Day6 consists of five talented members that are Jae the guitarist, Sungjin the guitarist and leader, Young K the bassist, Wonpil the keyboardist, and Do-woon the drummer who is also the youngest of the group. All four members of Day6, except for Dowoon, are the vocalists of the band. Having four amazing vocalists like that, they divided the line part of each song equally and made their songs to be harmonized with their four different types of voices. In some songs, Do-woon who also takes vocal lessons has participated by singing even though only for one or two lines. Now you can imagine how good Day6 is. No wonder My Day–the name of Day6’s fans–are in love with Day6 and their amazing talents. But wait, members of My Day include not only ordinary people, like me and you, but also celebrities, including idols and public figures. Who are they? Let’s take a look at the details below!

List of Idols Who Are also members of My Day, the Fans of Day6

Knowing the talent of Day6, how good they are at making a good song and how amazing they are when they’re performing the song live, it doesn’t feel weird if they have a lot of fans in Korea as well as overseas. But did you know that some idols admitted that they’re also fans of Day6 even though they don’t know the members of Day6 personally? Come to think of it, idols are also human beings who can idolize anyone they want. So it isn’t weird at all to find out that Day6 members are also idols of our idols. Now you must be curious to know who are the idols who have proclaimed themselves as fans of Day6? Let’s check out the list!

SHINee’s Key

It was in 2017 when for the first time Key of SHINee showed up as a My Day–the name of Day6 fans. More precisely, when Day6 had a project for a whole year titled Every Day6 project where they released a title song and a sidetrack every month. Day6 also held a concert each month on the weekend before they released the song officially. And the member of SHINee shocked the Internet world by his posting on his personal Instagram account. In this post, Key wrote that all of the songs from Day6’s album, Sunrise, were very good. He also added that he said it sincerely and that he didn’t have any friends or acquittances from Day6, a sign that Key is not trying to promote Day6 because of one member that he knows. Instead, Key posted it to show that he actually adores Day6 just like a fan towards their favorite musician.

A post shared by SHINee KEY (@bumkeyk) on Jun 9, 2017 at 4:50pm PDT Later, after Key posted it on Instagram, he then posted another photo of him inside Day6’s monthly Every Day6 concert. He was so lucky to get a chance to take a photo with Day6! Recently, while doing the military service, the mandatory to serve his country, Key still spare his time to attended Day6’s concert when he got a day-off. He attended the concert with a friend of his and, of course, took a picture with his favorite band, Day6. Key didn’t post it on his Instagram account, but his friend did. Let’s check the moment where SHINEE’s Key was a successful fan once again! Are you, Shawols, shocked that your idol is a fan of Day6? Well then, let’s also support the favorite band of SHINee’s Key!

Stray Kids’ Seungmin

It’s not a surprise for Stay, the fandom name of Stray Kids to learn that one of their members is a fan of Day6. Even though Day6 and Stray Kids are in the same label, but it doesn’t mean that they know each other personally since Day6 debuted first while some of the members of Stray Kids hadn’t even joined the company. Especially for Seung-min. He joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee in 2017, and got lucky that the company that he entered is also the same company as Day6, his favorite band. Seung-min is not just a fan of Day6. But he is a hardcore fan of them. Let’s take a look at some moments where Seung-min is not ashamed to fanboy over his favorite band, Day6.

Being one of the number one fans of Day6, Seung-min also got lucky enough to see the cool members of Day6 in the company some time. And he claimed that he always feels nervous whenever he sees Day6. And even though they are both artists under the same company, Seung-min said that he was not brave enough to talk to one of his favorite members of Day6, who is also the person that people have said looks like him, Won-pil. However, Seung-min finally showed us that he was brave enough to ask for a photo with Wonpil of Day6. In an Instagram post after Day6 and Stray Kids had the same broadcast together, Seung-min posted a picture of him and Wonpil from the backstage. In the caption, Seung-min wrote that he mustered the courage to ask for a photo and he finally did it. We knew that just like us, Seung-min must have a trembled heart and body while asking Wonpil to take a picture together and talk to him in person like that. But still, Seung-min indeed is a brave fanboy. Well done, Seung-min! What a successful fan!

Dream Catcher

Can you believe that the pretty girls from a girl group under Have Fun Entertainment, Dream Catcher are also fans of Day6? Well, if you’re a fan of Dream Catcher, you might have predicted it since the girls really like to show up as a My Day sometimes. During a VLive, or an event where Dream Catcher shared a precious moment with fans, they were not shy to admit that they are My Day by singing Day6’s songs proudly and beautifully, also when they had a fangirl moment just like any normal fangirl. Sometimes, Dream Catcher just can’t help their overwhelming love for their favorite band, Day6. Let’s just take a look at how Dream Catcher were My Day members just like all of us! This is when Dream Catcher’s Sua was singing “You Were Beautiful” in a concert. A fan edited this video as if Sua was singing this song with the band. However, Day6 on this video just singing this song live without anyone. But still, let’s just praise Sua who is not the vocal-line of the group but still can sing the song prettily.

