One of the members named Eunchan also stole the spotlight due to his amazing charisma. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about TEMPEST’s Eunchan, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of TEMPEST’s Eunchan

Birth Name: Choi Byeong-seop (최병섭) Stage Name: Eunchan (은찬) Birth: Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, February 27, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 187 cm Weight: N/A Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean Position in TEMPEST: Sub-Vocalist Occupation: Singer Years Active: 2022 – present Label: Yuehua Entertainment Associated With: TEMPEST

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Eunchan attended Hanlim Multi Arts School in the Fashion Modeling Department. His family consists of a mother, father, older brother, and himself. Eunchan loves to play sports and draw. His MBTI personality type is ESTJ. Eunchan’s keyword is “CLASSIC.” Eunchan was the sixth member to be revealed by Yuehua Entertainment.

Get To Know TEMPEST’s Eunchan’s Ideal Type Here

Since TEMPEST is one of the latest boy groups that just made its debut in early 2022, many people have been curious about each member, including Eunchan. One of the main topics that they want to know is TEMPEST’s Eunchan’s ideal type when it comes to a partner for a romantic relationship! However, Eunchan hasn’t revealed anything yet regarding that matter. He and the other TEMPEST members are focusing very hard on the group’s debut. We will just have to wait until Eunchan talks about his ideal type publicly!

Eunchan’s Past Activities

Before Eunchan got to debut as a TEMPEST member, he started his journey as a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment. Ever since a young age, Eunchan had been practicing very hard to prepare for his debut. All of his hard work has paid off since Eunchan got the chance to debut at a young age. Eunchan was also the sixth member to be revealed for the group’s debut line.

Eunchan’s Debut With TEMPEST

TEMPEST is a seven-member boy group that just debuted on March 2, 2022, by releasing the group’s first EP titled It’s Me, It’s We. The EP consists of 5 tracks with “Bad News” serving as the title track and coming with a music video. TEMPEST is managed under Yuehua Entertainment, the home for various K-pop artists such as Everglow, WOODZ, and even Choi Ye-na as well. In the group, Eunchan is a vocalist. TEMPEST emphasizes hip-hop and K-pop as the group’s music genres, especially through the single “Bad News.” The debut song of TEMPEST describes the aspirations of the group, and the members portrayed a powerful performance within it. In addition, the song also expresses each members’ charms which is something impressive for the group’s first debut project!

Watch the Fancam Performances of TEMPEST’s Eunchan

Get ready to fall for TEMPEST’s Eunchan while watching his performances here:

Something attractive that always stands out on TEMPEST’s Eunchan is his outfits. This time, he looks very captivating with the formal yet colorful look in a blazer and yellow wide pants. As amazing as ever, Eunchan’s dance and vocals always harmonize very well!

In another “Bad News” performance with the other TEMPEST members, Eunchan looks as gorgeous as ever. Dressed in a long blazer and white shirt, his style is always eye-catching. The way his body moves while following the music and his stable vocals on the stage can’t be doubted!

Even during the dance practice, Eunchan is always performing his best performance. He looks quite different compared to his appearance on the stage because we can see Eunchan with his casual fashion during the dance practice session! That’s everything about one of TEMPEST’s members, Eunchan! Although he and his fellow members just made their debut in early 2022, their performances and music quality cannot be doubted. If you haven’t listened to their music, go check out the “Bad News” music video! What do you guys think about TEMPEST’s Eunchan? Leave a comment regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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