by fate. In fact, this duo has even been recognized by their staff. In many ways, Suga and J-Hope are completely opposite. But that difference is just one of the many reasons why BTS fans and staff love them so much. The team behind Run BTS’s hilarious broadcast in 2020 also never missed an opportunity to promote SOPE. They called J-Hope ‘Suga’s bias’, a kind of adored figure, more than once. The most recent moment can be seen in the 112th Episode when BTS members play a complicated word game, where they have to answer ‘O’ or ‘X’. The behind the scenes video of this episode revealed that one question was about Suga and J-Hope. The sentence used for the question reads, “I heard that Suga adores Hobi (J-Hope’s nickname) a lot.” Unfortunately, Suga didn’t get the right answer because his teammate, V, exchanged their answers at the last minute. While many fans have talked about SOPE, their touching moments from the past have caught the eye again. When they both trained as Big Hit Entertainment trainees, Suga turned out to be a helper for J-Hope. During a certain interview, the members were asked to share unforgettable memories of the person next to them and Suga had to give one about J-Hope. The owner of the name Min Yoongi decided to talk about when he took J-Hope to the emergency room. However once Suga said this, J-Hope reacted quite well, saying that he had heard this story many times. It was later revealed that Suga had taken J-Hope to the emergency room when he was sick. Not only that, but Suga also carried J-Hope on his back to the emergency room.

J-Hope and SUGA’s Collaboration Song “Otsukare”

From making challenges to holding back laughter while watching funny videos, to blowing the flute with your nose. From releasing parody songs and changing BTS’s Twitter account on Halloween 2015, until finally, making their own song “Otsukare” (which means ‘You’re Working Hard’). Not only in the song “Spring Day,” during a fan meeting in Japan, J-Hope and Suga performed a song titled “Otsukare” (お 疲 れ) where they both sang. SOPE debuted with “Otsukare” on BTS’s Official Japanese Fan Meeting Vol. 3 and of course, surprised fans with their appearance. The response they got was also very positive because they both could give the impression that their friendship had succeeded in making it together.

J-Hope and SUGA’s Try Not To Laugh Challenge

As the closest members of BTS, SOPE does not run out of ways to provide their interaction with the fans who have supported their careers to date. Even though rappers have a fierce and badass image when performing, BTS’s SOPE has a different character when they are put together. How can the interaction of BTS’s SOPE even make fans burst into laughter because of the two of them? Let’s take a look at BTS’s SOPE’s moments when they were live broadcasting via V-Live and make a try not to laugh challenge together!

One of the iconic moments of J-Hope and Suga that will never be forgotten is when they broadcast live taking the try not to laugh challenge while watching the funny clips they have done together on the sidelines of their activities with the group. In the first few minutes, J-Hope and Suga managed not to laugh at all when they saw a clip of J-Hope that was seen in a prank scene and was surprised by a ghost on the laptop screen. Then, the clip changes to a recording when BTS are at an amusement park and J-Hope is riding a rollercoaster. J-Hope said, “I’ve seen this a lot, I won’t laugh,” but finally, Suga burst into laughter because he saw J-Hope’s expression on the show looked very funny with a scared expression. Then, it was J-Hope’s turn to laugh because he couldn’t hold back himself when he saw some dubsmash compilations done by BTS members which he thought were very funny. Especially when the video shows BTS’s V who was alone in an elevator and suddenly he did a funny dance out of nowhere and that’s where BTS’s J-Hope laughed because he had never seen the dubsmash video recording. The rapper of BTS, who released a single titled “Airplane,” laughed until his face turned red because the clip was hilarious. The last point when they both saw a dubsmash clip recorded by BTS’s V and Jungkook. The two members who were wearing red t-shirts performed a scene like they were calling out to birds or other animals with very funny voices. Not only that, the facial expressions of V and Jungkook are also hilarious and able to make SOPE laugh out loud from seeing the footage. Another shot that successfully made J-Hope laugh was when he saw the dubsmash made by BTS’s V and he shouted in a chorus, “Mom .. Mom .. Mommy .. !!” with a serious face then laughed at the end. The more the video was played, SOPE couldn’t help laughing at the behavior of one of the members whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung.

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