Let’s Learn More About the MBTI of Every Stray Kids Member

Lately, many K-pop fans are curious about the MBTI of each of their favorite K-pop idol. As you may already know, MBTI or the Myers-Briggs Personality Test is a personality test that contains questions about a person’s preferences in four different domains. Stray Kids‘ members also followed the trend and officially took the MBTI test twice. Here are the MBTI types of Stray Kids members in 2019 vs 2022: Let’s see more detailed information of Stray Kids’ MBTI types in the article below!

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan: ENFJ-T (2019) and ENFJ (2022)

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan‘s MBTI is ENFJ-T, which means that he easily communicates with others, especially one-on-one. Just like Bang Chan who is a good leader of Stray Kids and have a lot of idol friends. Bang Chan took the tests twice and both of the results showed that he is ENFJ-T. He’s a consistent guy, isn’t he?

STRAY KIDS’ Lee Know – ESFJ-T (2019) vs ISFP (2022)

Stray Kids’ Lee Know‘s MBTI type is ESFJ-T when he took the test in 2019, in 2022 the result showed that he is an ISFP. Oddly enough, both results have a lot of differences. The ESFJ-T personality type is always happy to support friends and loved ones, organize social gatherings, and do their best to make sure everyone is happy. While ISFP personality type means that he is an adventurer who loves to explore something new. Which type do you think that suit him best?

STRAY KIDS’ Changbin – ENFP-T (2019) and ESFJ (2022)

Stray Kids’ Changbin‘s MBTI type in 2019 was ENFP-T and it changed to ESFP when he took the test in 2022. ENFP-T usually means that he is a creative and sociable kind of person, while ESFP usually are the entertainers. Those facts perfectly describe Stray Kids’ Changbin, right?

STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin: ENTP-T (2019) and INFP (2022)

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin‘s MBTI type was ENTP-T but then changed to INFP-T. People with INFP-T personalities are introverted figures who tend to have a caring nature and like to help others. While ENTPs are known as the debater. You might like: Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Bullying Accusations: Hiatus and Removal from ‘Kingdom’ When talking about Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s personality, he is one of the members who is famous for his charisma but is also shy at the same time. Which type that suits him better in your opinion?

STRAY KIDS’ Han: ISTP-T (2019) and ISTP (2022)

Stray Kids’ Han‘s MBTI type was and still is ISTP-T. Both results showed that he is an ISTP-T, the virtuso. At certain times, an ISTP can appear very quiet and introverted when facing a crisis. However, at those times, they are actually trying to calm down and keep a clear head. They can seem very independent while trying to solve their own problems.

STRAY KIDS’ Felix: ENFP-T (2019) and ESFJ (2022)

In 2019, Stray Kids’ Felix‘s MBTI type was ENFP-T and now it changed to ESFJ. People with the ENFP-T personality have the ability to quickly understand what other people are feeling. While ESFJ the consul means that he is a caring and popular person. No wonder everybody loves Felix!

STRAY KIDS’ Seungmin: ESFJ-A (2019) and ESFJ (2022)

Both in 2019 and 2022, Stray Kids’ Seungmin‘s MBTI type is always ESFJ. People with ESFJ personality type are known as the consul who like to participate in a social community and is always be there to help others. Just like Seungmin, right?

STRAY KIDS’ I.N: ESFJ-T (2019) and ISFJ (2022)

Stray Kids’ I.N‘s MBTI type was ESFJ-T and then it changed to ISFJ. ESFJ-T personality type is both loyal and loving. While ISFJ usually is known as the defender who gives attention to details and is a responsible person. Stray Kids’ I.N was an extrovert person and then he is more of an introvert person now. Well, that is all of the information about the MBTI of Stray Kids’ members and some things you should know about their personalities. Let’s give support to Stray Kids’ members so that their careers can shine even more in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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