Si-yeon also had a time when she was just a normal My Day. During a VLive, she chose a song that all My Day knew, “I Wait,” a song released in January 2017, the opener of Every Day6 project. After changing the pitch of the song, Si-yeon sang “I Wait” as if she has already sung it a hundred times. Besides, her voice is also rocking and amazing!

Not only seriously singing the song, but Dream Catcher also had times when they couldn’t hold their fangirl feelings just like all of us. Let’s take a look at Dream Catcher in My Day mode.

In recent times, Dream Catcher posted a moment when they became a successful fan of Day6. Sua and JiU of Dream Catcher attended Day6’s concert in Seoul. One more successful fan! Congratulations, Sua and JiU!

WekiMeki’s Do-yeon and Yoo-jung

The visual and center of the girl group called WekiMeki are also members of My Day. If you’re a fan of WekiMeki, you must have known this fact since Do-yeon and Yoo-jung really like to share their fangirling moments towards Day6 sometimes. From singing Day6’s songs on VLive to sharing on Instagram or Twitter their favorite Day6 song that is put on their playlist. Once again, even though Do-yeon and Yoo-jung are popular idols, they just can’t hide their excitement when it comes to Day6. Let’s take a look at some moments when Do-yeon and Yoo-jung showed us their identity as My Day!

— D A Y 숫자 6 (@BusanNerdy) September 26, 2017

— D A Y 숫자 6 (@BusanNerdy) September 26, 2017 When Day6 held their Gravity Tour concert in Seoul, a fansite of Do-yeon shared a photo of her in the middle of the concert’s audience. Even though not visible, fans allegedly said that Yoo-jung was also there to support her favorite band. Indeed, it is the happiest moment for My Day to attend a Day6 concert. A moment that will not be missed by both Yoo-jung and Do-yeon!

— Night Fall (@nightfall_1204) August 11, 2019 On June 15th, 2019, Day6 appeared as a guest in an episode of Immortal Song, a broadcast show that also had WekiMeki as part of the guests. In this video, you can take a look at a glance of Do-yeon and Yoo-jung moments where they were so happy to see Day6 up close!

What a successful fan!

Gugudan’s Se-jeong

Just like the fellow ex-I.O.I members, Do-yeon and Yoo-jung, Se-jeong from Gugudan has also declared that she is a My Day as well.

— crumbs (@jypcrumbs) March 27, 2017 In an interview, Se-jeong was asked about a musician that she wants to have a collaboration with and Se-jeong answered that it was Day6. Seemed like Se-jeong really likes “You Were Beautiful” since she wanted to do a collaboration with a concept just like “You Were Beautiful,” which is a break-up song.

She said she really likes how Sungjin delivers the emotion of this part, “I’d been holding on to you for so long”. She also said that she likes the original ver better than rebooted ver 😂 — D A Y 숫자 6 (@BusanNerdy) December 26, 2017 She also has sung some of Day6’s songs on a VLive broadcast. And Se-jeong always proudly shows her My Day side by recommending Day6’s songs whether on a VLive, or in an interview. She also added that Gugudan members also like to listen to Day6 songs.

— D A Y 숫자 6 (@BusanNerdy) December 21, 2017 Looks like Se-jeong has given the My Day virus to all of her members!

MyTeen’s Eun-soo

The former leader of MyTeen, Eun-soo is also a fan of Day6. This MyTeen rapper who can also play the piano likes to share his piano playing with fans. Usually, Eun-soo covers a song on VLive and shows his amazing piano skills. But do you know that Eun-soo really likes to cover Day6 songs? If you want to know how good Eun-soo is when he makes a piano cover of Day6 songs, let’s take a look at these videos where Eun-soo has covered Day6 songs with his piano.

— 은수의 피아노 (@eunsoo_piano) August 30, 2019

— 은수의 피아노 (@eunsoo_piano) February 2, 2019 How is it? Do you like the piano version of Day6 songs that Eun-soo covered? You might be thinking that Eun-soo could be just covering Day6 song and it doesn’t mean that he is a fan. Whoops, to make sure, Eun-soo said it himself that he is a fan of Day6 and was amazed by how amazing Young K is when he writes the lyrics.

— D A Y 숫자 6 (@BusanNerdy) July 5, 2018 As a fan, Eun-soo also shows support and gives love to his favorite band, Day6 by attending their concerts. When Day6 held a concert in Seoul, Gravity World Tour, that was held for three days on 9, 10, and 11 of August 2019, Eun-soo attended the concert and was lucky enough to take a picture with his favorite band, Day6! What a successful My Day!

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