Taeyong has an anime character and style, making him easily get spotlight. He’s often said to resemble Jack Frost. Do you agree, guys? In this Channel-Korea article, you can find out more about Taeyong birthday parties! Keep scrolling!


The face of NCT, Taeyong, was born in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, July 1, 1995. He hit 24 years old in 2019. Young and active Taeyong! Birthday celebrations are something that are only rarely done by some artists, since they might have a tight schedule because of their career. In some cases, Taeyong has celebrated his birthday several times. Check out his beautiful birthday situation down below! On his 20th birthday celebration, Taeyong was still training as a pre-debut member of SM Rookies. He smiled and seemed a bit shy and baby-faced looking. Look at his cute expression while he’s holding his birthday cake. On his birthday celebration in 2017, all the NCT members together celebrated Taeyong’s birthday for the first time, after one year together as members of NCT. The NCT members played paper roll message to give some words to Taeyong. Here’s a translation from Aminoapps of each member’s message to our cute leader, Taeyong. Mark: Leader bro~ The hidden fun person in NCT. I know everything ㅋㅋㅋ Although I don’t express it but I learn a lot from watching you. Don’t fall sick and let’s play on stage healthyly. Stay strong my bro. Yuta: Taeyong, I always said this to you but please stay healthy. If you are in pain I will be upset. Doyoung: Taeyeong, we will be close friends in 10 years time. Even now, I think we are close. Whenever you had worries or thoughts, you were willing to share them with me and I’m grateful for it. And thank you for allowing me to think through of it together with you. Being the leader, it must have tough and I want to tell you that I am rooting for you. I will continue to work just as hard to grow our bond as a leader and a teammate too. Jaehyun: Our cutie.. You know that I treasure you the most right? I will say this once more if you are in pain, my heart will be in pain too. Let’s go and eat samgyetang together next time. Johnny: He looks strong, like a person with a few words and appears like he doesn’t care about what others thought of him but he is actually someone who does everything for the team. He is our cutie Taeyongie. People always think what kind of person is the leader and interprets it differently but when I look at you, you know very well what kind of leader you want to be and it is very cook of you. When I think of walking down that path together with you, it makes me filled with anticipation and fluttery. Fighting to our cute leader and I love you. Haechan: Don’t fall sick, stay confident and I love you a lot. Winwin: Our leader our handsome leader. Thank you for always cheering me on. I always thankful to you. If you are not around I don’t know what to do. I love you brother! Taeil: I really like your sharp features. Your eyes, nose, lips. No, I love everything about you. Now, see Taeyeong’s response to his members rolling papers, Taeyeong to Mark: Mark, our Mark. In no time you are becoming an adult next year. Time passed by so fast just by looking at you. Mark..Now I should no longer treat like a baby, because you already mature and cool. Taeyong to Yuta: Yukkuri my friend, I like you. Please watch over me I will learn Japanese more and be your strength. When we went to Japan it was stressful because all of us could not speak in Japanese wasn’t it? Fighting to all of us. Taeyong to Haechan You are a smart one when it comes to playing jokes. I will continue show you all my good sides. After this ends lets play a round Overwatch. Taeyong to Doyoung Close friend Dongie(?) NCT’s brain! The one who enjoys on his own and also carries lots of thoughts! Have strength. I feel at ease having someone as smart as you around. I am always thankful to you and lets go to the end together! Taeyong to Johnny Our Johnny who is always confident and is a long time friend of mine, for always understanding me as a friend, thank you. Even if 10 years, 20 years passes by I hope we could stay together as good friends just like now. Taeyong to Jaehyun Zaixuan (Jaehyun’s Chinese name) Hyung was always nearby since trainee days. I thought I know you really well but sometimes when I look at you I realized I couldn’t take care of you and it felt like I didn’t know you well and so the thoughts of being close to you turned into poison. I will try to be someone that can understand you well. Looking at the strong you makes me gain strength. Taeyong to Winwin Dong Sasong (Winwin’s Korean name) Actually the real maknae of NCT but is a smart and desirable genius. It has been tough lately but for always taking care of me, I’m satisfied. Let’s do our best till the end. I love you. Taeyong to Taeil Hi Taeil, it’s me. you should know who it is. It’s your younger brother. The eldest hyung that always carries subtle and gentle thoughts, please continue to  take care of us. Heart, I love you. Taeyong NCT also celebrated his birthday in Japan, He did a V Live to say thank you to his fans for celebrating his birthday. Taeyong said, “It may be a little early (for streaming), but please understand that this might be the only time I will be able to take to V Live.” He uses his spare time when doing his entertainment job in Japan to speak with his fans. During his video live, he showed tiny frogs the size of a fingernail,l while he was strolling around in road. “I just like being outside and it’s drizzling. This is so nice, so beautiful. I want to live someplace like this,” said Taeyong. Taeyong brought a red envelope to show to his fans, and said he would write a response letter to thank them on his birthday. “I honestly was surprised at what you’ve done for me. Even my mom sent me something … the TV commercial and all those … I didn’t get to see it all myself but saw from pictures and I thought just doing V Live won’t be enough,” he said, with grateful eyes.

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