Their body types bring into the curiosity that many assume they have ideal body figures. Now on this Channel-Korea let’s read about aespa body type details! Stay tuned!

aespa’s Karina Body Types: Stunning Hour Glass and Dramatic Classic

aespa’s Karina almost has a perfect hourglass figure. Karina has dramatic classic body types. Her body appearance is significantly similar to her virtual avatar. Karina has become viral since her first debut due to her figure. She has a long vertical line with a strong shoulder. Karina also has long legs and a perfect torso. Karina’s features in quite symmetrical, including their waist, hips, and torso. She defines magical classic Korean beauty. It’s undoubtedly the reason why she was ulzzang (the person who is popular because of beauty in South Korea).

aespa’s Winter Body Types: Moderate Classic and Soft

Winter more likely has sharp features and soft lines on her facial features. This concludes that Winter has a moderate classic and soft body figure. Winter appearance when debut is quite mystical; her beauty radiates her uniqueness and coolness. Winter has feminine features with middle height. Her bone structure is quite balanced and complements her body figure.

aespa’s Giselle Body Types: Musculature Figure and Natural Proportion

aespa’s Giselle has a strong musculature figure, but her line width is more proportionate. Giselle has a longer side of limbs with moderate height, which showed natural proportion. She has full hips with an apple body figure. She looks sharper and has a more straight body type. This is also a beautiful body type.

aespa’s Ning Ning Body Types: Curvy and Rounded Features (Soft Natural)

Ningning has a smaller waist and narrow hips. However, this made her body curvy and rounded natural features. She is also could define as an inverted triangle body type. Her face is a more rounded and natural face. Judging from her appearance, Ningning has a strong bone structure and an hourglass body too. She almost looks like Karina’s body type too. Ningning has a great body type too. That’s all about aespa body types, including Karina, Winter, Ningning, and Giselle. Despite all the details of their different body types, nothing wrong with their body. Every person has unique body types that complement the whole body’s appearance. Keep your body positive and stop comparing your body to others. Every idol is also different and has its beauty. Do you have similarities with aespa body types? Put your comments and share your thoughts below! Follow aespa’s Instagram to see their activity updates, and don’t forget to share and send a positive message.

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