Warner Music Japan released Twice‘s second Japanese studio album with the title &TWICE on November 19, 2019. On February 5, 2020, Warner Music Japan released an edition of the album &TWICE -Repackage- with an additional song titled “Swing.” This song is the title track for the &TWICE repackaged album. Apart from “Swing,” the &TWICE repackaged version and the previous version of &TWICE have the same tracklist. This album contains 11 songs with the song “Swing” as an additional track. The &TWICE repackaged edition was released with 2 physical album versions. The first version is a regular CD edition, and the second version is a limited CD+DVD edition. The limited DVD version contains the music video of “Fake & True,” The Truth Game, the jacket from shooting the movie, and the making of the movie of Twice 1st Arena Tour 2018 “BDZ.” As an additional track and title track for the &TWICE repackaged album, “Swing” has a beautiful melody. This song has a duration of 3 minutes and 22 seconds with a fairly fast beat. Despite having a cheerful-sounding melody, “Swing” is not a song that tells a romantic story.

Background of “Swing”

The “Swing” lyrics were written by a Japanese songwriter, Yuka Matsumoto. The song’s music was composed and arranged by Lee Woo-min “collappsedone” and Justin Reinstein. Lee Woo-min “collapsedone” is a songwriter and composer for JYP Entertainment. He contributes a lot to the songs of JYP Entertainment’s artists. He participated in making Twice’s song “Feel Special,” “I Loved You” and “Better Better” for Day6, and “I am You” for Stray Kids. The “Swing” lyrics written by Yuka Matsumoto tell about a friendzone situation. A friendzone is a relationship between two people with feelings of love or only one who has feelings of love, and the relationship is just like a friendship. This song tells about a woman who feels something special with her male friend. She loves her best friend, but her best friend only sees her as a friend. Although it has a cheerful and bright melody, this song is not a sweet and romantic song.

A Song About the Friendzone

“Swing” is a song that tells about the friendzone. Some of the lyrics written by Yuka Matsumoto tell the contents of the song very clearly. The lyrics are found in the first bridge and the second bridge of this song. The first bridge’s lyrics are sung by Dahyun, Jihyo, Mina, and Nayeon. Oh oh oh oh oh I want to be beautiful, I want you to look at me Oh oh oh oh oh The password is A secret “Like you,” but you’re just a friend And, the second bridge is sung by Dahyun, Sana, Nayeon, and Jihyo. Oh oh oh oh oh You’re so kind, to anyone and everyone Oh oh oh oh oh I’ll end up with my hopes up Just a little, you are just a friend In addition to the lyrics in the bridge section that really reveal the content of the song, “Swing” also has funny lyrics. But, these funny lyrics are something people who are in love often feel. The lyrics are sung by Momo and Tzuyu. I get jealous of a cat, it must be nice to be doted on Oh please (oh) I wanna be, I want to be a cat

TWICE’s &TWICE –Repackage- Information Video

Before the repackaged &TWICE album was released, Twice released an information video about the album. The information video was released on January 19, 2020, on the Twice Japan official YouTube channel. The video contains some information about the album such as the tracklist, album release date, and information about the album version.

Audio of “Swing”

“Swing” has no music video. The audio of “Swing” was released on Twice’s YouTube channel on February 4, 2020. The audio of “Swing” has been listened to more than 1.3 million times and has received more than 61,000 likes.

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