Kim Heechul has confirmed to be dating TWICE’s Momo in January 2020 and announced the broke up in 2021. Besides Momo, Heechul has never confirmed any of his dating news. But, he is known to have been in a lot of relationships that he kept as secret. Well, if you’re curious about Kim Heechul’s relationship, or if he’s even dated someone in the past, continue scrolling down and check out who has been involved in a dating scandal with Kim Heechul!

Kim Heechul Who Is Still Single After Breaking Up With TWICE’s Momo Shares His Thoughts on Marriage

As of now, Kim Heechul is still single after breaking up with TWICE‘s Momo. On one of the variety shows he was in, he revealed that he doesn’t want to get married yet. On the TV program Where Are You Going, Heechul opened up about his romantic relationship and marriage. “You see, I’m 36 years old. I want to date openly often, and I dream about getting married and settling down,” said Heechul. But, he explained he can’t marry right now because of his most valued asset, his fans. He has to be as careful as possible about them. He has fans who, despite his idol years, have stayed by his side since he debuted. He doesn’t want them to be hurt. That is the reason why he can’t get married soon.

Kim Heechul’s Ex-Girlfriends

Kim Heechul has been in a relationship several times. The only relationship that he confirmed officially was with TWICE’s Momo, while the other relationships were kept as secret. However, Heechul has talked about his past dating life in some reality shows. Let’s check out the details of Heechul’s ex-girlfriends!

Kim Heechul and TWICE’s Momo Ended Their Relationship in 2021

Super Junior member Kim Heechul is confirmed to be in a romantic relationship with TWICE member Momo. This was stated by the label and agency of the two musicians. “We confirm that after the two of them had a senior-junior relationship, they started dating,” wrote a joint statement with Momo’s agency, JYP Entertainment, and Heechul’s label, SJ Label. “The relationship between the two started as ‘close senior and junior’ but now they are a couple,” continued Market News. The report also said that the two started getting to know each other after appearing in the same program in 2017. However, in July 2021, both Heechul and Momo agency released a statement that the two of them have separated. The agency didn’t reveal the reason and said that it was a personal matter of the artists.

Kim Hee-chul Appeared on a Broadcast with His Ex-Girlfriend

In January 2017, Kim Heechul appeared on Channel A’s Singderella, and he revealed that he used to appear on a broadcast with his ex-girlfriend. When the MC was talking about the topic of breakups in a relationship and knowing that Kim Heechul was experienced with relationships, Kim Heechul had to be the first to answer about breaking up with a girlfriend. “I’m not the type to hold back a relationship when the girl initiates a breakup. If she wants to break up, I will just follow her decision since there’s nothing that can be done about it. Bye.” Heechul shared that he ended up being dumped, but he enjoyed the feelings because they represented a new beginning for him. Kim Heechul added, “It will be tiring if we hold up the relationship and are dramatic during the whole process to keep up with a person.” The other guest and MC weren’t surprised by Kim Heechul’s explanation. Later on, Kim Heechul continued talking about dealing with a breakup by saying that when his girlfriend asked him to break up and if he had ever loved her, he answered that he liked her, but he wasn’t sure that he loved her, and that was officially the end of the relationship. “They would always contact me again and say that it would be good to have a date with me,” Kim Heechul said savagely. Many of the viewers weren’t surprised by his statement. Kim Heechul barely knew why he and his girlfriend broke up because he couldn’t keep in good contact with her during his busy schedule, and he knew he got dumped because he couldn’t make time for her. Kim Heechul created the rule for himself that he won’t be interested in any other girl when he is dating someone. That’s why he ended his relationship on good terms even though his savage personality can’t be hidden. But, he explained that he still can work with his ex-girlfriend on good terms whenever they meet at broadcasting stations.

Kim Heechul Refused To Say Who His Ex-Girlfriend Is

Kim Heechul gave a lot of hints about his ex-girlfriend and how he managed his breakup. It was making the other guests, Lee Soo-geun and Kangnam, curious about Kim Heechul’s reaction, and they asked him repeatedly who exactly his ex-girlfriend was that he talked about before. But, once again, Kim Heechul refused to say. In March of 2018, Kim Heechul appeared on KBS’s One Percent Friendship, and he talked a bit about the female idols he’s dated so far.

Kim Heechul Has Dated a lot of Girls

Kim Heechul asked a special guest some questions in one segment of the show and get asked about how many girls that he has dated. Heechul said, “I have dated enough that I would make sure I do not fall behind the others.” This sentence means that Kim Heechul’s dating record is high compared to other celebrities. Meanwhile, the host of the program, MC Ahn, asked Kim Heechul with a little pressure to make him answer straightforwardly, “To be honest, how many famous female celebrities have you ever dated? Just don’t be coy and relaxed, let’s talk about numbers.” This time, Kim Heechul showed his shyness and got embarrassed. “You might think it will be two digits, but it’s actually only one,” he answered shortly. The other MC reacted to Kim Heechul’s answer, guessing, “I see, so it must be a total of 9 women, isn’t it?” The MC still didn’t look satisfied with the answer they received and asked Kim Heechul once more for a detailed answer about his ex-girlfriends, “It is obvious that the girls you have been dating come from a few members of girl groups, right?” Meanwhile, Kim Heechul figured out the best way to stop the curiosity of the hosts and quit being pressured, saying, “I’ve actually dated different celebrities who worked in the entertainment industry and they’re not only coming from girl groups.” Kim Heechul must be a very kind and good person behind his public personality since he seems to like to flirt with many girls and tease them. He loves taking care of and protecting the ones who are close to him like little sisters. Currently, no one seems to know the identity of Kim Heechul’s ex-girlfriend.

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