“Strawberry Moon” is a song from Twice, a 9-member girl group from South Korea. This song is a Japanese song and was released under Warner Music Japan, Twice’s Japanese record label. “Strawberry Moon” was pre-released on April 20th, 2021, and released on May 12th, 2021. The pre-release day was the release of the digital version of “Strawberry Moon,” while the release day was the release of the physical version of this song. “Strawberry Moon” is the only sidetrack from Twice’s eighth Japanese single titled “Kura Kura.” To introduce “Strawberry Moon,” Warner Music Japan released a full version and an instrumental version of this song. You can listen to “Strawberry Moon” by clicking this video below.

The instrumental version of “Strawberry Moon” can be listened to through this video below.

Background of “Strawberry Moon”: The Release Story of “Kura Kura” and “Strawberry Moon”

On March 6th, 2021, Twice first announced that they would release their eighth Japanese single. Through this announcement, the members also told the fans that the next single would be titled “Kura Kura.” On that day, Twice had just finished their second online concert called Twice in Wonderland. The members cooperated with NTT Docomo to hold a concert with AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) technology. At the end of Twice in Wonderland, the members made this announcement about “Kura Kura.” To promote “Kura Kura,” Warner Music Japan released individual video teasers from March 23rd until March 25th. On the next day, they also unveiled individual special content teasers from March 26th until April 4th. On April 19th, a music video teaser for “Kura Kura” was uploaded through their YouTube official channel. The next day (April 20th), “Kura Kura” and its sidetrack “Strawberry Moon” were released digitally. They also uploaded an official music video for “Kura Kura.” On April 23rd, Warner Music Japan released an information video about the physical version of the single. Through this information video, we learned that there would be four physical versions. Those versions were Regular Edition, First Press Limited Edition A and B, and Once Japan Limited Edition. From this video also, we could see that each version had different extra videos in them. Mostly, those extra videos are behind-the-scene videos from when the members did photoshoots or music video shoots. At last, “Kura Kura” and “Strawberry Moon” were released physically in four versions on May 12th, 2021. You can see their Regular Edition album cover here.

Story of “Strawberry Moon”: A Track About Wishing to the Moon With a Strawberry Moonlight

The lyric writer of “Strawberry Moon” was Matsumoto Yuka. The composers and the arrangers of this song were Ciara and Trippy. UTA, who composed and arranged “Kura Kura,” also participated in composing and arranging the instrumental version of “Strawberry Moon.” “Strawberry Moon” is a song about a girl who is wishing to a moon. The girl’s wish is to make someone that she loves love her back truly. She feels that her lover gives her uncertainty because his attitude towards her is so cold, but sometimes, he’s so nice to her. That’s why she feels that he gives her false hope. So, she wishes to a wishing moon with strawberry moonlight to make her wish come true.

“Strawberry Moon” Performance: Performed During the “Kura Kura” Online Event

On June 26th, 2021, Twice performed “Strawberry Moon” once during a “Kura Kura” online event. Because there’s no choreography made for “Strawberry Moon,” the members performed this song by sitting on tall spinning chairs. You can see their performance by clicking this fan-made video below.

“Strawberry Moon” Achievements: 1st Position on the iTunes Philippines Chart

“Strawberry Moon” has become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter for Once. This song has become the 19th trending topic on that social media platform. “Strawberry Moon” has charted on a few song charts. For more details, check the table below for the song’s peak positions on every chart. The instrumental version of “Strawberry Moon” charted on Line Music Top 100 Chart at the 64th position.

Strawberry Moon  2021  by Twice - 70Strawberry Moon  2021  by Twice - 32