His little sister, Hannah Bahng has become the center of attention since she shared a lovely relationship with his brothers, and many people can get to know her better through her social media platforms. In this article, Channel Korea will provide you with information about STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s little sister, so stay tuned!

Meet STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Sister, Hannah Bahng

As one of the most popular K-Pop group members, everything about Bang Chan always hits the spotlight, including the information about his family members. Bang Chan’s family consists of a mother, father, younger sister, and a younger brother. Now, let’s talk about Bang Chan’s only younger sister, Hannah Bahng! On several occasions, Bang Chan talked about his siblings, especially his little sister, Hannah. She was born in February 2004 and is well-known among the STRAY KIDS fandom since she has amazing singing and dancing skill! She is also 7 years younger than Bang Chan since he was born in 1997. Aside from that, Hannah is quite open on social media, where she constantly updates her daily activities on her Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube accounts as well. Hannah Bahng also dreamed of becoming a K-Pop idol just like her older brother, but eventually, she thought that it didn’t suit her. “A long, long time ago, I did want to become an idol, so I don’t want to become an idol anymore. I just think that it doesn’t work for me, you know? I do still want to make or produce music and perform. But instead of it being like an idol, I want to be like Conan Gray basically,” she explained.

Relationship Between Bang Chan and His Sister

Through one of Bang Chan‘s live sessions on the internet, he used to explain that he is quite older than his siblings, so they rarely had a very big fight with his sister or brother, and it was just him likely nagging on his siblings. “Hannah had the role of the eldest [since he got to move to South Korea]. She had to take care of Won, so I felt bad about it. When I could spend time together with them, I would have been able to take care of them even more,” Bang Chan once said. But still, once he got time to meet Hannah or his younger brother, Bang Chan will make it up to them.

He also talked about when he invited Hannah to the STRAY KIDS concert in Los Angeles, and how he was proud of his sister for excelling in her stuff. The moment when Bang Chan with other STRAY KIDS on the stage and then asked, “Is my sister here?” gained a lot of attention, and many fans thought that it was very adorable!

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Sister’s Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Like her older brother, Bang Chan’s little sister also received much attention and rose to fame thanks to her versatile talent, especially in dancing, singing, and even vlogging! Hannah has several social media sites, such as Instagram @hannahhbahng, YouTube hannah bahng, and her TikTok @hannahbahng. She also has uploaded various content such as daily vlogs, music covers, her pictures on vacation, fashion-related content, and many more. Don’t be surprised, but Hannah successfully gained many followers and subscribers on her social media! Aside from that, many people are in love with her personality since she looks pretty charming, cheerful, yet adorable in her way. No wonder many people are attracted to her as well! That’s everything about STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s sister, Hannah Bahng! Overall, their relationship has made everyone jealous, especially how Bang Chan takes care of her very well. We hope to see more interactions between Bang Chan and Hannah in the future! Don’t you also think that Bang Chan’s sister is very adorable? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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