Did you guys notice the innocent-looking role of one of the soldiers in Crash Landing on You? Well, he is Tang Joon-sang! Maybe his appearance has not been widely noticed by the audience, but several K-Dramas currently starring him have actually made his name more popular. Without waiting any longer, let’s learn more about Tang Joon-sang’s full profile, fun facts, filmography, and latest news, in this article below.

Tang Joon-sang’s Profile

Real Name: Tang Joon-sang (Hangul: 탕준상) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, August 13th, 2003 Star Sign: Leo Height: 170 cm Blood Type: O Family Members: Parents Education:

Seoul Dongho Elementary School (Graduation) Jangchung Middle School (Graduation) High School Graduation Proficiency Test (Pass) Chung-Ang University College of Arts (Faculty of Performing Arts, Theater Major) (To be admitted)

Official Site: Instagram (@t_js0813)

Tang Joon-sang Fun Facts

Tang Joon-sang’s Filmography

Tang Joon-sang was originally popular because of his appearance in musicals and theater. After he was recognized as an actor, there are many K-Dramas starring Tang Joon-sang and his name even became more popular than before. Let’s find out more about Tang Joon-sang’s filmography in the section below. Movies K-Dramas Web Series Musicals Theater Have you ever watched Tang Joon-sang’s appearance in these movies, musicals, or dramas? If not, then you must at least be familiar with his role in some popular K-Dramas that made his talent as an actor more famous. Don’t skip any of the sections below about his popular K-Drama appearances.

Tang Joon-sang in Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You that was aired in 2019–2020 reunited Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin and also catapulted a number of new names among Korean artists. This drama, which tells the story of the romance of a couple from different countries of the same family, North Korea and South Korea, made Tang Joon-sang’s name be recognized. Tang Joon-sang is a young actor who was only 16 years old at the time of filming Crash Landing on You. In the drama, Tang Joon-sang played the character of Geum Eun-dong, a teenage soldier who became Captain Ri Jeong-hyuk’s youngest subordinate who was played by Hyun Bin.

Tang Joon-sang in Move to Heaven

Actor Tang Joon-sang got a challenging role in his latest Korean drama, Move to Heaven. He plays the role of Han Gu-ru, a figure who has Asperger’s syndrome. For your information, people who have Asperger’s syndrome have difficulty communicating and interacting with other people despite having intelligent brains. Han Gu-ru’s character, for example, likes fish–especially rays–and knows many species names and characteristics of these animals. “I’m not good at studying other things, but it’s actually quite easy to memorize the lines,” said Tang Joon-sang, at an online press conference hosted by Netflix that was held on May 12th, 2021. When the MC teased that he must be a genius, Tang Joon-sang denied it, saying this was only the result of his training. Hearing Tang Joon-sang being humble, his co-star, actor Lee Je-hoon, immediately joined in. He said the dialogue that Tang Joon-sang rationed was very long and complicated. “His dialogue is really difficult. For me, I don’t think I can do it. When I saw Tang Joon-sang do it, I was amazed,” said the actor who previously appeared in Signal, while Tang Joon-sang bowed shyly. Praise was also given by the director of this drama, Kim Sung-ho. “He’s a genius, he’s a genius actor. [The scene] when he talks about stingrays, is often taken in just one take,” said the director. Lee Je-hoon also gave high praise for Tang Joon-sang’s acting after working together in the Netflix series Move to Heaven. He even wants to keep in touch with the 17-year-old actor for a long time. Lee Je-hoon said, “Our age difference is 19 years. Since we have a generation gap, at first I wondered how we would deal with it. I was worried for Tang Joon-sang, that I might be difficult to approach as a senior.” He continued, “But he treats me so comfortably that I forget my age and we get along like brothers. That’s why I think Cho Sang-gu and Han Geu-ru (their characters) have great chemistry.” Lastly, Lee Je-hoon praised Tang Joon-sang’s capable acting skills despite his very young age. “Although Han Geu-ru is a character that is difficult to describe, Tang Joon-sang researched a lot, worked hard, and performed very well,” he explained. “I believe that because he did so well, Cho Sang-gu also attracted attention, and Move to Heaven could receive so much love,” Lee Je-hoon concluded. Meanwhile, Move to Heaven has received a lot of praise from viewers around the world since its Netflix release on May 14th, 2021. Viewers find the storyline of this drama very good and it feels more interesting thanks to the acting skills of the cast.

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