As one of the most popular girl groups from South Korea, Twice, whenever they release songs or albums mostly the sales always show good results and they receive good responses. Especially, with the number of fans they have who are not just from Korea but also from all around the world. Just like one of their songs entitled “Stuck” that was released on April 9th, 2018, through the 5th extended play What Is Love? Let’s find out more information about this song, here. Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Stuck” that has been uploaded on Twice’s Official YouTube Account.

Background of “Stuck”

“Stuck” by Twice was originally planned to be released only for the physical album of Twice’s 5th extended play What Is Love? as the CD-only track on the same day as the EP. But, then this song was released as a digital download on various music platforms on April 30th, 2018. After being released as the sixth and final track of the 5th EP What Is Love?, “Stuck” was also included and released again in the expanded reissue EP titled Summer Nights which was released on July 9th, 2018, by JYP Entertainment and distributed by Iriver. On Summer Nights, “Stuck” was set as the ninth and final track. Here are some of the photo teasers from Twice’s 5th extended play What Is Love? where “Stuck” is included.

The Group Photo Teaser










Story of “Stuck”

Galactika was the one in charge as the songwriter for “Stuck”. While Frants, Valeria Del Prete, and Sean Alexander were the people who did the music. And the arrangers of this song were Frants and Avenue 52. Just like the title “Stuck”, this song expresses the feeling of a woman who is in love without realizing it. No matter how much she acts like she does not care and is uninterested, the feelings keep coming back and distract her. All that she can think about is only him, no one else matters to her. Her mind and her heart are full of him, she is stuck with him. As the songwriter, Galactika wrote the lyrics to “Stuck” from the inspiration of the relationship between Twice and their fans, Once.

MV of “Stuck”

Even though “Stuck” by Twice was released for both the Twice EP What Is Love? and Summer Nights, JYP Entertainment never released an official MV for this song. Here are the lyrics of “Stuck” by Twice from a fan-made video.

“Stuck” Performance

We have prepared some of the live performance videos of “Stuck” by Twice that you can watch. “Stuck” by Twice – Live Stage at a Concert (Twicelights in Seoul)

“Stuck” by Twice – Live Stage

“Stuck” Achievements

Together with the release of the 5th extended play What Is Love?, “Stuck” by Twice that was included in it received positive responses and managed to achieve many things on charts. Here are the details of “Stuck” Achievements: Song Charts Song Charts  

Stuck  2018  by Twice - 23Stuck  2018  by Twice - 46Stuck  2018  by Twice - 32Stuck  2018  by Twice - 94Stuck  2018  by Twice - 64Stuck  2018  by Twice - 29Stuck  2018  by Twice - 62Stuck  2018  by Twice - 14Stuck  2018  by Twice - 78Stuck  2018  by Twice - 96Stuck  2018  by Twice - 80