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STAYC’s Yoon’s Profile

Name: Sim Ja Yun (심자윤) Stage Name: Yoon (윤) Nicknames: Baby Tiger, Barbie Doll Birthday: April 14th, 2004 Birthplace: Gwangju, Jeolla-do, South Korea Height: 170 cm (5’9″) Weight: – Zodiac: Aries Chinese Zodiac: Monkey Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Debut: 2020 Occupation: Singer, Idol Agency: HIGH UP Entertainment MBTI: ENFP

STAYC’s Yoon’s Facts

After reading the information pertaining to STAYC’s Yoon’s profile, you have to learn all the interesting facts about her to get closer to her. So, here is all the information about STAYC’s Yoon’s facts:

In her group, STAYC’s Yoon’s representative object is metal. STAYC’s Yoon’s favorite color is yellow. STAYC’s Yoon has an older sister. Among the members, STAYC’s Yoon is the smallest. STAYC’s Yoon’s charming point is her hair. Steamed eggs made by her grandmother is STAYC’s Yoon’s favorite food. BLACKPINK’s Lisa is her role model, while G-FRIEND and Red Velvet are her favorite K-pop girl groups. Playing games is STAYC’s Yoon’s hobby. STAYC’s Yoon’s has a dream which is to collaborate with Little Mix. Belle is STAYC’s Yoon’s favorite Disney Princess. Many people say that STAYC’s Yoon looks like After School’s Jooyeon. On October 15th, 2020, STAYC’s Yoon was introduced as a member of STAYC.

STAYC’s Yoon Pre Debut

STAYC’s Yoon was a trainee of Joy Dance Plug In Academy in Gwangju before her debut. After debuting with STAYC, suddenly Yoon’s pre-debut photos appeared on the Korean online communities. The photos show her stunning visuals that have been flooded with lots of praise by netizens. So, here are the photos! STAYC’s Yoon already had good visuals in her school days, even when she was in elementary school. Netizens were very surprised by her outstanding visuals, as can be seen in the photo above; some netizens even shared their thoughts: “She is already pretty in her elementary graduation photo? If she comes out looking like this, it means she’s really pretty!” – Netizen “Beautiful since birth.” – Netizen Not only that, but Yoon’s visuals look more natural when she is wearing a school uniform while carrying a backpack like in the photo below. When Yoon was young, she looked so pretty and pure as in the photo above. In fact, her fans on Twitter posted that photo and the netizens were quite fascinated by Yoon’s cuteness and stunning face. The photo above is a photo of STAYC’s Isa (left) and Yoon (right) when they were trainees: both of them look so cute!

STAYC’s Yoon’s Focus Fancam

A fancam is a very popular term among K-Pop fans referring to a video most often recorded by themselves (K-Pop fans) or the camera of a music show that focuses on an idol. This phenomenon has not circumvented STAYC’s Yoon, so here are some of Yoon’s focus fancams.

The first Yoon focus fancam above has been uploaded by Inkigayo when STAYC were promoting their debut song “SO BAD”. The video reached more than 700 thousand views on YouTube.

In the video above, we can see STAYC making their first comeback with the single “ASAP”, and Yoon’s focus fancam was uploaded by Inkigayo with more than 300 thousand views.

Meanwhile, the last focus fancam was recorded and uploaded by Yoon’s fans on YouTube and is titled “페어리 러브Fairy Love”.

STAYC’s Yoon’s Controversy

On May 28th, 2021, STAYC’s Yoon and J did a live broadcast on V-Live where they talked to their fans and responded to their questions. During the live broadcast, there was one fan who was an army member and he hoped that STAYC would perform at the military base. The fan said: “I’m an army man and I watch STAYC’s videos at least three times a day. I love you~~~ Come perform for us!” Then J responded that she really wants to perform there, to which Yoon added: “If it weren’t for COVID-19, we might be able to go there. Actually, my father is also an army man.” As a response to Yoon’s statement, many fans reacted with pros and cons. The fans who disagreed responded that the topic was very unethical and had a negative context, moreover STAYC members are still very young. Because of this chaos, Yoon gave a response and explained everything she had said previously. She said: “Not a military show. What we mean is just a regular music show. Don’t worry.” Even though Yoon explained it, there is still a debate about Yoon’s statement. Some fans support her and other STAYC members also gave their comments, such as: “She read the comment by herself and she talked about her father being a military officer. It doesn’t make sense for her to talk about it in a condescending manner.” Well, that’s all about STAYC’s Yoon that you should know. Regarding the controversy, let’s hope that there won’t be other problems involving her name again. Don’t forget to keep in touch with Channel-Korea by following our Twitter account @CKoreaOfficial!

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