Aside from her beautiful face, she completes her image with a chameleon-like style and makeup concept that can transform her from looking stunning and sexy with smoky eyes to looking pure with a simple makeup change. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about T-ARA’s Jiyeon’s transformation throughout the years. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!


Jiyeon started her entertainment career in modeling, having modeled for a school uniform pictorial with SHINee members. Before debuting with T-ARA, Jiyeon debuted in acting and performed as a high school student in the 2007 comedy drama Hello! Miss. She also appeared in SG Wannabe’s music video “I Love You.” TV viewers admire her beauty and her resemblance with the younger version of the Korean Goddess Kim Tae-hee. In many pre-debut photos, she stood out because of her dominant facial features like high nose bridge, full lips, and big eyes. Her youthful look earned her the chance to debut and train with the other T-ARA members. Before debuting with T-ARA, Jiyeon was a representative of her high school and she took part in the 2008 Smart Model competition. She won the competition and earned the chance to be cast as a Smart Model trainee. Jiyeon collaborated with the female duo Davichi in the making of the digital single “Woman Generation/Everlasting Love.” She gained recognition for her high vocal range and excellent singing talent.


Everyone was curious about one of T-ARa’s members, Jiyeon. Park Ji-yeon or famously known as Jiyeon, debuted with T-ARA in 2007. At the time of her debut, Jiyeon was already making regular appearances as an actress in TV and modeling commercials. During her activities as an actress and model, Jiyeon had already trained with MNet media. She trained with her label management for about three years before finally debuting in 2009. During her debut activities, she often looked pure and innocent with minimalist makeup, cute front-tail hairstyle, and a cheerful smile.


Jiyeon had various activities in her second year. She appeared in various variety programs,  dramas, and even landed her first leading role as Seo-yul in the KBS2 drama Jungle Fish. She looked cute as a teenager with chubby cheeks and a youthful smile. She dyed her hair and started applying mild smoky eyes makeup. Jiyeon received huge criticism for her performance in the KBS Concert 7080 because she looked emotionless and listless during the show.


Starting in 2011, T-ARA explored different outfits and album concepts. When performing in a local stadium in Kyeongju City, Jiyeon and other T-ARA members transformed into cool, stylish, and manly idols. Jiyeon wore a man’s suit and completed the look with a white shirt and a matching bow tie. From the outside, she looked manly but from a closer look, she looked beautiful as usual. During another promotional event, Jiyeon looked impeccably beautiful in a nude dress and she looked dorky-smart with eyeglasses.


On June 30th, 2012, Jiyeon posted a picture of her to her social media. She dyed her hair and transformed into a blonde idol. In the picture, she also applied heavy eyeliner to show smoky cat eye makeup. She captioned: “Keep spirited for this album too. My health also stays spirited.” Her post made her fans worried and curious. A lot of them preferred the previous year’s style.


Core Content Media released teaser pictures for the upcoming TARA single “Number Nine” in September 2013. In the teaser picture, Jiyeon flaunted her abs and toned thigh. She looked incredibly sexy and wild, especially with her pointed stare. Jiyeon cut her hair shorter and added wavy layers in order to get a more active and sexy look.


Jiyeon returned the pure and feminine look in 2014. She simplified her hairstyle and reduced her eye makeup. Aside from looking beautiful as usual, she started showing more of her body. She started feeling comfortable showing her figure. In 2014, Jiyeon started a solo career as her side project. Her debut solo single “1 Minute and 1 Second” was released in May 2014.


In 2015, rumors of her romantic relationship with actor Lee Dong-gun surfaced on the internet. Pictures of the couple on a romantic date or having dinner caught the attention of fans. Lee Dong-gun and Jiyeon collaborated on several dramas and apparently their senior and junior relationship had developed into a romantic relationship. Lee Dong-gun and Jiyeon have an age difference of 13 years and Jiyeon once said that Lee Dong-gun is her ideal man type. Jiyeon preferred a rather fancy and stylish hairstyle in 2015. She chose a longer and wavy hairstyle that made her look like a goddess.


During the promotional event of T-ARA’s 12th mini-album Remember, T-ARA performed for a showcase event in the Yongsan area, Seoul. Jiyeon looked feminine yet stylish in a white shirt and ponytail hairstyle. She can make any man’s heart flutter with her stare.


It seemed that the aging process passes through Jiyeon because she looks youthful and amazing in SBS MTV’s The Show. With long and sleek dark hair and pulled to her back, Jiyeon looked like an idol debutant. The sleeveless mini dress that she wears at the event and the simple fold back hairstyle make her look innocent and pure.


Jiyeon released the teaser for her latest digital single “One Day” through her Twitter account. As usual, she looked beautifully amazing in the white embroidered lace dress. Her eyes captured the attention of everyone and gave fluttering feelings to her fans. “One Day” is a medium tempo ballad about a love story in winter.


Jiyeon was cast to perform in the KBS2TV show Let Me Hear Your Song. The musical drama was broadcast from July 2019. In the drama, she performed the role of a talented violinist that has both talent and looks to achieve success in orchestra music. In 2019, Jiyeon preferred simple makeup that adds up to her youthful look.


T-ARA’s Jiyeon made a brave decision in dying her hair. She looks stunning and resembles a princess character from a Disney story. The multi-colored neon blue color suits her style well and she has perfected the look with a stylish dark suit. That was all the information about T-ARA’s Jiyeon and her continuous image transformations. She is able to show various styles and concepts that suit her occupation as a singer, actress, model, and YouTuber. All the best luck to Jiyeon and her imminent comeback!

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