With they appeared on a reality show and did interviews, their personalities started showing to the public, and fans couldn’t love them more. The more they show themselves, the more fans can’t help falling in love with them. Their personalities are also reflected with their MBTI results. And, just like other idols, The Boyz also took the test to know their MBTI types. So, have you taken the test? Wonder which The Boyz member is similar to your MBTI type? Let’s find out here!

The Boyz’s MBTI Type

Taking an MBTI test can be fun to do! And, for The Boyz, taking the test and knowing the results is a fun thing to do. So, here are The Boyz’s MBTI results.


The INFP Group

INFP is an abbreviation for introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception. INFP is often described as a personality type that is idealist or acts as a mediator. People who get this type of personality tend to be introverted, idealistic, creative, and driven by high values. There are four The Boyz members who are sorted as INFP. They are Jacob, Younghoon, Kevin, and New.

Jacob’s MBTI – INFP – T

An INFP is someone who’s devoted and caring to others. As someone who’s caring to others, it is shown by how Jacob became the mom of the group. As an INFP who’s driven by high values, Jacob is also known as the kindest and softest member as he always avoids cursing. Even the other members almost never hear Jacob curse. Jacob is the type that bottles up his emotions until he calms down and does not show it to others. He thinks a lot and is quiet, just like how an INFP is. The T in INFP- T stands for turbulent mediator as they always put others before them when they try to become a better person.

Younghoon’s MBTI – INFP – T

The INFP of Younghoon is the one showing he is comfortable when he’s on his own. He doesn’t feel lonely even when he eats alone. Younghoon, like the other INFPs in The Boyz, is a member who goes first to his own room after he finishes his schedule. It’s because that’s how an introvert gains their energy, by spending time alone. As an INFP, Younghoon can be really meticulous about things he really likes or cares about. He tends to get jealous when others take his role and maybe even a bit angry. It could be because an INFP emphasizes personal feelings. That’s why his decisions might be influenced by a concern of his feelings and even personal values.

Kevin’s MBTI – INFP – T

As for Kevin, he describes himself as an open book who rather fails to express himself. So, it makes people around him know about him even though he doesn’t really express himself. Maybe because he tries to see the big picture of everything, Kevin can see the good of something and is a person who is always curious. Kevin who was sorted as an INFP also matches the definition of an INFP as someone who is creative. He’s the one who designed the logo of The Boyz’s pin and cover, and he’s the one who designed the costume for “Danger.” It shows his creative side as an INFP.

New’s MBTI – INFP – T

Sensitivity is one of the strengths of an INFP, and this characteristic is owned by New. New describes himself as a sensitive and special person. Though he tries to not be sensitive, he still notices it about himself. His sensitivity shows through his feelings that change easily even about small things. Though New realizes that he easily becomes sensitive about certain things, he tries not to show it. He feels that his sensitiveness isn’t something charming and wouldn’t lead him to where he is now. He feels the need to hide it because he thinks that at a certain point, people are not showing themselves and keep themselves hidden. But, then he realized that he is harder to get to know than other people.

The ENTP Group

An ENTP is someone who is extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving and is often described as innovative, expressive, and clever. ENTP is also described as the innovator, the visionary, and the debater. An ENTP is someone that enjoys interacting with a variety of people. They can be a great conversationalist and love to engage with other people to the point of debating. In The Boyz, the members who belong to the ENTP group are Juyeon and Sunwoo.

Juyeon’s MBTI – ENTP – T

The nature of ENTP is that they enjoy being around people, and they are great conversationalists. This description matches with Juyeon as he’s often the center of conversation and gives his opinion even without anyone asking. When he describes himself, Juyeon describes himself as someone who is kind. However, the line is blurred because he sees himself as a good person, but, on the other side, he is cynical and cold so it is kind of hard if he only sees himself as a good person.

Sunwoo’s MBTI – ENTP – A

Sunwoo, just like his MBTI, is also a person who enjoys debating with others. Though sometimes he doesn’t realize it, he often talks back to the other person who is talking. He is also good at talking and communicating his ideas as he often becomes the spokesperson of the group. He also enjoys competition and always comes up with new and exciting ideas. The ENTP Sunwoo lives for the future as he planned his life when he was 21. Though, he realizes that, sometimes, it’s uncertain whether he can grow as an adult or not, and his dream is different from when he was in high school and right now.

The ENFJ Group

ENFJ is an abbreviation for extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. It is someone who is warm, loyal, outgoing, and sensitive. An ENFJ is a person who can befriend someone with all personality types, even someone who’s introverted. It’s because ENFJs are able to sense what others feel. There are two members of The Boyz who are categorized as ENFJs. They are Hyunjae and the maknae, Eric.

Hyunjae’s MBTI – ENFJ – A

As an ENFJ who’s persuasive, Hyunjae is the person that became a role model in the group for Eric. It could be them being sorted as the same MBTI made them more alike. An ENFJ who’s organized also makes sure that he’s not going to get lost whenever he goes somewhere because he is smart. It’s the characteristic of Hyunjae that he is proud of. Hyunjae describes himself as someone who is straightforward and empathetic. He uses his attention and energy for others, making him someone who’s empathetic and encouraging.

Eric’s MBTI – ENFJ – A

Eric is someone who is outgoing. He can adapt to various personalities which make him have a wide social circle. He is someone who has a lot of energy and is sometimes loud. It makes him have a wide social circle because he likes to joke around. But, he’s also someone who is sensitive, especially about what he thinks about, and he worries a lot. He can be someone who is interested in other people such as what they think and how they are, resulting in a wide social circle. But, he can be disappointed when his interest doesn’t get a reply from the other person.

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