In this article, we will discuss one of the 4th generation of K-pop idols. She is the leader of a girl group that made its debut in 2020, during the pandemic era. As a leader, she is so protective and caring toward the other members. She is also reliable and can take care of the members well. Not only that, but she’s also talented as a vocalist and rapper of the group. She’s none other than Bae Sumin of STAYC! Let’s find out more about Sumin, the leader of STAYC in the sections below!

STAYC’s Sumin’s Profile

In StayC, Sumin is in charge of being the leader, the vocalist, as well as rapper. She’s the leader of a six-member girl group which consists of Sieun, Seeun, J, Isa, Yoon, and herself. Let’s explore some more information about Sumin from her profile down below! Full name: Bae Soo-min Korean Stage Name: 수민 Korean Real Name: 배수민 Stage Name: Sumin Nicknames: Soom, Bae Soom, Soomni, Soomging, etc. Birthplace: Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 159 cm Birthday: March 13th, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Snake Position: Leader, sub-vocalist, rapper MBTI Type: ISFJ Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: O Family: Parents, older sister Debut: 2020 Agency: High-Up Entertainment

STAYC’s Sumin’s Facts

Sumin once participated in the audition of K-pop Star. Sumin likes corn lately, it was said that she has been addicted to corn. Sumin’s favorite colors are pink and purple. Just like her favorite colors, Sumin’s role models are Girls’ Generation and BTS. Sumin’s favorite movies are Tazza: One-Eyed Jack, Quiet Place, and Twilight. Sumin’s favorite chicken is Kyochon’s Honey Combo. Even though she was born in the season of spring, Sumin’s favorite season is autumn. The nickname given by the fans that she likes the most is Tonyang. In Gong Cha, Sumin usually orders chocolate milk tea with 100% sugar, less ice, and tapioca pearl as a topping. Sumin can wave her eyebrows really well. Before debuting with STAYC, Sumin was a trainee of APINK‘s company, Play M Entertainment, also the same agency as VICTON and Huh Gak. Sumin participated in Huh Gak’s music video and VICTON’s reality show when she was still in Play M Entertainment. Sumin had been a trainee for over 5 years.

STAYC’s Sumin’s Pre-Debut

Sumin made her debut in 2020 with STAYC. At that time, she was only 20 years old according to the Korean age system, or 19 years old according to the universal age system. Debuting as a leader at that age, she can be categorized as a young leader in the K-pop industry. Then again, Sumin has been a trainee since she was so young, no wonder the agency trusted her to be the leader, despite the fact that she is the youngest in her family. It doesn’t change the fact that Sumin can lead her team really well. We mentioned a bit about Sumin’s trainee period, so you are probably curious about her trainee life and why did she end up becoming an idol. So, now it’s time to see the full story of Sumin before she debuted with STAYC! Sumin was born with the full name Bae Sumin. As you may have realized from the previous sections, she lived with her parents and older sister. Sumin was born and raised in Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. Pohang is far away from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. It is located around 170 miles or 273 km from Seoul. You might be wondering how can someone who lived far away, not to mention that she is the youngest child in the family, could move to Seoul and become a trainee? Well, it all started a long time ago when Sumin was still in her first year of middle school. The staff of one of the K-pop agencies in Seoul, Plan A Entertainment (or known for Play M Entertainment now) saw a photo of Sumin who lived in Pohang. Even though it was quite far, they were willing to see Sumin in person and had an audition for her. Just imagine how stunning her visual is if it made the staff of the agency want to travel and see her right away. After Sumin met the agency staff, she had the audition in a karaoke room. At first, Sumin hadn’t even thought of becoming a K-pop idol. So, she couldn’t think of any song to sing. She wanted to sing the national anthem, but she changed her mind and sang Zia’s song “Let’s Have a Shot”. Sumin’s audition was a great success. She passed the audition and became a trainee of Plan A Entertainment when she was still in middle school. However, Sumin finished her education in Pohang first and didn’t abandon her school just like that. In Plan A Entertainment, Sumin trained to be an idol by learning to dance, sing, act, and also rap. She also participated in a project of the senior artist of her company, Huh Gak, the solo singer. She was in Huh Gak’s MV titled “The Last Night” which was released in February 2018. In 2016, Sumin was a guest star in Victon’s reality show Me&7Men, it was the show that was aired when Victon hadn’t debuted yet. Sumin participated as the invisible girl. Sumin was also going to participate in Produce 48, the survival show of a hundred trainees that ends by debuting a project girl group for three years, as a representative of Play M Entertainment which was formerly known as Plan A. However, for some reason, Sumin didn’t participate. Instead, she left the company that cast her to be a trainee. It seems like Sumin’s journey to becoming an idol wasn’t supposed to be in Plan A Entertainment. Even though she had been a trainee in Plan A Entertainment for three years, she had to leave the company and join another company, High-Up Entertainment, in mid-2018.

STAYC’s Sumin’s Debut

Sumin’s long journey to becoming an idol was quite complicated. She was really young at that time, and had to struggle with a lot of things that happened. Good thing that she was able to endure it. After all, it led her to finally meet the day that she has been waiting for. Sumin finally made a debut with STAYC, the new girl group of High-Up Entertainment. They announced that they will be debuting a new girl group in October 2020, they also released the name of the group, which is STAYC and it stands for Star to a Young Culture, and released some teasers of the member. The group consists of six pretty and talented members who are, Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J. Finally, on November 12th, 2020, Sumin made her debut with STAYC officially after they released the first title track. Let’s see the music video of STAYC’s debut single “So Bad”!

What do you think of the music video as well as the song? Sumin really showed that she was capable of what she’s doing, right? And now, it’s time to see the dance performance of STAYC with their debut song “So Bad”!

What do you think of STAYC’s debut era? The girls look so stunning, not to mention that Sumin who was already pretty before she debuted, looks even more like an angel after she debuted. Who has fallen for her already? Let us know in the comment section!

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