DPR’s Ian and CL are idols from South Korea who are famous for their strong and charismatic aura. They have a long career journey before as K-Pop idols. Did you know DPR’s Ian and CL were involved in dating rumors? Find out more about the answer and their relationship in this article below!

DPR’s Ian And CL Aren’t Dating Each Other

At the end of 2020, many fans were surprised by the new updates provided by DPR’s Ian and CL. The two of them even often share selcas and held live streaming together to interact with the fans. DPR’s Ian and CL are seen so close to each other, so many fans are wondering are they dating privately? If you are curious about DPR’s Ian and CL’s relationship, the answer is no, they are not dating each other. Some of the moments that was shared was a hint that they will collaborate on a comeback project that will be released in early 2021. Until now, DPR’s Ian and CL have never confirmed that they are dating each other.

DPR’s Ian And CL Worked Together For Their Comeback

On December 11, 2020, DPR’s Ian announced the release of his new music on Instagram. Ian posted a photo and tagged CL, confirming their collaboration. DPR Ian also uploaded various photos showing the location of the music video shooting, where he was seen working with CL. Many fans are excited to hear the news of CL’s new music project. After giving a little sneak peak on their social media, DPR’s Ian and CL finally held a comeback while realized new singles and music videos on 2021. Some fans were surprised by the closeness of the two of them, not only as co-workers, but their chemistry as seen through both appearance in music videos is also really awesome!

DPR’s Ian Appeared On CL’s “5 STAR” Music Video

CL finally made a solo comeback by releasing two singles at once with “HWA” and “5 STAR” on October 29, 2020 after a long wait by fans. If previously it was only a visual version, CL has released the music video for “5 STAR” with DPR IAN as the model. On June 11, 2020, CL released the music video for “5 STAR” through her official Youtube channel. In the music video, CL appears intimate with DPR IAN who acts as her lover. They are described as having a colorful and romantic love affair. Like the world only belongs to the two of them.

The lyrics of “5 STAR” express the feelings of the lovers which is very deep and never-ending, which you can feel perfection when you are with your lover. “5 STAR” was arranged by Darnell Got It, Ton, Mutungi, Suburban Plaza, and Dave Hamelin and features CL’s unique timbre. Meanwhile, Epik High’s Tablo, Koko LaRoo, Jean Baptiste Kouame, Suburban Plaza, and CL herself participated in writing the lyrics.

CL Appeared On DPR’s Ian’s “So Beautiful” Music Video

DPR IAN shocked the fans by releasing the music video for his latest single, “So Beautiful”. After several years of Ian’s career as a director, this former member of the boy group C-Clown has finally returned to the world of singing. In this new single, apart from being a singer, Ian also continues to act as a director, music producer and editor in making this music video.

This music video is very interesting and fans can listen to the melodious voice of Christian Yu. The catchy music, dark nuances that dominate the music video is a sexy mix with a cinematic and aesthetic style of the video. Under the auspices of the Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) label, Ian is the person responsible for directing all music video artists under this label, including DPR LIVE. The music video for “So Beautiful” is also special because it features CL, a former member of the girl group 2NE1 as a cameo. The fans were also excited by the appearance of CL as a cameo because as previously known, DPR LIVE had uploaded a photo with CL which leaked their collaboration.

DPR’s Ian And CL Performed At The ‘Head In The Clouds 2021’

‘Head In The Clouds 2021’ was held on November 6-7, 2021 California time, United States. Opening her performance, CL sang “The Baddest Female” which was released in 2013. The more heating up the stage, the musician born on February 26, 1991 brought “Doctor Pepper” and “MTBD”.

“It’s amazing to be back on stage. I feel grateful,” she said before performing “I’m Done With You” and taking flower bouquets from fans. After performing “5 Star”, CL was accompanied by DPR’s LIVE and DPR’s IAN to perform “No Blueberries”. The song was released in early 2021, which is a collaboration of the three.

CL’s appearance was more energetic by bringing “Tie A Cherry” from her new album, ‘ALPHA’. This is her first solo album and a new chapter in the Queen of K-Pop’s musical journey. The audience was even more excited when CL continued her performance with “Hello Bitches”.

Fans Commented About DPR’s Ian And CL’s Relationship

DPR’s Ian and CL have never clarified anything about their relationship, but they are still professional with each other when it comes to working. Both of these idols who used to be promoted as a member of 2NE1 and C-Clown, show off their talent and chemistry through their new projects in 2021. These two idols are working with their best and being a great partner with each other. You might say that DPR’s Ian and CL’s collaboration is one of the great comebacks, because their work is filled with artistic concepts that fans can enjoy.

— ‎ (੭•̀ᴗ•̀)੭ (@dprdreams) November 6, 2020 Not only DPR’s Ian and CL’s fans are very hyped about their comebacks, but they really radiates a couple vibes through behind the scene pictures that have been shared. DPR’s Ian and CL were not shy or nervous when they had to act like a lovers in front of camera. Look at how sweet they are in these pictures! Fans who are very enthusiastic about their comeback give a whole support for them and wait patiently for their new singles. Through their first appearance through ‘Head In The Clouds 2021’, fans also highlighted their chemistry and charisma on the stage.

— s q u o r r e l (@cowswithwigs) November 7, 2021 Many fans are highlighted DPR’s Ian and CL’s performance that they can witnessed on stage by saying , “CL AND DPR IAN FLIRTING ON STAGE WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN IAN…”, “CL & DPR IAN’S CHEMISTRY ❤️🔥” and more. What do you think about DPR’s Ian and CL’s relationship? Well, that was all for the information about DPR’s Ian and CL’s relationship that you should know. They seem close to each other, but they are just being professional with work and never date each other. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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