Though he hasn’t appeared much on stage and on TV in recent years for his music, he continues to gain popularity after appearing in popular variety shows. He regularly releases music albums and his concerts, especially during the festive year-end period, and he is highly anticipated by fans. In 2019, Sung Si-kyung held his first US Tour concert to greet his ever-loving global fans. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Sung Si-kyung’s US Tour concert. Find out more about the places that he visited and his live performances. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

Sung Si-kyung’s 2019 US Tour

On August 8th, 2019, Sung Si-kyung delivered a special message to his beloved fans. He was scheduled to perform his US Tour in several cities in the United States. Through his label management’s YouTube channel, KPOPME Entertainment, he greeted fans and extended the special message. Although he once visited and performed in the United States with other Korean singers, this would be his first solo US Tour concert. The concert was titled The Song. Sung Si-kyung said that The Song concert was very successful in Korea and he wanted to share the same happiness with global fans. The first city to hold the concert was Chicago, followed by New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and ended in Honolulu. His US Tour concert started on August 27th and lasted till September 8th, 2019. He looked forward to the concerts since he had never visited some of the cities like Honolulu and Seattle.

Sung Si-kyung’s Live Performances

Sung Si-kyung’s The Song US Tour was held in small theaters of 1500 audiences. The theaters gave fans a more personal and intimate level of experiencing Sung Si-kyung’s melancholic voice and sweet music. During the performances, Sung Si-kyung showed that he is an all-around entertainer and singer. Not only he played the acoustic piano while singing, but he also captivated his global fans with his cute and simple dance choreography. During the concert, he sang along with fans and interacted warmly with them.

Sung Si-kyung’s Collaboration with IU

Sung Si-kyung and IU made their second collaboration after almost a decade. In 2010, Sung Si-kyung and IU released a collaboration song titled “It’s You.” This time, Sung Si-kyung released his new digital single, “First Winter” that featured the much-beloved singer IU. The single was released on December 9th, 2019. The song gave a warm and special vibe for Christmas and the end of the year. “First Winter” peaked at No. 1 on Korean music charts immediately after the release. IU expressed her gratitude to Sung Si-kyung through her Instagram account. She has always been a huge fan of Sung Si-kyung. IU wished that she and Sung Si-kyung can continue their collaboration in the next 10 years. Due to the success of their collaboration, Sung Si-kyung also expressed his gratitude to their fans through his Instagram account. He promised to hold a live performance through his account for about an hour. In an interview with Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show, Sung Si-kyung expressed his thoughts about IU. To him, IU is a cool and excellent junior in singing. Regarding his collaboration with IU, he didn’t think about it too often, but he wished to continue collaboration every 10 years. Sung Si-kyung added, “IU is like a girlfriend that I loved and fought with. I don’t want to be with her but I always miss her.” However, according to Sung Si-kyung, he received many complaints from IU’s fans. They criticized him for taking advantage of IU’s popularity and using it for his benefit. He replied, “I do this collaboration because IU wanted to do it. Even though this collaboration was done due to IU’s good virtue, people who said that I did it (the collaboration) because it sells well were really bad.”

Sung Si-kyung in Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show

On May 11th, 2020, Sung Si-kyung appeared as a guest on Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show on KBS Cool FM. On the program, the melancholic ballad singer revealed his latest news on the segment The Detail of My Job. TV personality and radio DJ, Park Myung-soo asked him about his recent activities. Sung Si-kyung said that he usually holds a concert every year on December 5th. However, due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the concert that was held annually for over 9 years must be canceled. Park Myung-soo replied, “Then you must have no income.” Later, Park Myung-soo asked his signature question to every guest: “How much do you earn in a month?” Sung Si-kyung said: “Since we are musicians, we are freelancers. Before appearing on this program, I earned nothing. I don’t receive any monthly rental fees from leasing buildings. Even after appearing in On and Off and The Voice Korea, I have to pay my label company, manager’s salary, and monthly house rental fee. I have minus income. If I have enough money to buy bread it is fine with me.” Sung Si kyung added: “After finishing the US Tour, I drank alcohol and watched TV at home every day.” Sung Si-kyung appeared on Cool FM Radio Show to promote his latest single “And We Go.” He confessed that his latest single didn’t come up on music charts. “I will work harder,” he replied to Park Myung-soo. Finally, Sung Si-kyung said that he plans to hold a concert in the coming fall and he will release a new album before or after the fall concert. That was all the information about Sung Si-kyung and his US Tour, his collaboration with IU, and the latest news. We hope that he will release his album before the end of the year and we hope that it will reach peak positions on music charts. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions about Sung Si-kyung’s US Tour concert in the comment section below!

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