“SOS” is a song recorded by the South Korean girl group Twice. It was released on June 11th, 2021, through JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. “SOS” is the last song of their eleventh extended play (EP) album titled Taste of Love. This song served as the fifth side-track; also the last one in this EP album. To introduce this side-track, the agency released the EP album sneak peek, which contained all the songs’ previews from this album. The full version of this song can be listened through the EP album, TWICE’s official YouTube channel, and their Spotify. You can listen to the song by clicking the video below.

The preview of the song “SOS” was released through the EP album sneak peek. You can see the album sneak peek, here.

Background of “SOS”

In the middle of April 2021, more precisely on April 19th, it was reported that Twice were in the finishing steps of preparing their next comeback. The girls planned to shoot the lead single’s music video on Jeju Island, South Korea. After a while, on May 3rd, 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that Twice’s next comeback would be on June 11th, 2021. Also, the next EP album titled Taste of Love would be released at the same time with the comeback. This comeback would be the first comeback as a nine-piece group after one of the members Jeongyeon didn’t participate in the previous comeback. Last year in 2020, Jeongyeon took a rest from activities due to mental health issues. To promote the album, starting from May 9th until May 26th the agency released the album packaging previews, the group fixed schedule, and the group posters. Five days later (May 31st), the tracklist poster and the album trailer were released on the internet. Based on the tracklist poster, it was revealed that some of the Twice members have participated in all of the side tracks writing process. You can see the tracklist poster, here. Several days later, they kept releasing promotional content such as the members’ individual posters and the group posters. They also released the sneak peek video on June 8th, it was a video filled with the preview of all the songs in this EP album. The song “SOS” was also previewed in the sneak peek video. At last, on June 11th, the EP album was released, alongside the full version of all the songs released through YouTube and Spotify.

Story of “SOS”

There are five side tracks in this EP album, and all of them were written by the members. Dahyun is one of the members that participated in the songwriting process. She wrote two songs for this album, which are “Scandal” and “SOS”. In an exclusive interview with CNN Indonesia, Dahyun told the interviewer that at first, she didn’t know how to write a song, but at last, she realized that she had finished writing songs faster than she thought before. She also described the song “SOS” as a sentimental song. “I want to give our fans some surprise by writing a song like this, and then our fans will ask, ‘Did Dahyun write a song like this? Wow!’ It makes our fans shocked, knowing that I can write a song like this,” she added. She also felt proud of every song that Twice have made, including the songs from this EP album. The song “SOS” was composed by Lee Hyundo from Deux, also Chloe Latimer and Glow. Apart from being a composer, Lee Hyundo also arranged this Dahyun-written song. “SOS” is a summer-themed song, like other songs in this EP album. It features various genres such as hip-hop and bossa nova.

MV of “SOS”

There’s no music video for the song “SOS”. The music video that the girls planned to shoot in Jeju Island was the music video for “Alcohol-Free”, the lead single of the EP album.

“SOS” Performance

On June 14th, 2021, Twice members were celebrating Tzuyu’s 22nd birthday. They celebrated it together and streamed it through their VLive. In the middle of the celebration, the members enjoyed the birthday cake and sang some of their newest songs, including “SOS”. You can see their live streaming by clicking the fan-made video below.

“SOS” Achievements

This song has charted many times, especially on digital music platforms. You can see the table below for the song’s peak position in every chart.

SOS  2021  by Twice - 27SOS  2021  by Twice - 35