Everything You Need To Know About Tempest’s Hwarang!

If you’re a fan of 4th gen K-pop groups, then you’ve probably familiarized yourself with Everglow. Following the success of Everglow, Yuehua Entertainment decided to make another group debut. That new group is named Tempest (officially written as TEMPEST). Tempest just debuted recently on March 2, 2022. There are seven members of Tempest, and one of them is named Hwarang. You may have heard of the word “Hwarang” from the 2016 drama titled Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. So, did Hwarang really get his stage name from that drama? If you are really curious about the origin of his stage name, then this article is perfect for you! Keep scrolling through this article until the end, and you’ll find many interesting stories about Hwarang including his profile, facts, and stage name origin.

Tempest’s Hwarang’s Full Profile

Real Name: Song Jae-won (송재원) Stage Name: Hwarang (화랑) Birth: Gyeonggi, South Korea, April 23, 2001 Height: 179 cm (5 ft, 10.5 in) Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs) Blood Type: A Position in the Group: Main Rapper, Dancer Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram: @tpst_official

Tempest’s Hwarang’s Fun Facts

Tempest’s Hwarang’s Pre-Debut Story

Hwarang first gained public recognition when he joined MBC’s survival program called Under Nineteen with 56 other participants. Under the name Song Jae-won, he participated in the show in 2018 as a part of the Performance Team. Actually, the purpose of the survival show was to find candidates who have the best skills for a new group called 1THE9.

On that show, Hwarang was known as a participant with wonderful talent in dancing. Since his first performance on November 2, 2018, Hwarang never stopped impressing people with his dance skills. Although his dance skills were superb, Hwarang could not make reach the top, and he could not put himself in the 1THE9 lineup. He was eliminated in episode 12 after placing 11th in the Performance Team and 32nd overall. After being eliminated from Under Nineteen, Hwarang joined a company to receive proper dancing and singing practice. He then joined DSP Media and was introduced as a member of a pre-debut group called DSP N, mostly known as MIRAE. After being introduced as one of the pre-debut members, Hwarang didn’t get any information about when the group would make its debut. Because of that, Hwarang left the pre-debut group in 2020. Hwarang was then featured in KARD’s ”Enemy” MV. In that MV, Hwarang’s role was as a backup dancer for KARD. Following his departure from DSP Media, Hwarang joined Yuehua Entertainment as a trainee. When he was training, he often made dance covers with his fellow trainees (other Tempest members). The trainees usually covered songs from other groups, especially from Seventeen and NCT 127. Their cover videos gained critical acclaim from the public, and many people believed that Hwarang and the other members could make their official debut soon. We can safely say that the pre-debut popularity gained by Tempest was mainly because they often made covers of well-known groups.

Hwarang’s Debut Sith Tempest Through the Lead Song “Bad News”

After training for several months, Song Jae-won and the other trainees were ready enough to make their official debut. Yuehua Entertainment decided to introduce them one by one by releasing teasers and posters of the members. To prepare for his official debut, Jae-won chose to not use his birth name as his stage name. He then tried to find another name that could be remembered easily by his future fans. Jae-won decided to debut with the name “Hwarang.” The word hwarang itself means the youth who is as beautiful as a flower. Hwarang was also the name of elite troops who served the Silla Dynasty in the 6th century. In that century, the troops were intelligent and respectful. The Silla Dynasty theme was also the main theme for the 2016 drama. Probably, that’s the reason why Jae-won adopted the word to become his stage name. He wanted to be known by his fans as someone who has intelligence and good behavior. His stage name was later used for his introduction and his teaser. As written before, Hwarang was revealed by Yuehua Entertainment on January 3, 2022, as the third Tempest member. The company also uploaded Hwarang’s debut teaser on January 18.

Tempest originally scheduled their debut date for February 21, 2022. However, the debut date was postponed because all seven members were Covid-19 positive. The debut date was then changed to March 2, 2022. Tempest debuted with an extended play (EP) album titled It’s Me, It’s We. The EP album features one single titled “Bad News.” That’s all about Tempest’s Hwarang including his profile, facts, and pre-debut story! If your friends are also curious about him, just share this article with them! Don’t forget to support Hwarang and other Tempest members. Also, check out other information about other K-pop idols at Channel-Korea.

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