Stray Kids is a 4th gen K-pop boy group that made its debut in 2018. Before that, the members appeared in the survival program called Stray Kids which was aired on Mnet in 2017. Being a junior of popular boy groups such as 2PM and GOT7, people were anticipating Stray Kids’ debut, especially after learning they compose their own songs. Each member also has a specialty that makes them special. For now, we will talk about one member who has a specialty in singing. This member is the dandiest member in Stray Kids. He can speak English, is a good MC, and can sing well. He’s the one who filled the Instagram of Stray Kids with his precious, well-taken selfies. It’s Kim Seungmin! Let’s get to know more about Seungmin in the sections below!

Stray Kids’ Seungmin’s Profile

Seungmin is in charge of the main vocals in Stray Kids. Three members in Stray Kids, Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, are known as 3RACHA and are the rappers and composers of Stray Kids. The other three are known as the Danceracha, or the main dancers of Stray Kids. Seungmin is on the vocalists’ line along with I.N. Let’s start to learn about Seungmin with his profile! Full Name: Kim Seungmin Korean Name: 김승민 Chinese Name: 金昇玟 Stage Name: Seungmin Nickname: Daeng Daengie, Kim Seungmo, Real My Day, My Day’s President, Dandy Boy, Seungmin in the Building, etc. Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Education:

Seoul Bongeun Elementary School Bongeun Middle School Seoul Cheongdam High School

Birthdate: September 22, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Position: Main vocalist Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: A MBTI Type: ESFJ Foot size: 260- 265 mm Family: Parents, older sister Debut year with Stray Kids: 2018 Agency: JYP Entertainment Instagram: @realstraykids

Stray Kids’ Seungmin’s Facts

Now we know some basic stuff about Seungmin such as his birthday, nicknames, and even MBTI type. Seungmin, although seemingly quiet, is actually an extrovert. Sometimes, he also does weird things that make people question what he is doing. Indeed, Seungmin is handsome and talented, but there are a lot of interesting facts about him that will make us love him even more. So, wait no more, let’s see the facts about Seungmin from Stray Kids here!

Seungmin is a type of person who strictly follows his plans. Seungmin plays a good MC role in Stray Kids. Seungmin likes when he gets feedback from fans, and he wants to know what he’s lacking so he can fix it. Hyunjin said that when another person is talking, Seungmin listens carefully and tries to get a solution from another point of view. Sometimes when something exciting is happening, Seungmin can’t catch a ball. Seungmin writes in journals consistently even when he was a trainee. Seungmin is the biggest fan of Day6 among celebrities. Seungmin’s favorite member in Day6 is Wonpil. Seungmin has Day6’s official goods. Thanks to Seungmin, there are a lot of My Day, the fandom name of Day6, who became a Stay, the fandom name of Stray Kids, and vice versa. Seungmin eats very well, and he likes Korean food the most. He’s also a big fan of eggs. But, he can’t eat spicy foods. Seungmin likes to take selfies, and he’s good at taking selfies.

Stray Kids’ Seungmin’s Pre-Debut

Before Seungmin was known as one of the members of Stray Kids, he was just an ordinary little boy who came from the capital city, Seoul. Seungmin was born and raised in Seoul. He was born on September 22, 2000, in Gangnam, Seoul, one of the high-class districts in the city. He lived with his parent and an older sister who was born in 1993. As a kid, Seungmin was not just a cute boy like we see in his pre-debut pictures, he already had a skill in singing. No wonder, a friend from his high school, Lee Daehwi, asked him to join an audition for a K-pop company. Yes, it’s that Lee Daehwi that you may know, Daehwi from AB6IX. Seungmin was a student in Cheongdam High School at that time, and Daehwi was his school mate is also one of his closest friends. They went together in every condition, although they weren’t in the same class. Then one day, Daehwi who was a trainee in JYP Entertainment asked Seungmin to join an audition for JYP Entertainment. Daehwi convinced Seungmin to join until he finally wanted to go to the audition.

Due to his amazing vocals, Seungmin passed the audition. However, he couldn’t be in the same agency as his best friend because Daehwi moved to another company. In 2016, Seungmin officially became a trainee in JYP Entertainment. Even without Daehwi, he still managed to get close to other trainees there. In 2017, Seungmin became one of the participants of the survival program Stray Kids. It was a program that later formed a new boy group of JYP Entertainment. All the members were chosen by Bang Chan, the leader, who happened to be Seungmin’s senior in high school. In Stray Kids, Seungmin showed off his singing skills. Let’s see the performances of Seungmin and other Stray Kids members in Stray Kids!

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