In this Channel-Korea article, you will read the real romance story between these two Korean stars. This could be more than you see watching dramas! Stay reading!

Taeyang and Min Hyorin’s Love Story

Taeyang and Min Hyorin first met in 2014, while they were working on the music video for the BIGBANG song 1AM. during the interview on The List, G-Dragon said he first introduced Min Hyo-rin to Taeyang, saying she was the friend of a friend. Taeyang said he was blown away when he saw Min Hyo-rin acting on “Sunny,” which is why he wanted her to be the model that was in the “bed-scene” clip on the 1AM music video. Min Hyo-rin also appeared in BIGBANG’s Eyes, Nose, Lips music video. Her portrait appeared on a huge billboard in a scene of Taeyang set fire to. Many people started to assume that they really have a special relationship. The couple made their relationship public in 2015. Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin become more open and showed their affection when they walked together around their neighborhood. Dispatch caught some sweet photos of the couple out walking together. Look at below! In the course of their relationship, the couple has been very supportive of each other. Min Hyo-rin was seen attending a BIGBANG concert in the venue’s regular seating, not even in the VIP area. Min Hyo-rin was seen chatting with the other BIGBANG fans who were sitting beside her, and rooting for BIGBANG like any other fans. She was spotted cheering Taeyang on from the regular seats, with an enthusiastic reaction to the idols. It also confirmed by the couple’s agencies that Min Hyo-rin attended BIGBANG’s concert in Sydney, and she made posts on social media cheering her boyfriend on. This is the same sort of things that regular people normally do when they have a special relationship, and Min Hyo-rin is like a queen do this and ignore what some people may think. On August 26th, 2017, Hyo-rin also went to the White Night World Tour concert, and the CEO of YG Entertainment also went along. The concert that was held at the Jamsil Indoor Museum in Seoul. She was seen with a huge smile, rooting for her boyfriend’s concert. Furthermore, Taeyang had a secret romantic gesture to Min Hyo-rin. While they were dating, he sometimes sent her love letters. The letters he wrote expressed his love to Min Hyo-rin. This kind of gesture really sweet, which is no doubt why their relationship has gone so well. Furthermore, the BIGBANG song Eyes, Nose, Lips was dedicated to Min Hyo-rin

Min Hyorin Patiently Waiting For Taeyang in the Military

Min Hyo-rin has been regularly visiting Taeyang in the military every single week, based on Seungri’s explanation. Seungri said in an interview that Taeyang got a special occasion to call after getting an appreciation of good results during his military training. Seungri asked Taeyang to just call his wife rather than him, but Taeyang answered that she comes to visit him regularly. In December 2017,YG Entertainment made a statement announcing that couple would be wed, and they finally married in February the following year. From his Instagram account @youngbae, Taeyang also announced the news, saying: Hello everyone, this is Taeyang. Today, I want to share with you guys about the most important and joyful promise I have made in my life. I have pledged to spend the rest of my life with Min Hyorin, the one who has always stuck by me for the past four years. Through all the good times and the bad times, she has always believed in me, and now I look forward to making a beautiful life together. To all the fans who always treated me as if I was family, to all of my Big Bang members, to all of my YG family, to everyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and meet, I want to say THANK YOU. I will continue to live my life with responsibility and humility. My hope is that you will continue to support us and give your blessings for our future ahead as a couple. A month after they tied the knot on February 3, 2018, Taeyang left to fulfill his obligatory military service. On March 12, 2018, Taeyang left to do basic training for five weeks in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, and then would be positioned somewhere else as a soldier. Their love story is full of love scenes. As they were a newlyweds couple, Min Hyo-rin always made a point of visiting Taeyang every week. Taeyang is also a sweet, romantic person; when he had leave from the military, he took his wife out on a date at a cafe. Hands up to Taeyang!

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