In 2005, Kyuhyun began to enter the world of music when he participated in the Chin Chin Singing Competition and won third place. Then, he signed a contract under SM Entertainment and appeared in a remade video from TVXQ’s song “Hi Ya Yes” along with other Chin Chin idols. He was then trained to sing and dance under SM Entertainment. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you about Kyuhyun’s appearance on tvN’s program Kang’s Kitchen Season 3. So, don’t skip this article!

Kyuhyun’s Special Pizza Recipe

In the premiere of Kang’s Kitchen Season 3 program, Kyuhyun made a slice of pizza. The pizza with a diameter of 60 cm is for Kang Ho-dong and he gave it the name “Hodong slices of Pizza.” First, Kyuhyun mixed tomato sauce with salt and sugar, then stirred using clean hands and covered with rubber gloves, then moved all the sauce into an empty and clean container. How to make wood-fired oven pizza by Kyuhyun? Prepare a large, wooden plank. Make the dough, but he already prepared the dough beforehand yesterday and it has been fermenting for eight hours. Adds some semolina on the top. Due to its coarseness, it’s easy to remove the dough. He puts plenty of it on the board as well. He shapes the pizza. Stretch the outer parts and press the center to make the dough bigger. He reshapes the dough. Now, it’s time for the topping of his pizza. Margherita is comprised of cheese, tomato sauce, basil and olive oil. For the first topping, he uses mozzarella cheese and makes sure the dough is fully covered. The second topping is tomato sauce made by his recipe. The third topping is basil and olive oil. And now, it’s time to bake. Maintain a temperature of 300 to 400 degrees Celsius. He removes the sides and he adds fresh basil. He pours more olive oil. He sprinkles some Grana Padano.

How Does Kyuhyun’s Pizza Taste?

In Episode July 5, 2019, the program included Kyuhyun surprising the main cast with his sudden appearance in the restaurant. The cast of Kang’s Kitchen includes Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Eun Ji-won from SECHSKIES, Ahn Jae-hyun, Song Mino from WINNER, and Mino Block B from P.O. Kyuhyun kept the news that he joined the show not only from the men, but also his manager and family. The players fully believed that Kyuhyun was abroad at the time for a fan meeting, but he was actually on his way to the city of Gyeongju to see them. He showed the crew the family chat room and said, “My family keeps asking if I’m doing Kang’s Kitchen 2. They ask me, ‘What are you doing today and tomorrow?’ So I lied to them and said I didn’t do Kang’s Kitchen 2. ” Kyuhyun arrived at the restaurant in secret and headed to a pizza oven that had not been seen by the cast. He confidently said, “I will make it starting tomorrow, we can serve Naples pizza 60 centimeters (about 24 inches).” He boasted, “I’m so skilled that a pizza expert guarantees my work. I’m sure no one will be disappointed.” He created a pizza that made production director Na Young-suk praise him about how it tastes like a village dish, and it was revealed that Kyuhyun had been practicing making pizza during his time off. When the players returned to the restaurant, they were surprised to find that it had changed to “Kang Pizza.” They become worried that they have to learn how to make a completely new menu and complain. Meanwhile, Kyuhyun laughed inside. Kyuhyun’s Pizza Popularity Through The Show Kyuhyun made a special pizza. It is a gigantic piece of pizza with a size of up to 60 cm. Therefore, many people can together enjoy the pizza nicknamed Kang Ho Dong. The next day, Kang’s Kitchen was reborn into “Kang’s Pizza” pizzeria when its hall, the kitchen and even the small plates were changed. Kyuhyun went to work early in the morning to practice using the brick oven. He poured ketchup into a bowl and put in some salt and sugar. Kyuhyun pulled out the “tools” to make pizza and made PD Na exclaim, “How big are these cake-making tools!” The male singer cracked everyone up when saying, “This can’t be bought in Korea. You can only buy it in Italy. The head said that.”   That was all the information about Kyuhyun’s appearance on tvN’s program Kang’s Kitchen Season 3. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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