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In this article, there’s a detail information about Kim Joo-ryung’s personal life, especially her marriage with her husband. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Kim Joo-ryung’s husband, how they met for the first time until her husband’s reaction to her appearance in ‘Squid Game’!

Kim Joo-ryung First Met Her Husband As Director And Actress

Kim Joo-ryung revealed that her husband, a professor at Texas State University, is two years younger than her. Moreover, she confessed that it was she who made the first move. Kim Joo-ryung is married with her husband, Yoo Yong-suk, and they have a daughter in 2013. There is no specific news about her wedding because her husband also stays out of the media. Kim Joo-ryung maintains privacy when it comes to her family and personal life. Beside that, there is no news about her relationship in the past because she is concentrating on her career as an actress. Yoo Yong-suk is famous as a lecturer at several universities and institutes during his career as a theatrical artist. He is also known as Professor of Directing and Acting at Daeduk University’s School of Arts Department of Acting and Musical Theater in Daejeon, South Korea, in 2010.

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Having a wife who is an actress with a big name, Yoo Yong-suk also turns out to have goals as a director. He has actively participated and also has community-based public arts by making the ‘Hibernation Project’ in 2006 that was held in Seoul. In recent years, Yoo Yong-suk has also participated in theater festivals in Korea, such as Seoul Fringe Festival, Seoul Marginal Theater Festival, Young Director Festival and many more. “I met him at a theater company, and my husband is two years younger than me, so I was like a ‘brother-sister relationship,’” she said, adding that it was she who expressed feelings to her husband first saying, “I kept giving him signals.” While the discussion continued, she revealed how her husband helped her not to quit the entertainment industry. At that time, he almost wanted to give up and leave the entertainment world during those difficult times. “I almost stopped acting. Actually, my husband is studying in the United States, so I don’t have a simple job,” she admits. She then expressed her gratitude to her non-celebrity husband, who constantly reminded her of how great she was as an actress.

Kim Joo-ryung’s Husband Reacts To Her Scene In ‘Squid Game’

Kim Joo-ryung got personal when he talked about his husband and wowed fans with his transformation in the latest issue of Avenuel magazine released in November 2021. The mother of one daughter grew in popularity after getting the role of player no. 212 as Han Mi-nyeo in the blockbuster Netflix series “Squid Game”. Regarding her skyrocketing success, Kim Joo-ryung shared her husband’s reaction after her appearance in “Squid Game” became a worldwide hit. According to the actress, she also enjoyed the film and is very proud of her. During an interview with ‘My Little Boy’, Kim Joo-ryung shared that her husband live abroad, so they can’t watch the bed scene in ‘Squid Game’ together. But she did video called her husband and his reaction is, “I’m so upset”, after Kim Joo-ryung explained the sexual scene she had with actor Heo Sung-tae. Another iconic scene with Kim Joo-ryung is the bathroom scenario with Heo Sung-tae, who plays the villain and gang leader Jang Deok-soo, aka player no. 101. Behind that, Kim Joo-ryung was grateful for his husband’s honesty in giving a reaction without being faked after knowing his wife’s bed scene in ‘Squid Game’. To remember, the South Korean actress made a big impact because of her impressive looks. The depiction of the cunning and manipulative woman Han Mi-nyeo, who is constantly looking for allies to gain an advantage. Well, that was all for the information about Kim Joo-ryung’s husband and every details you should know about it. Her option to stay private when it comes to family and her personal life is a good choice. After all, let’s keep sending support and love for Kim Joo-ryung, let’s hope her career can shine even more in the future.

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