“The Best Thing I Ever Did” is the first song from Twice’s fourth reissue album and their third special album called The Year of “Yes.” This reissue album was released on December 12, 2018, in South Korea, and consists of 9 song tracks. “The Best Thing I Ever Did” was also released as a single with the album release. You can see the music video here.

The teaser for “The Best Thing I Ever Did” was released twice; you can see those teasers here.

The music video preview and the song track preview can be seen here.

They also released a jacket video. You can see the jacket video here.

Background of “The Best Thing I Ever Did”

The agency of Twice, JYP Entertainment, confirmed on October 11, 2018, that Twice would release their special album by the end of 2018. The agency also told Once that this album was specially made for Once who had supported them until that time. Before all of these teasers and previews above were released, they released their group and personal teaser photos, and those were released first on December 3, 2018. Not all of the member teaser photos were released on that day, though. Only Nayeon’s, Jeongyeon’s, and Momo’s teaser photos were released on that day. The rest of the six members had their teaser photos released after December 3, and by December 7, all of the members had their teaser photos released. Finally, the group teaser photo was released on December 10, and this is their teaser photo. The teaser for “The Best Thing I Ever Did” was released twice, there was “Teaser Once” and “Teaser Twice.” Those teasers were released on December 7, 2018, and December 8, 2018, consecutively. The day after “Teaser Twice” was released, they released the music video preview that was less than one minute. There was also a new preview of the song track, and it was released the day after the music video preview, which was on December 10, 2018. There was also a jacket video that was released on December 12, 2018, and it contained every Twice members’ personal interview about the song their hopes for their fans and fellow members.

Story of “The Best Thing I Ever Did”

This song was composed by Park Jinyoung, Park Jimin, Sophia, Collapsedone, Justin Reinstein, and the composer group called Full8loom. Park Jinyoung, Park Jimin (Jamie), and Jinri from Full8loom also helped with the lyrics of this song. The arranger of this song was Pak Jinyong and Lee Haesol. This song is about enjoying holiday moments in December (but it’s not related to Christmas directly). If you see the lyrics at a glance, maybe you can say that this song is about having a romantic relationship with someone, remembering about someone in December, and enjoying moments together. But, for Once (Twice’s fans), this song is more about a simple romantic relationship; it could be addressed to Once or to the members of Twice.

MV of “The Best Thing I Ever Did”

The music video of “The Best Thing I Ever Did” was released when the album was released, which was on December 12. Twice’s members visited Mongolia to shoot the music video. The music video tells the story in reverse order from the end to the beginning. At the end of the music video, it shows them (Twice’s members) meeting for the first time, and at the middle of it, they created memories with each other until they couldn’t meet each other anymore. At the beginning, there’s a ticket-buying scene, and the tickets are the tickets to go to their last meeting.

“The Best Thing I Ever Did” Performance

This song was not promoted on K-pop music programs, but they often performed this song at their concerts and their fan events. They performed this song with no tight choreography, and they often performed this song by holding hands with fellow members while saying their messages and impressions to Once. You can see their performance by clicking the fan-made video here.

“The Best Thing I Ever Did” Achievements

This song achieved many awards, especially South Korean music awards and Japanese music awards. You can see the table below for the song’s achievements.

The Best Thing I Ever Did  2018  by Twice - 60