The former maknae of 2NE1 has always had a style that is very swag and attracts people’s attention. Minzy, who once had the nickname EroMinzy, looks very fashionable with several collections of her clothes to wear, and she always amazes her fans with her public appearances. Now, let’s look more clearly at Gong Minzy’s style and fashion, and let’s steal her looks!

Airport Fashion

Gong Minzy, who is widely known as the maknae or youngest member of 2NE1, does indeed have an appearance that is always eccentric and attractive. Minzy is always seen in public by wearing swag and chic outfits. In the photo below, Minzy, who wore a black outfit with a casual concept, looked very relaxed when she arrived at the airport. The photo below is also proof that aside from being happy to dress in a casual concept, Minzy also likes to wear a dress when she arrives at the airport. Her ideal body looks very beautiful in this dress with a very simple motif coupled with sunglasses as an accessory. Many people wouldn’t think that a tomboy Minzy can turn into a feminine Minzy. Aside from casual clothes and dresses, Minzy has been seen arriving at the airport in comfortable clothes with a sleeveless top and black trousers. she also wore her favorite accessories, sunglasses with large frames and high heels that make her appearance more beautiful and fresh. What do you think about Minzy’s appearance at the airport? The outfit is very casual and easy to copy, right?

Casual Style

For casual fashion styles, this is one of the modes most often worn by Minzy. As an idol, Minzy is known as a girl group member who prefers a very simple and casual fashion style. She has worn many casual looks that are worth trying. For fashion with a casual concept, Minzy likes to dress in a simple way, but one that does not eliminate her aura as a swag idol. In the picture above, Minzy wears the 80 MeshCrew LongSleeve Tshirt from Stussy that costs $60, and Stan Smith from Adidas that cost $75. Minzy also likes to add cute or feminine accents to her casual outfits. This time, Minzy wears a White Betty Boop Muscle Tee from Forever21 that costs $15, which makes her tomboyish look more fresh and cute. Beside that, Minzy also has another flagship fashion style, like the picture above. She is wearing a New York Hooded Tank from Forever21 that costs $13.80 and Adidas X Jeremy Scott Leather Multicolor shoes that cost $200. This casual outfit is very easy to emulate by adding jogger pants to make this concept more complete.

Girlfriend Look

For girlfriend-look outfits, Minzy seems to still prefer to mix and match from casual and simple clothes that have been her true identity from the first. She is an idol who always looks simple, but always chic with her outfit and fashion style. Her girlfriend look below is very easy to replicate with the addition of the Vintage Quilted Flap Bag (Black) from Chanel that costs $2683.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Jul 28, 2015 at 8:29pm PDT Minzy is also most happy to use a collection of bags that make her girlfriend look stand out. In the picture below, she’s carrying the Black Jacket Bag from Chanel, that costs $3995 and looks very beautiful to an an extra touch to her pink dress that also looks very fancy.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Jul 28, 2015 at 6:32am PDT Who says that rocking the girlfriend look should always mean wearing a dress and making our style very feminine? Minzy added a twist to the mainstream girlfriend look by wearing items with a more casual concept and turning it into a feminine look. Minzy wears the Kandinsky Spt Pants from Obzee, which retail at $283.66, making herself look like your next girlfriend!

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on May 5, 2015 at 7:41pm PDT Minzy also likes to mix and match with t-shirts and skirts. In the picture above, she wears a Red Jungle Tiger T-shirt from Kenzo that costs $107, a Faux Wrap Sleeveless Denim Skirt from DKNY X Opening Ceremony that costs $240, and a Leather Bucket Hat accessory from Stussy that costs $38, making her look a bit tomboyish with casual clothes, but still feminine and beautiful.

Red Carpet

Red carpets are some of the most anticipated events for all fans, especially when they see their favorite idols walking on the red carpet with their best fashion styles. This time, Minzy looks very beautiful and elegant in an all-in-black outfit, wearing the Black Metallic Embroidered Jacket from Obzee that she wore during the NONA9ON 1st Party.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on May 20, 2015 at 5:31am PDT Minzy likes to add additional accessories to support her appearance when walking on the red carpet. She wore a Small Safety Chain Choker from Eddie Borgo that costs $375, which makes her appearance even cooler.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Mar 28, 2015 at 5:05pm PDT On another red carpet, Minzy was back to wearing her favorite black from head to toe style. She wore a Black Shirt from Balmain that cost $3,151, Embroidered Low-Rise Skinny Jeans from Balmain that cost $1,584, and Black Janis Boots from Saint Laurent that cost $1,223 while attending the 2014 Golden Disk Awards. Apparently Minzy still likes the concept of black, casual outfits to harmonize the concepts that are always swag.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Feb 19, 2015 at 4:44pm PST So what do you think of Minzy’s style of dress on the red carpet? Does she look very beautiful in her outfit choice?

Summer Style

For summer looks, there are many fresh outfits with very simple and interesting themes to wear. Besides looking very suitable for summer, Minzy also looks sporty in an outfit that she wore from Adidas Original: the Printed Techno Jacket Jersey that costs $59.81 with floral accents and blue background colors and white edges.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Feb 18, 2015 at 10:56pm PST Apart from that, this sporty outfit suitable for summer is also paired with a Printed Techno Jacket Jersey that costs $32.62, and has the same motif as the previous jacket.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Feb 18, 2015 at 10:58pm PST A pair of shoes also complements this outfit. Minzy is wearing Amberlight Up Sneakerwedge Women’s Shoes that cost $63, and look more sporty and cool for the summer. With a sporty outfit for the summer look, this is great to wear and is a pretty cool idea as one of your dress style recommendations, right?

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Jan 23, 2015 at 6:16pm PST In the picture above, Minzy looks like a master of mix and match fashion style. Have you ever thought that scarf could be one of your ideas for dressing? Well, this scarf is an option for your summer style. Minzy looks sexy with a simple scarf as her summer style outfit by wearing a Printed Bandana Scarf from Saint Laurent that costs $464.

A post shared by MINZY’s FASHION (@mingkki_fashion) on Feb 8, 2015 at 10:26pm PST Summer is also a time when many of us favor clothes with bright colors. Minzy wore a tropical dress for her comeback stage with 2NE1. The maknae who was born on January 18, 1994, wore a Yellow Printed Tank Dress from Versus that cost $695.

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