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Sukumara Kurup wasn’t the name he was given at birth. It was Gopalakrishna Kurup. Born into a middle-class, upper-caste household in Cheriyanad, Kurup was drawn to adventure from an early age. After completing his pre-degree course (the equivalent of today’s Class XII), he joined the Indian Air Force as an airman. But it seemed the work didn’t interest him as he failed to return to his unit after a long leave at home and was thus branded a ‘deserter.’ It was at this juncture that the first shoots of a crooked mind in Kurup began to crop up. By bribing a head-constable in the special branch of the police, he forged a report stating Gopalakrishna Kurup, the ‘airman’, had died and sent it to the IAF to close the ‘deserter’ inquiry. He also bid goodbye to that name when he applied for a passport in order to migrate to the Gulf and took on a new name: Sukumara Pillai. Pillai and Kurup are sub-castes of the Nair community in Kerala. Kurup displayed the same shades of intrepid behaviour when it came to love. He began a relationship with Sarasamma, whose mother was a domestic help at Kurup’s Cheriyanad home, after he saw her at a relative’s home in Mumbai. Their affair grew as Sarasamma joined for a nursing course in Mumbai when Kurup was in the IAF. When his parents got wind of it, they were furious and sent letters to Sarasamma ordering her to end the affair. But Kurup was insistent. Shortly after he left the IAF and prepared to move to Abu Dhabi, he married Sarasamma in a secret ceremony at a temple in Matunga, rebelling against his family’s wishes. The next chapter of his life in Abu Dhabi with the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company was largely seen as peaceful, according to police accounts. The job brought in a steady income and as an extrovert, Kurup was able to quickly cultivate a band of close friends for whom he was ‘Suku’, the darling of the group. Soon, his wife joined him in Abu Dhabi as a nurse at a private hospital. According to DySP Haridas, Kurup found happiness in the company of his friends and wasn’t reluctant to spend lavishly on parties. He earned a great deal of goodwill by helping his friends in moments of crisis, irrespective of how close they were to him. One such friend was Shahu, a native of Chavakkad in Thrissur district, who worked as an office boy in Kurup’s firm and went on to play a significant role in the latter’s future. On vacations to Kerala, Kurup brought suitcases filled with goodies for his friends and family as was common in those days with Gulf Malayalis. Throughout his stay, he would insist on picking up the tab on liquor bills for his friends – a sign of superior social and economic status he seemed to take great pride in. During that time, he bought a plot of land at Ambalapuzha to build a house and purchased an Ambassador for leisure trips. The result of such opulence was a weak bank balance and shoddy financial management. Despite the combined salaries of Kurup and his wife touching Rs 60,000 a month, their savings were depressed. It was around this time that Kurup began to hear strong rumours of companies in the Gulf, including his, planning to shed their existing workforce and hire new workers at lower wages. With his house under construction back home, money was the need of the hour. Kurup’s friends back home were also encouraging him to start a business in Kerala as it would mean no longer being tethered to a fixed salary. What’s the quickest way to get a lot of money? The answer presented itself to Kurup through a story he accidentally read in an English detective magazine one night. To anyone else, it may have sounded outlandish, but for a man who held a daredevil attitude to life, it seemed just right. Sukumara Kurup alias Sukumara Pillai is an Indian fugitive and is one of the most-wanted criminals in the Indian state of Kerala. In 1984, he was accused of murder and faking his own death and tried to deceive authorities and police with a plot to portray Chacko’s dead body as his own dead body, to collect insurance money around ₹8 lakh (US$11,000). Often credited as India’s longest wanted fugitive, Kurup is still missing and untraced since 1984. BIRTHDAY 1946 BIRTH PLACE Cheriyanad , Alappuzha , Kerala COUNTRY India AGE (in 2021) 75 Years Old Sukumara is most-wanted criminal of India who is out of reach of police from many years. He made a big forgery by faking his death. he did this to claim money in lieu of life insurance from the insurance company. He has been absconding since 1984. Police have tried its best to catch him but all the efforts go in vain. The crime branch had suspected that Sukumara Kurup had gone into hiding after undergoing plastic surgery to change the shape of his face. It has been always a challenge for the police to get him in their custody. sukumara kurup son, sukumara kurup wife and son

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Sukumara Kurup, also called Sukumara Pillai, is an Indian outlaw and one of Kerala’s most needy criminals. In 1984, he was charged with manslaughter and faking his own death, and tried to fool specialists and the police by acting like Chacko’s corpse. The reason for existing was to raise protection cash worth $ 11,000. Kurup, widely regarded as India’s most needy criminal, is missing and not found as of 1984. According to Wikipedia, Sukumara Kurup was married to his partner Sarasamma Kurup. Many people also say that his better half played an indispensable role in simulating death, since he kept all the data of his other significant mystery for the media and the public. Sukumara’s better half pardoned Bhaskaran Pillai and others with Kurup, even in absentia in 2018 at a meeting near St Thomas Malankara Syrian Catholic Church in Chengannur. The Kerela police had hoped to see Sukumara Kurup at her son’s wedding performance in 2010. In any case, they were ineffective in their central objective, as they were unable to locate him. It is accepted that Sukumara did not appear upon the arrival of her son’s marriage. The authorities and the police would have preferred not to miss any chance of catching Sukumara. His son’s big day was one of the auspicious ones for his essence. The name of her youngest son is Sunit Pillai, whose wedding occurred in 2010. In addition, her images are effectively accessible on Google and different sites. Sukumara Kurup was absent from the wedding photographs of her son’s wedding performance. Although the wedding ended with the presence of many policemen, Sukumara was not captured because he did not attend his son’s wedding. The justification behind such close security at Sunit’s wedding was a Sukumara clone that was discovered in the mid-2000s by Indian media. Sunit Pillai, Sukumara’s youngest son, married in the presence of his mother and other relatives, but his father was not there to give donations. The Sukumara Kurup family currently lives in Kerela, India, with Sukumara missing in the family. Sukumara had a spouse, hardly any children, and his parents in his family in Kerela, India. Numerous movies and series are available regarding Kurup’s crime. Sukumara’s partner may be facing accusations as their better half is named one of the most needed lawbreakers in the Indian province of Kerela. At this time, authorities are unclear on Kurup’s whereabouts. Also, it is unclear if he is in any condition at this time.

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