In this article, we are going to discuss in detail Super Junior’s comeback which is certainly no less interesting to share. Super Junior made a comeback in 2020 with the release of their single “2YA2YAO!” which became one of the tracks on their 9th studio album titled Time Slip. Their comeback songs are also being produced by one of the famous rappers in South Korea. Want to find out more about Super Junior’s latest comeback with “2YA2YAO!”? Let’s check out the detailed rundown of the comeback in this article below!

Super Junior’s 9th Korean Studio Album Time Slip

Super Junior officially released their 9th album titled TIME SLIP on January 28th, 2020, at 6 PM South Korean time. This is Super Junior’s repackaged album which is the closing of the TIME trilogy. “2YA2YAO!” which became the main track was also launched at the same time as the latest album. It has only been an hour since the “2YA2YAO!” music video was published, and the 3-minute-29-second video clip has already been watched by more than 490 thousand people on YouTube. “2YA2YAO!” is a song that Zico wrote and composed using hip-hop music. This is a music genre that Super Junior has never tried before. The diverse vocals of each personnel are highlighted in the song so that listeners can feel the pleasant music. Apart from “2YA2YAO!”, the newest songs on this album also include “Ticky Tocky”, “Shadow”, and “Rock Your Body”. While the other 10 are songs that have been released on the TIMELESS mini-album and the TIMELINE special version, such as “The Crown”, “Super Clap”, “I Think I”, “Game”, “Somebody New”, “Skydive”, “Heads Up”, “Stay With Me”, “No Drama”, and “Show”. The release of the Super Junior album caught the attention of their fans ELF. They succeeded in making the hashtag #SUPERJUNIOR_2YA2YAO a trending topic in the world of Twitter. When this news was written, there were recorded more than 175 thousand tweets of netizens welcoming the comeback of one of SM Entertainment’s legendary boy groups. Meanwhile, others also thanked Zico for his hard work to help make good songs for Super Junior’s comeback. “I want to thank Zico, the song is really good. When executed, the result is perfect. The music video is also really cool,” praised some of the fans. Many fans praised the title song “2YA2YAO!” because according to fans, the song with the hip-hop genre and fast beat is suitable for lifting your spirit in the morning. The album, which was released at 6 PM South Korean Time, topped the iTunes charts around the world just hours after its release. Timeless made it to the No. 1 iTunes Top Albums chart in at least 27 different countries as of January 29th, 2020. These countries are Colombia, Singapore, Cyprus, Philippines, Egypt, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Bahrain, Russia, Spain, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Malta, Israel, El Salvador, and the United Arab Emirates. The success achieved by Super Junior does not stop there. It was noted that in the “2YA2YAO!” and Time Slip era, Super Junior managed to reach the highest rank on several weekly charts and also year-end charts, such as the Hong Kong Top Korean Albums (KKBox), the Japanese Albums (Oricon), the Malaysian Top Korean Singles (KKBox), the South Korean Digital Chart (Gaon), the Taiwanese Top Korean Singles (KKBox), the US World Digital Song Sales (Billboard), and many more. Super Junior also won the 2020 34th Golden Disc Award in the Bonsang Album category, and also the 2020 29th Seoul Music Award in the Bonsang Award category during this era. In February 2020, Super Junior held an interview with Sports Seoul after winning the Bonsang at the 29th Seoul Music Awards. They talked about their new song titled “2YA2YAO!” This song is one of the songs from their ninth repackage album, TIMELESS. One of the famous rappers, Zico, is also involved in the making of this song, as a composer. Interestingly, Super Junior were also trying out the hip-hop concept for the first time. “It is very interesting to be able to work with Zico who has been admired a lot for his talent as an artist and has received a lot of love from fans. Many of our fans suggested trying a new genre so I felt it was the right choice for us. I was very happy and nervous,” said Siwon. In addition, Eunhyuk also admitted that Super Junior are also fans of Zico. The existence of a close relationship between seniors and juniors makes them respect each other and makes it easy to build intimacy. 2020 is also the comeback of Kyuhyun as the youngest member after completing his mandatory military service last year. According to the Korean career year calculation system, Super Junior has been promoting for 16 years since November 2005. Lastly, Eunhyuk delivered a message to ELF, “We have been singers for 16 years. When looking back, our journey was not a short time and everything has happened but we still try to be strong and stay grateful to the fans who always accompany us.” The idol who was born in 1986 continued, “I don’t know what to say because I feel very, very grateful. Just like our newest album titled TIMELESS, I hope the time is limitless with ELF.”

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